Throwback Thursday: Dream Phone

The dream phone was a revolutionary toy from our betchhood days. Before text messages and cell phones even existed, Milton Bradley was already planting the seed for our phone anxieties with this clever invention. The Dream Phone was a neon pink phone which you and your friends could “call” numbers on and you’d have to guess which of the hot hunky crushes was on the other end of the call.

It was basically the game Clue, but without the “Are you a boy?” question because duh.  Instead of figuring out who killed a person, you’re trying to figure out who’s just killin’ it in general. As in, that guy is straight up crushing it.

Baby betches now may not find this game interesting because actual phones exist – I mean, they existed back then too, but cell phones – and there’s probably like, an app for this now.  But this is a major nostalgic TBT for us because it brings us back to the days when in TV sitcoms people would “wait by the phone” for their crush to call and when it was kind of cool to write your number on a piece of paper and slip it to your crush in class. Like, kids these days will never understand.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who remember this game fondly, because it costs $279 on Amazon right now, but the good news is if you want to buy it, it IS available with Prime delivery.  Maybe you can rekindle your fire with Jason of Woodland Park or Dave of Crosstown Mall ;).


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