Taylor Swift Likes Weird Shit On Tumblr

Even though a ton of people still want to pretend that Taylor Swift is an underdog, we all know by now that she’s basically queen of the whole world.

I hate to say it, but between her amazing squad, style, record sales and bank account, even Bey might be having a hard time keeping up with Tay’s skyrocketing fame. Of course, with a larger than life persona, comes a larger than life social media presence and following.

So it’s kind of not surprising some stalkers have spent the time to go through basically everything Taylor has liked on Tumblr.  Most of it is just, like, her being nice to fans and liking the weird shit they post, but some of it is actually pretty hilarious.

I’m kind of concerned about the number of photos of herself that she’s liked. Is that the famous person equivalent to liking all of your own Instas? Whatever, she can do what she wants.

If you have nothing else to do with your life, browse some of the posts people have created for Taylor. I’m now convinced her fans are the fucking craziest. There are memes galore comparing her to everyone from President Barack Obama to, um, cats. Obviously.

Everyone wants to feel like they know her on a personal level, but she kind of is everyone’s BFF at this point, right? Honestly, though, with the weekend pics of her hanging out with Emma Watson, it’s kind of hard to deny Taylor’s squad is getting out of hand. We’re all friends with Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift is friends with all of us. Thanks for that, Tumblr.

And none for Katy Perry. Bye.


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