Tara Reid is Scary Skinny

Normally idgaf about has-beens like Tara Reid, but she came up on my Facebook trending topics (idk what that means either) the other day and I'm glad I looked, because she looks fucking awful. She was posing for some photoshoot in a bikini and the paparazzi took a bunch of photos of her looking super malnourished. Tara has always claimed she was just “born thin,” but bitch looks like she's taking the air diet to a whole new level.

There are a lot of problems with her body, but the most alarming are her ass cheeks. In the new photos, her butt looks like two deflated bags of tanned leather, but then you creased the leather a bunch of times so it looks really gross and wrinkly. Idk anything about how leather actually works, but her ass looks really fucking scary, okay? I probably won't ever think about Tara Reid again, but like I hope she's okay or whatever.


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