Taylor Swift Out-Taylor Swifts Herself; Has House Declared Historic Landmark

Passing a celebrity’s house is obviously more exciting than seeing a real historic landmark, but now the two are actually the same thing. I mean, yeah the Colosseum is nice and all, but if we’re passing through Calabasas on a random Sunday, we’re obviously looking for every Kardashian in sight and won’t rest until we see Khloé on her way to the gym.

So, when Mansion Global recently reported that Taylor Swift’s $25 million Beverly Hills mansion was soon going to become an actual historic landmark, we weren’t that shocked. The original house was built on the property in 1934, and Taylor bought it last September and completely transformed it. I mean, the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission approved the house as a local landmark. Looks like she had some time on her hands post-Calvin Harris.

T. Swift isn’t finished with the renovations just yet, though. It turns out she’s restoring aspects of the 11,000-square-foot home to its original model, like adding its 100-year-old double-hung windows and preserving the original moulding on the staircase. By the time it’s done, the house will literally be an ancient landmark with a shit-ton of work put into it. Plus, rumor has it she’s also renovating her Tribeca apartment, too. Is she bored or something?