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Date with Chris

The handwriting is the same for all the date cards I wonder what intern writes them.

There’s no way this couple just happened to meet Andi and Chris. Where did they hire these old people who are fame-whorey enough to agree to pretend to not know they’re being filmed by a 10 person camera crew? Or were they just senile and ABC sensed the perfect exploitation opportunity?

Andi: I want love that lasts a lifetime. That's why I wanted to be the bachelorette. – You would have higher chances on J-Date. 

Nice outfit Chris. You could be a farmer in those clothes.

Chris: It’s hard to meet girls off the farm. I lost my virginity to a goat.

Ah the spontaneous live band is back. It’s been a while.

Cocktail Hour & Rose Ceremony

Craig has a horrible voice he should probably try another form of apology other than song.

Josh M. like cannot speak. “Ugh, it was just so magical.” I also love how we're going to continue calling him Josh M. even though the other Josh was kicked off already.

Ron, will you accept this rose? For sure.
Josh M., will you accept this rose? Fucking duh.

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