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2016 Strikes Again: Christina & Tarek From ‘Flip Or Flop’ Are Divorcing

In the past few years, HGTV has gone from the channel your drunk aunt likes to your Sunday binge-watching go-to. And while the It Couple in design land is Joanna and Chip Gaines (fucking duh), Tarek and Christina El Moussa are a close-ish second. Mainly because Christina is like, really pretty. Except not anymore because they just announced they’re conscious uncoupling aka getting divorced. Jesus, 2016. Can you fucking chill on the breakups?

At first I couldn’t believe it because they seem so normal on Flip or Flop, but then I remembered they live in Orange County so like, it’s not that surprising. Shit happens all the time. But this isn’t your standard irreconcilable differences or whatever the celebs call it these days. Apparently, in May, Tarek ran out of the house with a gun and was suicidal, then Christina ran out after him, crying.


WTF? Also, how am I just now hearing about this? That was six fucking months ago.

11 cops and a helicopter showed up and they seized five fucking guns from the house. FIVE. Do they flip houses and chill with the Latin Kings at night?

But don’t worry, guys. Tarek says it was nbd and he just ran out with a gun to ward off the mountain lions. Lol. Okay, Tarek.

Lol okay

Now that they’re officially calling it quits, they obvi released a statement saying they’re committed to co-parenting and other shit their publicists made them say. They also said they’re going to continue their professional life together, which is great news because I can’t wait to watch this shit unfold on TV.