Thai Orphan Refuses Kim Kardashian’s Offer To Adopt Her

So here’s something I never thought I’d type: This week while filming an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians Kim  attempted to adopt a 13 year old Thai Orphan named “Pink.”

Yeah. That shit is true. 

Pink won Kim’s heart after giving her a bracelet (fucking duh) at which point  Kim yelled “I want this one!” (like she was Veruca Salt buying a dog) and called Yeezy to see if it was cool for her to bring home a 13 year old Thai orphan for Nori to play with.

Luckily Pink is no fucking fool and immediately realized that that getting out of the orphanage and moving in with Kim Kardashian is basically the same as when Matilda left her psycho parents’ house to go to school with Mrs. Trunchbull, so she politely declined Kim’s offer to become Kendall and Kylie’s niece. What’s even better is that Pink said she didn’t want to go with Kim because she wanted to “focus on her studies” aka blowing a guy off for a date because you’re “swamped at work right now.” Damn.



Source: DailyMail


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