Topshop’s Cozy Winter Clothes Are 30% Off Right Now

So, it’s now February and it has been…hot? By that I mean, it’s been above 40 degrees. But let’s not get our hopes up for spring to make moves, even though the groundhog predicted it, because unless you were born yesterday, you know this nice weather won’t last. Unfortunately, it will be f*cking freezing again soon, and it’s even supposed to snow next week. Kill me now, please. On the bright side, having this news in advance allows us to prep for the weather the best way we can: scoping out the biggest deals to grab a cheap yet warm coat, durable boots, or fuzzy sweater to bundle up in for the office. Oh, you thought I would say something about stocking up on bread and milk? No, I’m not your mom. Clothing-wise, Topshop is saving all of our asses with their knits, coats, and boots sale. These items are up to 30% off and tbh, a lot of cute things are extremely affordable. RIP my credit card. Here are a few pieces that are worth adding to your cart to gear up for our next polar vortex.

1. Stab Stitch Logo Sweatshirt By Ivy Park

Ivy Park is like, the more DGAF version of Lululemon. Queen Bey’s athleisure street style brand is perfect for the gym, daily strolls, and your fitness Instagrams. This comfy cropped sweatshirt comes in black, so it goes with everything, and can just as easily be worn with jeans as with leggings to actually work out in.

2. Furry Sweater

This pullover sweatshirt is described as being extra soft and furry, so I assume it feels like wearing your favorite blanket. I can’t think of anything more perfect, tbh. For the winter season, this sweater allows you to fully embrace the lifestyle of Netflix & hibernation with or without a blanket, in and out of the house.

3. Corduroy Zip Up Jacket

Just looking at this is keeping me warm in this cold af office. Lined with borg, which btw, is faux sheepskin and happens to be v similar to shearling, this thick, heavy-duty jacket is made to keep you warm and cozy even in the worst of weather.

4. Love Brushed Borg Sweatshirt

I’m not usually a fan of graphic prints or anything of that nature, but this minimal embroidery is kind of cute and adds a pop of color to this muted periwinkle. This is yet another ridiculously soft sweater with borg material to keep you warm and cozy in just the right amount of fluff.

5. BABE Block Heel Ankle Boot

These cute little two inch heeled booties come in festive colors and prints, including a bold fuchsia snake pattern. They’re made out of this super long word that basically means durable plastic, so while they look great for hitting up bars, they’re also good for wading through slush.

6. Black Corduroy Joni Jeans

These may be corduroy, but whether you like the look of the material or not, you’ll hardly be able to tell since they look like regular jeans. The super skinny style grazes the ankle, fits as high-waisted, and flatters your whole bottom half.

7. KOKO Unlined Flat Leather Boots

Give your everyday Chelsea boots a break with these elevated ankle booties. You can slip right into them, walk forever with the low heel, and still jazz a lame outfit up with the silver accent if you look close enough.

Photo: Aljoscha Laschgari / Unsplash; Topshop (7)
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The Best Cute Winter Accessories That Are On Sale Right Now

It’s officially 2019, which means it’s time for the cliche “new year, new you!” (*Insert energetic fist pump*). In alignment with the new and improved you, one of your goals is probably to be more proactive and less reactive. (Okay, maybe it isn’t, but you should def add it to your list.) For example, you should make the decision to start working on your summer bod NOW rather than wait until the first time you put on a swimsuit come summer. But I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and lecture you about going to the gym. I can, however, use my shopping expertise to help you be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to looking good while staying warm during this season’s inevitable winter storms.

Consider this: in 2018, you would have pushed off buying winter necessities until it was officially -30 degrees and your fingers were at risk of frostbite. You’d then probs try to just pop into your local CVS to quickly grab a pair of gloves, and end up buying some fugly overpriced and poorly-made generic ones. But 2019-you is better than that, and would never have such an experience. The new you is smart and prepared, and is going to take 20 mins out of your day to go order some super cute sale winter accessories right now. Don’t wait until you’re desperate and have to buy those knockoff Burberry ones from a homeless guy with a black trash bag filled with other sh*tty counterfeit goods. Don’t leave yourself desperate; 2019-you is definitely not desperate. You’re confident, prepared, and definitely not using Snapchat maps to casually show up to the same bar as your ex.  ‘Cause, like, you’re not desperate, remember???? REMEMBER. 

1. Scarves

Scarves are my favorite winter accessory, because they require minimal additional effort while providing a maximum additional layer of warmth. You can legit throw them on as you’re running out the door, or easily toss them in your bag if your overly selfish, and frankly terrible at his job, Uber driver won’t turn down the heat. To guarantee extra warmth, go Lenny Kravitz style and get a super-sized one that’s so big you could legit mummify your whole body with it. Seems dramatic, but I’m dramatic, so touché.

Free People Dream Maker Stripe Scarf – $39.95

Urban Outfitters Extra Large Knit Oblong Scarf – $29.99

Free People Dreamland Chunky Knit Cowl Scarf – $39.95

Zara Plaid Scarf – $22.99

2. Hats

Winter hats not only add warmth to your outfit, but they also add style. You can even select your winter head accessory based on the vibe you’re going for that day. Like, go with faux fur earmuffs when you want to look chic as hell, or a cool beanie when you want a more edgy, cool girl look. Stock up on a few different styles of winter head accessories to ensure you have the perfect match for every mood! Just be aware of hat hair. If you’re going on a first date, maybe don’t wear a beanie. There’s simply no sexy way to wrangle and tame your hat hair post-beanie. Go with the earmuffs instead.

Ted Baker Ear Muffs With Bee Embellishment – $43

Tommy Jeans Color Logo Beanie – $20

FP One Big Slouchy Beanie – $19.95

Stitch & Pieces Blush Knitted Headband – $6.50

3. Gloves

Gloves are a winter accessory that I always put off getting until I’m legit in my car trying to drive and can’t feel my fingers. Um, yeah, not safe. Not to mention, not wearing gloves in the blustery cold contributes to dry, cracked hands, which is NEVER cute. In fact, idk if there’s anything more cringeworthy than the mental image of those sad, thirsty hands. Just get several pairs of these sale gloves right now so you can put a pair in every coat pocket. Ya see, gloves help keep your hands moisturized. Moisturized hands are pretty hands. Pretty hands are feminine. Femininity attracts men. Gloves = Husband. See how easy that was???

Faux Leather Cheetah Print Glove – $19.99

ASOS DESIGN Leather Gloves In Check – $12.50

Alice Hannah Knitted Gloves With Faux Fur Cuff – $29

Zara Gloves With Faux Fur Lining – $12.99

Okay, so there you have it—a complete list of cute winter accessories that are all on sale right now, and that you need to buy now. Don’t be a martyr and wait until there’s legit snow falling from the sky to be crying about how cold your hands are. Don’t be that girl. Nobody likes that girl.

Images: @Free People (3); Urban Outfitters (2); ASOS (5); Zara (2)

Winter Clothes On Sale Now That You Should Buy Before It Snows

We live in a society that’s always rushing towards the next big thing, and retailers are the biggest, most obvious example of this. We live in a future mindset and, no, matter how many meditations apps we download on our phones, we’re terrible at living in the moment. Hence, Christmas decorations are currently available at your local CVS, and have already been there since October 1st. As much as this may annoy you, this “next-big-thing” mindset of retailers actually benefits you as consumer. Just like you can start buying sale swim at the end of June, you can start buying fall and winter clothes on sale now (even though it’s barely just gotten cold enough to get out your winter parka). Let’s take advantage of our f*cked up society, and even more f*cked up economy, by being smart with our money and buying these pieces now. Here are the best fall/winter pieces you can buy now and wear now, that are already on sale.

1. Jackets

The first round of fall outerwear is currently being marked down, and you can get some amazing trendy jackets at a fraction of their original price. Like, for example, this suede jacket from Free People, which was originally $398, but you can now get for $149.95! I’m no math whiz, but that’s like… a lot less.

Free People In The Street Suede Jacket ($398 $149.95)

Father’s Daughter Kathleen Denim Jacket ($268 $188)

Levi’s Oversize Faux Shearling Lined Denim Trucker Jacket With Removable Faux Fur Collar ($168 $117.60)

Levi’s Oversize Denim Jacket With Faux Shearling Trim ($138 $89.90)

2. Sweaters

Just like jackets, the first round of fall sweaters are also currently being marked down.  Which means, you can get some supes stylish high-quality sweaters for the same price as a round of house vodka shots. Tbh, you probs don’t need that fifth shot anyway, so instead, use that money for good and get one of these v cute sweaters.

Kerisma Puff Sleeve Pullover ($94 $48.99)

Lovers + Friends Union Sweater ($158 $95)

Jack By BB Dakota Déjà Vu Raglan Bell Sleeve Ribbed Pullover ($78 $38.49)

by the way. Mira Distressed V Neck Sweater ($62, $38)

3. Tops

A lot of the fall/winter style tops, particularly ones made with season-specific fabrics and prints, are already being marked down. This is because retailers know that once the holidays are over, they’ll have no shot of selling these pieces because everyone switches to a spring wardrobe mindset. The selection of fall and winter clothes on sale is pretty effing good right now, especially for tops, and you should probs stop what you’re doing and go buy some. (But like, finish reading this article first.)

Free People Willow Smocked Top ($78 $49.95)

UO Silky Tie-Front Blouse ($59 $29.99)

Free People Campus Long Sleeve Top ($78, $49.95)

Madewell Whisper Cotton Turtleneck Top ($32 $22.40)

4. Pants

Pants that are very seasonally on-trend are already on sale for the same reason season-specific tops are already on sale. Once the holidays hit, retailers know people are ready to start thinking spring, even though there’s probably still snow on the ground. This works in your favor because you can get pants like these chic Kardashian-esque suede skinny pants, for a mere $50. Imagine how good you’ll look rolling up to the bar in these, paired with a nude bodysuit and oversized denim jacket. Your ex will be sad he dumped you, while his new bitch will be wishing she was you. All because of these adorbs suede skinnies that you got on sale.

About Us Nala Faux Suede Skinny Pants ($72 $52)

Topshop Dolly Stripe Tapered Trousers ($80 $39.99)

Free People Plaid Buttondown Pants ($128 $69.95)

BCBGMAXAZRIA Houndstooth Paperbag Waist Pant ($228 $137)

5. Jumpsuits & Dresses

Pretty much anything with a turtleneck is already marked down or will be in the next few weeks. No matter how you try to play it, turtlenecks really only work during the colder seasons and, because of this, you can get some really cute pieces already on sale. Take this rust-brown turtleneck sweater dress, for example: pair it with over-the-knee boots and maybe a fur vest, or with a flannel tied around your waist, and you instantly have a top fall lewk. Andddd one that you can feel good about cause like, it was on sale. Life’s all about the little wins, people.

UO Gigi Turtleneck Mini Dress ($59 $39)

Free People Sofiya Plaid Babydoll Tunic ($148 $69.95)

Cotton Citizen The Tokyo Mini Dress ($155 $101)

Take Me Out Flare Jumpsuit ($148 $69.95)

For those who have ever been personally victimized by insane retail markups (aka everyone) take a tip from a pro shopper and retail expert: wait a few weeks into the season before buying your must-have pieces and you can save a lotttt of money. Realistically, the time frame in which those same pieces are full price, you probs can’t even wear them yet anyway. So practice just an ounce of patience and you can save tons of money, and who doesn’t want that? Uh, hulllooo more clothes. Or more Seamless. Or more vodka sodas. Whatever your vice of choice, get more of it by waiting to buy winter clothes on sale.

Images: Free People (6); Revolve (6); Urban Outfitters (2); Nordstrom (4); South Moon Under (2)
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