The 5 Comfiest Sweaters You’ll Ever Wear For $55 & Under

Maybe we talked too much sh*t about fall because it seriously feels like New York skipped it entirely and jumped right into winter. It has been frigid lately and I did not have any prior warning, so I’m like, not ok rn. Trying to shimmy jeans on and find the perfect sweater to keep me warm for my (also frigid) office is proving to be more difficult than I thought. One reason being that all of my sweaters scream “I blacked out on Wednesday and have since been living in this sweater for the past 48 hours.” And secondly, I need to revamp my cold weather wardrobe and cop some trendy, chunky knit sweaters while on a budget. I have rent, Starbucks, alcohol, and bills to pay for. What, like it’s hard? Well, it doesn’t have to be a struggle if you know where to look apparently. Here are 5 comfy affordable sweaters under $60 that you’ll want to wear everyday this season.

1. Topshop Supersoft Cropped Jumper

Jumpers are just another way of saying this is a really effing comfortable sweater. This style comes in cute colors like your basic white, gray, and millennial pink. Although the cropped style hangs at your belly button, it’s still long enough where you can size up if you want a looser style or you can just pair with high waisted jeans for a balanced look.

2. Aerie Oversized Chenille Turtleneck

Turtlenecks used to be fugly, but like, I guess now they’re kind of chic and make you look like a famous fashion blogger. Coolness. For a super stylish look that will make you want to buy matching hipster glasses and an overpriced hot coffee to go, you’ll want this oversize cozy sweater so you can indulge in wearing leggings all day, no excuses necessary.

3. H&M Fine-Knit Sweater

As if it wasn’t obvious already, this one screams cozy. Made from hella soft knit fabric, it features ribbed sleeves as well as a ribbed hem and neckline with a loose fit so that you don’t look like Kanye West in Lil Pump’s “I Love It” music video boxy.

4. Urban Outfitters Plush Chenille Mock Neck Sweater

This style is a bit more fitted than the others, but it’s plush, so nothing else matters other than the fact that it feels ridiculously soft. It has a ribbed style that hugs you in all the right places and makes it perfect for layering under your fall jacket.

5. Zara Knit Sweater With Buttons

This color is everything this fall, so you’ll def want to wear this multiple times a week. No shame. It goes with anything and it’ll remind you of PSL’s every morning. This new take on the basic style features five buttons down the back, making it v trendy and perfect for candids.

Photo: Natasha Kasim / Unsplash; Topshop; American Eagle; H&M; Giphy; Urban Outfitters; Zara
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