The Thanksgiving Drinking Game That Will Get You Through Dinner Without Killing Your Family

There’s nothing you’ll crave quite so much at Thanksgiving as alcohol. Between the constant questions from family members about your love life, your social media presence, when you’re going to start ruining your life with kids, and how it looks like you gained weight, you’ll be demanding a shot (or six) by hour two.

Luckily, we’ve found the perfect Thanksgiving drinking games for you—one that’ll ensure you’re blackout (or nearly) by the time dinner is over. You’ll thank us when your blurred vision prevents you from giving a strong bitch face to Aunt May when she asks you about that nice young man you brought last year.

Take A Drink Whenever…

· Someone says the turkey is “moist”


· Someone says the turkey is dry

· Someone unbuttons their pants and discusses it

That 70s Show

·  Gramma says something racist/sexist/homophobic and everyone laughs awkwardly

· Someone says they feel bad for the people working tonight/Black Friday—take two swigs if that’s followed up by someone saying they can’t WAIT to hit the Black Friday sales

Black Friday

· Someone passes out before dessert

· Someone asks you about having kids

· Someone brings a healthy side and is promptly made fun of but you secretly kind of want some

Finish Your Drink When…

· Someone brings up Trump or politics in general and a fight ensues

· Someone asks you what a “meme” is


· Someone asks if you’re “seeing someone special”

· Someone asks about “what you’re doing now,” so you explain your job in detail, and they still don’t get it


· Someone—especially if older—tries to take a selfie at the dinner table

· You’re forced to say what you’re thankful for

· An argument breaks out about whether or not the turkey is done

· You want to literally die

Happy Thanksgiving, betches!