Taylor Swift’s High School Video Project Is Terribly Awkward

Somebody found a Taylor Swift high school video project, and it's exactly what it sounds like. This is why betches never ever do group projects, it always ends terribly. This video has a higher production value than most Juicy J music videos, so it's really not that bad. Taylor only has one line in the video and delivers it better than most Disney channel actors would, so interpret that as you will. This at least explains why Taylor decided to be home schooled – any school with this project as a required curriculum piece would drive anyone with an IQ over 34 away. Let this video take you back to the horrendously awkward early high school years, where Windows MovieMaker made you think you were the next Spielberg, wife beaters and side bangs were the peak of fashion, and boys' voices still hadn't dropped. But be prepared to take an acid bath to wash the second hand embarrassment off.



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