Taylor Swift Is Copyrighting This Sick Beat

Taylor Swift is being a money-hungry asshole…again. She's trademarking a bunch of her “original phrases” – and by original I mean cliches – from her 1989 album, so that if people want to use them, they have to pay her money. Her claim is mostly for commercial products like guitar straps, temporary tattoos, and lanyards, but also includes super weird 50 Shades of Grey “whips, harness, and saddlery.” She copyrighted: “Cause we never go out of style”; “This sick beat”; “Could show you incredible things”; “Nice to meet you, where you been?”; “Party like it's 1989”.

All of that, but she ignored “Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream”??? That is objectively one of, if not the absolute, best T-Swift lyrics. Anyways, first Spotify, now this – Taylor has a phenomenal business manager (Kris Jenner??).







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