Texas Betch Used Rock Paper Scissors To Get Out Of A Ticket

This betch in Texas was half way to blackout at some rando music festival “Chilifest,” which sounds like a chili eating competition but whatever. So naturally college police decided to be a major buzzkill and do their jobs by giving her a ticket for underage drinking. But this was clearly not homegirl's first rodeo, so she didn't make the rookie mistake and give them her fake. Instead she played them in rock paper scissors. If she won then they couldn't give her the ticket. 

I don't know this girl's name, but I want her to run for president. So they played, and she beat their scissors with rock – like a fucking champion. She's done more for underage drinkers just tryna live with vodka and natty in public places than Sarah McLachlan commercials have done for the ASPCA. The police honored their deal and walked away in shame to go practice their rock paper scissors skills. Watch this video to see a true betch in action.



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