Teenagers Are Now Summoning Devils Instead Of Talking To Each Other

In case the #kyliejennerlipchallenge didn't convince you, the iGeneration of kids are really fucking dumb. There's this new Twitter/Insta/Vine thing where teenagers try to summon some demon named Charlie, because nothing says fun like being scared shitless. Naturally, this shit comes from Mexico, where summoning a demon is a better option than joining a drug cartel or dealing with American tourists.

The challenge is called “Charlie Charlie” and kids play it after they've refreshed every social media account at least 4 times. So you make a cross with pencils on a sheet of paper and write “yes” and “no” in opposite corners. Then you say “Charlie, Charlie can we play.” If he's bored as shit and shows up, he'll move the pencils towards the “yes”. Then you can ask him yes and no questions, so you don't have to talk to your friends. It's basically a dumber and cheaper version of Ouija.

The scary part of this is that you have to ask Charlie “Can we stop” and he has to say yes, otherwise he'll haunt you and fuck with your life. So it's kind of like breaking up with someone over text, but he still has a key to your place. Anyway, this is the absolute perfect game for sober teenagers who can't drive and hate their friends, otherwise it's just a waste of my newsfeed.



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