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Date with Marcus

Andi: This date is a two way street and we both get to do something that we hate, it’s awesome!

I’ve always wanted to go rapelling in Connecticut, land of adventure sports!

Andi do you really think Chris Harrison would let you die in a rappelling accident? This is his career on the line.

Oh great, the oldest working inn in America. When the toilet clogs I’m sure that will be romantic.

Marcus, it’s always a good idea to have the first girl you trust after your ex left you be someone who's simultaneously dating 10 other guys.

Marcus puts his napkin over the rose so he won't think about it like my mom puts salt all over her food so she won't eat it.

Only the second private concert of the season. So exciting. Private country music performances must be cheaper than regular shit.

I can’t believe he said I’m falling in love with you. IT’S YOUR FIRST DATE. KICK THE BREAKS, SWIMFAN. 

Cocktail Party


Omg is this a joke the fade into the person writing the notes I’m dying. This is so lame.

Andi: There’s something so romantic about Brian fucking up and then realizing it.

Eric: I told you about my family. I told you about Syria! And I never told anyone else because I’m such a good friend!

Eric: When we were flying the kite. When we were playing with the sand castle. When we were braiding each other’s hair.

Angry Andi breaks out the accent. This is bullshit if she can’t deal with someone giving her a little criticism then how’s she’s going to find a real partner. She’s only going to find someone who’s trying to kiss her ass. Eric tries to be real for like two seconds and gets kicked off immediately. FUCKING ANDI.

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