TBT Betch of the Week: Karen Walker

If there was one show that taught us the importance of having a gay BFF it was Will & Grace. In honor of TBT, let's look back on one of the betchiest, cleavage showing, nasal voiced, vodka soaked characters to ever be on television: Anastasia Beaverhausen, AKA Karen fucking Walker. 

Who was Karen Walker? Well, in the words of Grace Adler she was “A spoiled, shrill, gold digging socialite who would sooner chew off her own foot than do an honest days work.” In other words, everything we aspire to be. I mean, this pill popping betch taught us so many important life lessons, like how it’s always funny to make fun of poor people and how “Tact is just for people who aren’t witty enough to be sarcastic.” As Gay BFF Jack put it, “Wow, Karen. You are like a female Jesus.” We totally agree, Jack, we totally agree.

Speaking of Jack, Karen taught us the importance of having betchy side kicks. I mean, Jack Walker wasn't *JUST JACK* (queue jazz hands), he was so much more. Don't even get us started on her relationship with Rosario, which was everything we could ever hope to have in a maid and more. Talk to the boob, Rosario!!

Karen was also all about not doing work. “Working” for Grace was just something Karen did to fill up her time, and you know, amuse herself by insulting Grace's outfit choices while sipping on some vod. “Oh honey, what’s going on with this blouse?” I mean, it’s not like she needed the cash since she was married to Stanley, a man who was both morbidly obese and rich as fuck. Like Karen said, someone has to be the designated drinker and, honestly, who needs sobriety when you have a staff of over 15 catering to your every need?

All in all, we can’t say that Karen Walker was just a betch because that would be like saying “that Pradas are just shoes or that vodka is just a morning beverage.” Instead, Karen Walker was THE betch we all inspire to be. Karen, if you’re reading this, if you ever need someone to drink with, we’ll drink with you. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, we’ll drink with you. I guess what we’re saying is, we love to drink, but we also love all the betchy moments you brought to television and for that we’ll drink to you any day of the fucking week.


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