The Betchiest Signs From The Women’s Marches

This weekend, bad-ass women all over the world marched to prove that we’re not going anywhere, and it was awesome. While the girl power was inspirational all around, we also got some much needed laughs from some of the incredible signs. Here are some of the baddest betches that were out marching.

Brb, pouring one out for all the betches with Resting Bitch Face.

Yas queen.

Rihanna didn’t even need a sign to kill the game.

This is our desired level of effort.

Harsh, but probably accurate.

Yeah, Melania does not look excited for the next four years.

Is this lady actually Mary Poppins? Real question.

Betchy in any language.

It’s just the rules.

We’ve always been terrified of The Joker.

It’s hard out her for a witch.

There’s always time for a Regina George reference.

And another Mean Girls sign for good measure.


Mic drop.

WTF Is The Women’s March And Should You Care?

A day after the beginning of the end, i.e. Trump’s inauguration as President, women and people who care about women are marching on Washington D.C and cities around the country. Yeah, you’ve probably heard about it and/or received a Facebook invite to a similar march in your hometown. But ew, marching = exercise = work, so you should just stay at home. Right? As our now president (*screaming internally*) would say, WRONG. Here’s why you need to give a shit.

So WTF is the Women’s March?


Crowds are planning to march along the National Mall, like majorly big crowds, too. Hundreds of thousands are expected to turn out and turn up in D.C. alone, and probz millions more in marches organized around the country. You can find your local march here.

Probably the most important thing to note is that the marches aren’t being called “protests” for a reason. Organizers and marchers are saying they are a way to “promote women’s equity and defend other marginalized groups”. So, yes, even if you voted for the screaming cheeto as President, you can still march and support equality. I’m p sure the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Though, to stand up to the pussy-grabbing POTUS, women are making a buying “pussyhats”—pink knit hats with cat ears, naturally. If you don’t look good in hats, you can just come up with a shirt or a sign or some other clever thing to wear.

Why should you care about women’s issues and this march?


UH because you are one, or at least, were birthed by one. Also, if you like your insurance to pay for your birth control, want access to female health care, think men and women should be paid equally for the same job, and don’t want to end up as a tribute in the Hunger Games, you might want to start standing up for yourself, fellow betches, and the future. Just sayin. 

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