Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Made Out At The Colosseum, Barf

Taylor Swift must really want to put out a new album soon, because she’s moved on to a new guy faster than she has since like, 2010. After breaking up with Calvin Harris just a month ago, she’s now getting cozy with movie star Tom Hiddleston, because she’s incapable of dating anyone who’s not famous. Also, she’s incapable of not dating anyone, period.

Tay and Tom have been photographed together a bunch recently, but they took things to the next level this week by going to Rome together. Lol that Taylor Swift is so rich that what would be a honeymoon trip for most people is just a casual romantic weekend with her new boytoy.

After stopping in the UK for Taylor to meet Tom’s parents (JFC slow the fuck down), the two were photographed making out at the Colosseum.

We know Italy is romantic, but can they at least let other people enjoy their trips in peace? Like, we know you can afford a nice-ass hotel room, please use it.


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