Tequila Or Water With The Knocks

EDM duo The Knocks visited Betches HQ to talk to us about partying while playing Tequila or Water. B-Roc and JPatt have a new song called “House Party” with Captain Cuts, and it’s got some serious 70s, Studio 54 vibes, which is so on trend rn. I want to listen to this song with a disco ball; that is a requirement now. Obviously, we had to invite one of our favorite friends, tequila, to the interview. Tequila or Water is a game where a “who is more likely to” question is asked and then whoever decides is most likely (duh) has to take a shot. Whether that shot is tequila or water is the part that makes this interview not like a regular interview but a cool interview. Right Regina Betches? Decisiveness is not my strong suit, but damn do The Knocks have that trait down. We had these men reaching for shots like their lives depended on it. Teach me your ways when I’m trying to order Seamless or answer the question, “What do you want to do with your life?” Check out the full video below to find out which member of The Knocks is more likely to go home with you a phone number: