The Best Accessory of 2015: Your Own App

Sooo remember when I said I would never be able to create apps for all my betchy startup ideas because I don't know how to code? Well it turns out, I lied. Apparently, you don't even need to know how computers work to have your own app, thanks to DWNLD, a service that literally creates your own app for you. So you can forget about flirting with Dexter from the IT department because all you'll need for whatever app your heart desires are….wait for it…your fingers and an internet connection. Seriously.

All you need to get started with DWNLD is an Instagram handle or a website URL if you're like, a legit person. If you don't already have some sort of internet presence, I don't trust you, but it's okay because it's totally easy to create your app from scratch–they have a CMS so you can upload whatever you want. Oh, and if you have an idea you should jump on that app fast–apps are like web domains so once someone else takes your name, it's gone, and the app named after you or your brilliant idea could end up being something something totally lame if you don't get there first. I suggest pulling a Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher and just buying up all the apps that are even variations of your name. You know, to be safe.

As we've mentioned before, apps are a super betchy (read: easy) way to make money. You can make a fuckton off of advertising, affiliate links, or promo content, and pretty much all you have to do is get wasted in your dorm room with your best friends and start word vomiting. At least, I'm pretty sure that's how Tinder was created. You might have the next great app idea before you know it. And I mean it beats waiting for your parents to die so you can inherit the family trust. Kidding. Sort of.

One of the low-key betchy parts of DWNLD is you have to request an invite to use it. So exclusive, love it. But dw, we've got you. Go to and request an invite, using the referral code “betches.” You'll get the hook up, and also a free 3 months with no commitment afterwards. So what are you waiting for? Start thinking about your next betchy app idea. But like, don't steal any of mine.

Click here to download DWNLD!


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