Taylor Swift Already Unfollowed Tom Hiddleston On Instagram

It’s been a long summer of Taylor Swift’s relationship bullshit, but it seems like even she has to get back to real life sometime. She and Tom Hiddleston have seemed happy dancing on the warm grave of Calvin Harris, but now there might be trouble in paradise.

Someone with way too much time on their hands figured out this weekend that after taking three whole days to follow him in the first place, Taylor has unfollowed Tom on Instagram, which probably says more than any paparazzi photo of them making out in Rome. Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words, but an unfollow SAYS IT ALL.

No one is sure yet what’s actually going on with Swiddleston (I hate myself), but it looks like they may be headed for splitsville if they’re not already there. Naturally, it’s about time for Taylor to be making another album, so now she’ll have a wealth of material from Tom and Calvin Harris to write about. We’re hoping she’ll go with a title like DJs and Avengers, but her agents might tell her to be a little more subtle.

So we (probably) say goodbye to Taylor and Tom’s summer love, but at least now we can all take bets on which A-Lister Taylor will wrap around her finger next! Our money is on Johnny Depp, he’s single now!


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