We Taste Tested Vegan Organic Wine, In Honor Of Earth Day (And Thursday)

What better way to celebrate anything than with a bottle of alcohol? Some flosers will plant a tree or lay in the sun to celebrate Earth Day—not us. No, we choose drinking in order to save the Earth.

We recently taste-tested several wines and Proseccos that are vegan, organic, and totes sustainable. We know; we feel great about it too. We’ve reviewed them because we’re really dedicated to our job, and we needed you to know that just cause it’s vegan, doesn’t mean it sucks (at least when it comes to wine). Both wines are by Domaine Bousquet—a family-owned winery in Argentina that’s certified organic and doesn’t use the usual barrage of chemicals to treat their wines.

Domaine Bousquet 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon 

So this one tasted pretty much like a typical Cab Sav, but you’re totes saving the world while drinking!

Tastes like: Lots of fruit notes (think lighter and brighter—not like super heavy and intense). It still has that typical Cab Sav pepper/tobacco thing going on, too. 

Cost: 12.99, so there’s no excuse to not go pick this shit up and save the Earth.

Pairs Well With: Since we’re earthing and all, let’s pair this with some nommy vegan and veggie fair, mmkay? Cab Savs can overwhelm light dishes, so pair this with cheeses like cheddar and brie; veggies that have been charred on the grill; and bright salads with lots of bitter endive and radicchio. If you’re craving carbs, a nice green goddess risotto with pesto and asparagus could be yummy. Don’t eat spicy shit with this—it’ll taste gross. For dessert, stick to dark chocolate as anything too sweet won’t pair well.

Domaine Bousquet 2015 Chardonnay

As the second most planted white grape variety in Argentina, we’re not surprised this shit was delish.

Tastes like: Summery fruits with a bit of spice—think apples, mild pears, and a dash of citrus. Like sangria, without the weird fruit floating around. Or the carbonation. Or the Spanish waiters.

Cost: 12.99, so just buy it with your Cab Sav and feel like a grown up for your big girl purchase.

Pairs Well With: If we’re keeping with a vegan/vegetarian theme, this goes well with something like a butternut squash risotto for you starch and carb lovers (ew). If you’re in the mood for a Mexican-themed Earth Day, this goes great with guacamole, white corn tortilla chips, and a tomato-based gazpacho. For dessert, stick with something light and creamy, like a coconut cake, crème brûlée, or berry cobbler.

Tune in tomorrow when we taste test three vegan Proseccos, get drunk, cry about puppies, then write an article about why Prosecco is cool.