Shoes Under $60 That You Won’t Care About Ruining

It’s no secret that part of being in college means destroying a perfectly good pair of shoes on a night out. You promise yourself you won’t get drunk enough to actually do any damage to your brand new booties, only to find yourself in a frat basement full of jungle juice puddles. It f*cking sucks. I get it. If you’re someone who refuses to stick to one staple pair of “going out shoes,” and has wrecked countless pairs, I come to you today with  shoes under $60 that will allow you to look both great and still be able to afford dinner.

I have used this article as an excuse to online shop done extensive research regarding the cheap shoe selection on the market. I can’t promise these shoes will be the highest quality you’ll ever own. However, I can attest to the fact that they’re cute and you probably won’t care when drinks or god knows what else gets spilled on them at a party. These shoes I chose are mostly all black options. Honestly, I don’t think is too much of a hot take considering you step into one college bar and your white shoes will look like you just trudged through a sewer. Here are shoes under $60 that you won’t care about destroying. 


I know what you’re thinking. Black booties for going out? Groundbreaking. But if you go to school in a literal arctic tundra like myself, boots are my go-to. Not only do they allow you stay a little warmer while you wait in line for a bar you can’t get into, but they also can look cute with quite literally any outfit. Also, if you’re on the shorter side, boots can give you a boost in height without wearing heels that make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Zara Ankle Boots, $39.99

Coming in juuuuust under the $40 mark, these Zara booties are a great way to get a chunky boot look similar to Dr. Martens, but the studs and belt detailing makes them more unique than a plain pair of Chelsea boots.

Nasty Gal Black Crock Heeled Booties, $44

The Nasty Gal booties have croc details that add layers to a going-out look and give you a good boost of height. If these boots survive a night out, they’re a cute addition to an everyday outfit that’ll make you look like you actually give a sh*t. Nasty Gal is also aaaaalllways having a sale (literally every day, not even exaggerating). You can easily find other affordable alternatives if these aren’t your style. Win-win!

Forever21 Faux Patent Leather Ankle Booties, $35

Forever21 has also been having a ton of sales as of late, so like Nasty Gal, it shouldn’t be hard to find a good deal on a pair of booties. These faux patent leather ankle boots are kind of edgy and give you a height boost. They have more of a platform heel which should  be more comfortable for long-term wear. The heel also looks pretty water-resistant, which we established is key for surviving a night in a frat basement.


I absolutely love sneakers, but I have one golden rule: avoid white cloth/canvas sneakers like the mf PLAGUE. Normally, I tend to go for a black platforms (because I am lazy) or a white sneaker made of a material I can wipe clean. I also have friends who simply buy a pair of cheap white cloth shoes and replace them once they are too hideous to be seen because they like that style better, so your choice.

 ASOS White Platform Sneaker, $53

ASOS has a sh*t ton of white sneakers to choose from. These are a material you can clean off easily (like I said, my go-to) and have a cool animal print touch above the heel. The platform gives the sneakers a more trendy look, which, let’s be honest, no one is looking at your shoes when you’re out, but it means they’d be cute to wear in the daytime too. 

COTTON:ON Dickson Classic Sneaker, $34.99

This is a more classic take on a white sneaker. Same deal: all-white material that can be easily wiped off, but this pair doesn’t have a platform. Although platform sneakers aren’t necessarily difficult to walk in, these are definitely a safe alternative for long-lasting comfort.

ASOS Black Chunky Platform Sneaker, $32

Similar to the other pair of ASOS sneakers, these black platform sneakers are a staple item that add a little flare to your outfit.

Platform Sandals/Wedges

The only “heels” I am going to include on this list are platforms and/or wedges. The concept of wearing heels out is pretty foreign to me, both because no one at my school does, and because whenever I wear heels, I look like a giant praying mantis. I also feel like the more stability, the better. The last thing you want is to be that bitch walking around outside a bar with her shoes off.

ASOS Black Platform Sandals, $56

This is a pretty basic pair of black platform sandals that can easily be dressed up or down. The fact that they are leather means they’ll hopefully form to your foot, be comfortable, and last a little longer than other sandals.  

SHEIN Cork Platform Strappy Sandals, $22

If you’ve seen a photo of your friends or friends adjacent in a pair of strappy sandals over the summer, there’s a good chance they had these on. Channel your inner basic bitch and buy these affordable cork-bottom platforms. Just read the size guide carefully because these sites can be hit or miss.

ASOS Lace-Up Platform Sandals, $19

Finally, this pair of platform sandals are fairly similar to the first ASOS pair, but with a lace-up detail that could look sick with any sort of outfit. Naturally, I also saved the most affordable pair for last! You seriously can’t go wrong with these sandals for only $19. They’re basically free. 

Even if you didn’t love a single pair of shoes on this list (whatever, your loss), the places above are great starting points if you’re looking for a specific style. No one wants to be spending hundreds of dollars on shoes they know are going to be trashed by the end of the night. Go irresponsibly spend money you don’t have on sh*t you’re going to inevitably ruin.

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Image: Syd Wachs / Unsplash

10 Comfortable Heels That Aren’t Super High

It’s a sad reality, but guys just aren’t as tall as they used to be. I’m a casual 5’7″, and I find that if I wear even slightly too tall of heels out, then I’m guaranteed to be taller than at least 85% of the guys. And, apparently, my observation is actually backed by fact—men in America used to be the 3rd tallest in the world and, as of 2016, have fallen to 37th. 37th?! That is not a casual drop. Of course, I’m not going to give up heels completely. I need heels to elongate my legs and put a little pep in my step. Besides, it’s not our fault that men are slacking. Just add it to the list of another reason why they suck. If I don’t want to pat all the guys at the bar on the head like they’re my sons (which sometimes I do, don’t get me wrong), I’ll opt for a shorter heel. The upside to shorter heels is that they tend to be more comfortable. So try these comfortable heels that aren’t super tall next time you want to actually be able to walk.

1. Flatforms

Flatforms are a summer staple and are the perfect option if you’re looking for comfortable heels that aren’t too high. Bonus, without a full-blown incline, they’re much easier to walk in than a wedge or a stiletto. In other words, you’re less likely to face plant on your boozy walk home from the bar later.

Steve Madden Platform Espadrille Sandal

Vince Weslan Criscross Flatform Sandals

2. Heeled Booties

Heeled booties are your most subtle option for adding height without adding too much height. They’re casual and they legit look good with everything. 

Jeffrey Campbell Cromwell Western Snake Bootie

Coach 1941 Leopard Lace Up Boot

3. Mules

Mules are easy, comfortable, and usually not obnoxiously high. Sure, some are extremely tall, but there are plenty of options that aren’t. Kinda like how most guys are assholes but there’s still a *rare* few that aren’t—not all mules are five inches high.  

Charlotte Stone Effie Strappy Mule Heel

Jeffrey Campbell Saltaire Pointy Toe Mule

4. Pointed Cone Heel

A pointed cone heel adds height in a chic, trendy and edgy way without looking like a straight-up kitten heel. Which… they kind of are. Don’t worry, though, these are the closest thing we’ll get to kitten heels on this list. Kitten heels didn’t make the cut because like, they never should. 

Splendid Nettie Boot

Pelle Moda Krista Cone Heel Sandal

5. Block Heel

The thick and chunky block heel is much easier to walk in than your classic stiletto. And, the summer sandal versions are rarely taller than three inches. Block heels are very stylish and are among the most comfortable heels you could buy. The thich heel helps you balance and offers a level of stability that most other heels do not. And, speaking for a friend who hasn’t had a boyfriend in three years, we could all use a bit more stability in our lives.

Jeffrey Campbell Maybelle Block Heel

Dolce Vita Dorah Sandal

So besides these comfortable heels, there’s also always kitten heels and platform sneakers. I’m forever going to give kitten heels a hard pass, sorry. But, hey, they’re “in” so if you want, go for it! Platform sneakers are cool too, but make sure you can pull them off. Like, know which Spice Girl you are in your platforms because, let’s face it, not everyone can be Posh.

Images: @seteales / Unsplash; Giphy; South Moon Under (2); Shopbop; Revolve (3); Nordstrom (2); Urban Outfitters; Free People
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New Shoes You Will See All Over Instagram This Spring

I’m basically counting down the days until March 20th, because nothing mindfucks me more than Kylie’s daughter’s name the sun setting at like, 4pm. I fucking hate it, and therefore, I am rejoicing in the fact that spring will be here in just a little over a month. IDGAF what Punxsutawney Phil said last week. If you don’t know who that is, my point exactly. He’s fake news. Everything is better in warmer weather, like the frozen drinks, crop tops, and of course, new shoes. Here are the biggest shoe trends you’re about to see as soon as the first day of spring hits.


1. Kitten Heels

They’re not as fugly as you’d think. With the right shoe, you can look as chic and possibly skinny as a Hadid walking down the street. I’m obviously not talking about the kitten heels the Phyllis in your office wobbles in everyday, but instead, a sock bootie with a twist. There will be a ton of 70s go-go girl vibes next season, so if you’re feeling bold, grab the white. Either way, the lighter the color, the better.


Free People Marilyn Kitten Heel Bootie

2. Dad Sneakers

I’m just going to slip this in here to get the worst out of the way. This trend is definitely fucking grotesque, so apologies in advance for what we’re about to see all over Instagram. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already see Brooklyn hipsters sporting these on the L train like it’s their job. Maybe, we can blame Balenciaga for making this a thing. (I mean, they did bring out platform Crocs, after all.)

FILA Disruptor II Sneaker


3. PVC Heels

We’re (unfortunately) not getting rid of these see-through shoes anytime soon. We’ll be seeing plastic, latex, and anything resembling rainwear in a lot more clothes and styles of shoes than we’d honestly like to.

ALDO Oceani Silver Women’s Dress Boots


4. Shoes With Different Materials

Similar to your knock-off Fenty PUMA slides, wearing shoes with a bunch of different shit on them will be trendy. Whether you’re wearing faux fur on your feet or purchasing a pair of bedazzled sandals, you’ll find yourself giving into the ways of the latest Insta influencer. Surprisingly, these styles aren’t as hideous as you’d expect.

RAYE Lacey Faux Fur Heel

5. Pastel Slingbacks

Slip-ons are now officially gross and eventually, our millennial pink obsession will be considered tacky, too. In effort to find a happy medium, we’ll probs be seeing our fave chain stores stock up on slingback block heels in an assortment of pastel colors. Since purple is 2018’s color, expect to see a whole lot of it.

Dorateymur Resort Sling Pumps

6. Embroidered/Embellished Sneakers

This year, spring will be the season we finally get an upgrade from our Adidas. White on white is cute and all, but being extra is better when it comes to my general life philosophy fashion, obviously. Expect to see sneakers in bright hues with embroidered patterns and pairs full of flashy embellishments. These go hand-in-hand with your all black attire and add a pop of fun into the mix. AMAZING.

JSlides Anteek Black Leather


Images: Ethan Haddox / Unsplash; Nordstrom (1); Urban Outfitters (1); ALDO (1); Revolve (1); Shopbop (1)

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.