Taylor Swift Brought Avril Lavigne On Stage to Sing Complicated

Taylor Swift, who won the VMA for Video of the Year last night, is obviously having a better career moment than Avril Lavigne. All Avril has done lately is cry about having Lyme disease and get a lot of shit for not letting fans touch her. Well, this past weekend they put aside the drama that Avril caused on Tumblr and sang Complicated together at Taylor’s 1989 show.

Of course the audience was loving it, but this moment pretty perfectly displayed where these two women are at: Taylor has a headlining stadium tour with different famous guests every night, while Avril is onstage at someone else’s concert singing a song that made her famous way back in 2002 (when Taylor was 13). Avril has obviously had her good moments in the last 13 years, but we doubt she’ll be selling out stadiums anytime soon.




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