It Looks Like Taylor Swift Got Perez Hilton Suspended From Twitter For The Pettiest Reason

If there are two things Taylor Swift loves, it’s her fans, and suing people. This year alone she’s sued a sexual harasser for $1, threatened to sue a blogger for calling her an “icon of white supremacists” (I mean, we’re not not saying that…), and now she’s allegedly gotten Perez Hilton suspended from Twitter because he posted a picture of the track list from Reputation, her allegedly over-hyped album that is allegedly coming out on Friday. Allegedly.

In a six minute video posted to YouTube, Perez Hilton allegedly alleges—we’re being careful because like, yes Betches is a poppin’ brand, but we don’t have T Swift lawsuit money—that shortly after receiving a “take down notice” from Taylor Swift’s team, Perez’s personal Twitter account was taken down.

So to recap: Being a Nazi = blue check on Twitter, 280 characters, RTs for days

Posting a picture of someone holding Taylor Swift’s album which will be released in two days = How dare you? Suspended. Cancelled. No tweets for you.

So like…should we be getting our legal team together for even posting this? Does the ACLU have a Taylor Swift-related hotline we can call when this type of thing happens? If they don’t, TBH, they should.

Luckily, Perez is back on Twitter now and probably learned a very valuable lesson about never doing anything that might anger Taylor Swift ever again. Either that, or she has now made a powerful enemy who will come for her with the power of a thousand fiery Suns. It’ll def be one or the other. With Taylor Swift, there is no in-between. 

Hmm…a super famous person who should have better things to do but spends all their time responding to petty nonsense on Twitter? I wonder who that reminds me of…

IDK, I’m stumped.

Update: We spoke to Perez, who confirmed that the takedown notice came from Twitter because they received a DMCA notice regarding his account. He told us, “They [Taylor Swift’s team] did not reach out to me directly.” A quick Google search reveals that a DMCA Takedown happens when content is removed from a website at the request of the owner of or the owner of the copyright of the content. In other words, even though the email didn’t come from Taylor Swift’s team directly, the DMCA notice itself still could have originated from her camp.

As far as how Perez got back on Twitter, he says, “I had to contact Twitter myself. And make my case!” Regarding the posting of the cover, he insists, “I was totally legally protected in posting the damn album back cover! Totally fair use. And newsworthy.” But still, at the end of the day, he says, “I remain a Taylor fan.”