Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Like, Basically Official

After a month of speculation, it seems pretty clear that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating. The two have been seen driving in LA together, kissing at a Kenny Chesney concert and he recently instagrammed a picture of her cats, Meredith and Olivia.




A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on


We’re pretty intrigued by this matchup and hope they pull a Zedd and Selena / Katy Perry and John Mayer and release an awkward single together. Some people think this relationship is for PR and a way to take the edge off of her “friendship” with Kloss, which seems a bit aggressive because Taylor and Kloss are both dating other people, aka men.

We’ll keep an eye on this gangly, tall, blonde union and see where it goes. If things go South, at least we all have some emo pop / EDM songs to look forward to and if they stay together forever, we have weird tall gangly blonde babies to look forward to.


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