TBT: Sailor Moon

Before Pokemon and all its fanfare, there was a little show we’d catch after school called Sailor Moon. In the prime after school slot while we were having our snacks, Sailor Moon captured our hearts by being a superhero show made for betches.

Not only were the scouts basically the protectors of the universe, they did their fighting in kickass outfits. Sailor Moon was the Serena before Van der Woodswen, she was not only a princess of space, she had an on again off again romance with Tuxedo Mask/Darien that rivaled Mr. Big.

We loved Sailor Moon because even though she was a total brat and self-absorbed, she was always #winning. She was always there for her friends, even in the face of some terrible monsters.

If the other scouts were Spice Girls, Venus was Posh, Mercury was Baby, Mars was Scary, and Jupiter was Sporty. We liked Jupiter because she was a killer cook and always kicked ass in battle. It was always a little confusing why Venus had blonde hair and blue eyes if they were in Japan, but in this world the fate of the universe was left to Japanese schoolgirls, so anything is possible.

Tuxedo Mask was our favorite love story – he always came in to save the day, but he also gave Serena tons of space to like be the fighting princess she was. She had two talking cats which puts her over Sabrina any day. To this day we still wish we could get dressed like the Scouts did – fly in the air, twirl around, and be ready for the day.


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