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Taylor Swift Tipped $100+ At The Chiefs Game And The Memes Are Priceless

You know what I realized this morning? I’ve lived 30 years of life and have never ONCE seen Taylor Swift holding a wad of cash. I never thought about it and how weird it would be to see physical money in her hands until she was legit captured tipping HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to food service workers and runners at Gillette Stadium this past Sunday. Taylor (once again) went to watch/support/blow kisses at her boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs while they took on the New England Patriots. The Chiefs won, if you even care. If you don’t give a fuck (like me), you probably care more about the viral meme of Taylor Swift tipping after the game. Let’s just say people went wild on Twitter after seeing our sweet bb angel look like me drunk trying to pay at a cash only bar when I’ve only been using a credit card for years.

The Best Memes of Taylor Swift Tipping At The Chiefs Game:[/embed]

Katie Corvino
Katie Corvino
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