Why Wine Makes You Hungover

We’ve all been there: you wake up from a long night and too many glasses of wine with a splitting headache, thirsty, and desperate to blame the hangover on anything other than your actual, ahem, drinking. “It must’ve been the sulfites,” you think to yourself while reaching for a bottle of coconut water. Not so fast, sister. Sulfites are one of the most misunderstood components in wine, and contrary to what you might believe, they probably don’t have anything to do with your massive hangover. We talked to Orsi Szentkiraly, editor of the forthcoming book from National Geographic, The New Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia, to set the record straight about the role sulfites play in winemaking and whether or not they’re actually bad for you. We also chatted with Dr. Michael Roizen, author of What to Eat When Cookbook, about a more likely reason for your wine headache, and what to do to prevent it in the future. 

What Exactly Are Sulfites, And Why Are They In My Wine?

Sulfites are sulfur-based compounds that are commonly used as preservatives in a variety of different foods. However, they’re more notoriously known for the role they play in winemaking. Szentkiraly explained that sulfites have been used in the winemaking process for centuries as an antibacterial and antioxidative tool. “Because wine barrels are so porous, effective cleaners like sulfites are needed to sanitize them properly,” she said. Sulfites are also used to prevent oxidation of grapes. In simpler terms, “just like you would squeeze lemon juice over a sliced apple to prevent browning, sulfites help grapes maintain freshness and color,” Szentkiraly explained. These naturally occurring compounds have been an essential aspect of the winemaking process for centuries and continue to demonstrate their benefits in modern vineyards today. In fact, their antioxidative properties are part of the reason so many of the wines we love are available today. The surprising thing? Szentkiraly says that “sulfites exist in almost every bottle of wine, whether you happen to notice the label on the back of the bottle or not.”

Can Sulfites Affect How I Feel?

That depends! “Sulfites will only affect you if you have severe asthma or a preexisting sensitivity to them, and if you do have a genetic sensitivity, you’ll know about it before drinking a glass of wine,” Szentkiraly says. That’s because sulfites are used in a huge variety of foods, from dried apricots to frozen french fries, and ingesting those will likely aggravate you just as much or more than the wine will. If you do have a sensitivity, consuming sulfites would give you respiratory symptoms like shortness of breath, trouble breathing and a possible asthma attack. It would NOT give you a headache. Therefore, even if you did have sensitivity to sulfites, the symptoms do not resemble those of a hangover. Thus, Szentkiraly says you cannot blame a wine headache on the existence of sulfites. “The worst thing in wine is alcohol,” she says, “not sulfites.”

The most surprising part? Szentkiraly notes that less than 1% of the population actually has a legitimate sensitivity to sulfites. Mind. Blown. 

If It’s Not The Sulfites, Why Do I Have A Headache?

If you’ve gotten to this point in the article, you probably realize that sulfites aren’t the reason for your headache. Let’s say it real loud once more for the people in the back: if, (and that’s a big if) sulfites make you feel anything at all, they certainly will not make you feel the symptoms of a hangover. But that’s not to say that other things in wine can’t exacerbate your heavy head, swollen sinuses, and stuffy nose. We spoke to Dr. Michael Roizen about the other components in wine that might contribute to a nasty morning after drinking. Dr. Roizen says “a more likely offender is the histamines in red wine, rather than the sulfites.” Histamines are an organic compound that are present in a variety of fermented products like sauerkraut and cheese, and are particularly prevalent in red wine. Roizen says that histamines affect a much larger number of people and can absolutely cause headaches and a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, he notes that the best way to prevent histamine headaches is to avoid the foods that bother you. Bummer! “Wine headaches are almost entirely due to alcohol and dehydration,” says Dr. Roizen. His hangover solution is one we know all too well and seem to forget all too easily: stopping dehydration in its tracks by following every glass of wine with a glass of water. 

The bottom line? Don’t be afraid of the “contains sulfites” label on the back of a wine bottle unless you have a legitimate preexisting condition. If you notice that a certain bottle of wine bothers you more than another, just pop it back on the shelf and follow Dr. Roizen’s advice: more water, less hangover. 

Images: Kelsey Knight / Unsplash

4 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Newly-Engaged Friends

Between the cozy weather, Christmas music that’s already started playing, and the abundance of holiday gatherings on the horizon, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. And on top of that, it’s become one of the most popular times of year to get engaged. If you’re at the point in life where lots of people are getting engaged, there’s a good chance that your BFF, family member, or work wife might be getting a ring this holiday season, so there’ll be one more reason to celebrate.

While giving gifts is great, when you have a long list of people to remember around the holidays, it’s also nice to be able to kill two birds with one stone. It can be tough to think outside the box with gifts, so we’re helping you out. Here are some unconventional gift ideas that will make great dual-purpose holiday and engagement presents, 

Anniversary Wine Boxes

Artificer Woodworks‘ patented Anniversary Wine Boxes or Keepsake Ceremony Boxes are the perfect gift ideas for the newly-engaged. The Anniversary Box is a gift designed to be the perfect wedding or engagement gift. It toasts the couple on their future anniversary celebrations, so it’s a gift that’s perfectly designed to celebrate the happy couple’s love and longevity. The Keepsake Ceremony Box is a great way for the couple to create a new anniversary tradition. Tell the couple to add a bottle of wine each year to open on their next anniversary, and they can also add keepsakes in the larger compartment, either from their wedding day or other big life events. What better way to celebrate your anniversary than looking back on your best memories? 

A Gadget To Protect Your Ring

If your friend just got engaged, she probably doesn’t kn0w all the proper ways to care for her engagement ring. While there are lots of times you should take your ring off, you should also be protecting your ring while you have it on. Buffr is the perfect solution for protecting your ring, especially if your friend can’t bear to take her bling off while she’s at the gym. It’s barely even visible while you’re using it, so all eyes will still be on the ring, while making sure that it stays safe.

At-Home Wine Tasting Subscription

Okay, what bride-to-be doesn’t want wine and a pre-planned tasting party to celebrate with her girls? If your group is always looking for an excuse to drink wine and talk sh*t, getting the newly-engaged friend a wine tasting subscription from Experienced Simply is the perfect gift idea. Surprise her with a one-of-a-kind gift that she is sure to love and will definitely remember, at least after the wine hangover wears off.

Bridal Subscription Box

So your best friend just got engaged and won’t stop texting you about how she has no idea how to plan a wedding. Maeven Box is the perfect saving grace to get your BFF in the wedding planning spirit, and off your phone notifications. Sign her up for a monthly subscription box filled with top-notch wedding products and tools to help with the wedding planning process. Each box is guaranteed to have the newest and trendiest bridal sh*t, so she’s always up to date on what’s in season and on trend. She might never stop texting you about her planning process, but at least she’ll have some guidance.

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3 Signs You Shouldn’t Bring Them Home For Thanksgiving

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Even the most die-hard “summer is my season” person is forced to admit we’re heading into winter, fast. And that means whatever summer fling (congrats!) or winter cuff (less congrats because that’s very basic of you) you’ve picked up is now entering a weird stage. If they’ve stuck around this long, you can’t exactly keep them in the casual hookup zone. (And I’m assuming you like them if they’re still here, so why would you want to?) Faced with the prospect of Aunt Susan slipping you egg freezing pamphlets, it’s tempting to bring anyone home for Thanksgiving who’s willing. 

But we both know that’s a bad idea. Anyone you bring home for Thanksgiving, you’ll be asked about for years to come. And your own memories of the holidays could well be tainted by a particularly good or bad visit. So, here are the signs your new relationship isn’t ready to be a part of your Thanksgiving. You’ll thank me later.

Your Sober Interactions Are Rare

Look, no one here is arguing that Thanksgiving is a sober event—far from it.  But, generally speaking, there are at least a few hours when everyone’s still lucid. (This is the portion of the day when your mother will glare at you for “smelling like alcohol.”) So, have your interactions in this relationship been mostly inebriated? If so, Thanksgiving is not a great time to discover that sober, the person you brought is actually boring AF, or worse, very rude and kind of racist.

This goes for all layers of a “mostly drunk” relationship. If you’ve been increasingly branching out into brunches and daytime hangs and it’s looking like this could be for real, that’s awesome and I’m genuinely very happy for you. But if you’re only a month into that vibe, seriously consider how much you know about this person. Is it enough that you want to answer questions about them once a year until eternity? Probably not. You should have been hanging out sober long enough that you’ve agreed upon a “how we met” story. One that glosses over the 16 vodka sodas and waking up his roommate to borrow a condom.

If you suspect they’ll say this to one of your aunts, definitely don’t bring them home for Thanksgiving:

You Haven’t Discussed Your Family

For reasons totally unrelated to my aforementioned alcoholic fun-loving tendencies, I have a minor breakdown at most large family events. Maybe it’s the uncle who can’t understand that ANY comment about my weight is not appreciated. Or my mother saying something that sounds like a compliment—but later reveals itself as an intricate jab. Either way, family time is f*cking tough.

So, who do you want there when that stressful point hits? Will they react poorly if and when you lock yourself in your old bedroom with a bottle of wine? Or will they tell you they’re on your side and commiserate with family sh*t of their own? Ideally, the person you bring home will be aware of underlying tensions, and ready and willing to calm you down. And the only way to prepare someone for family sh*t, sadly, is to have those conversations. If you don’t tell them what to expect, you can’t even really be pissed off when they’re surprised by it. (I mean, you can be, but you’ll have to apologize later, which sucks.)

So if you haven’t gotten into those deeper conversations—or you have, and you felt like they didn’t or couldn’t respond correctly—maybe think twice before bringing them home. Their feelings aside—and believe me, they’ll have some—it’ll be an added stressor for you. Don’t bring someone home if you’re just going to worry all night that you’re scaring them off.

They Haven’t Asked What You’re Doing

It’s November, people! Extenuating circumstances aside—i.e., they’re working through the holidays, they’re not close with family/not American and therefore this holiday genuinely isn’t a thing for them—they probably have at least one Thanksgiving invitation insistently re-appearing on Gmail. If they’re anything like me, their family has booked them out months in advance with regular death threats for non-attendance. (In case me writing this article doesn’t make it clear enough, my family is not exactly chill about holidays.) Part of the reason that people enter relationships is often for exactly this reason. They want someone to take home for the holidays. Or just someone to spend time with around the holidays and feel less cripplingly lonely when love songs play on the radio Spotify.

So, if the person you’ve been seeing has kept eerily quiet about the idea of going home for Thanksgiving, it’s a pretty sure sign that—sorry—they don’t see you being a part of it. This doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. It’s perfectly normal not to want to involve your family with a relationship that’s still new. It’s just a sign of where they’re at, and something you should pay attention to—especially if you had thought you were in a more serious place.

So, if you’re with someone who’s been sending you calendar nudges for November 22, knows which grandmother expresses love through attacks on your character, and has seen you sober more often than drunk—by all means, invite the f*cker home. Shove it in your smug cousin’s face who brought home her high school sweetheart for five years and said “don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find someone” while eyeing your fourth piece of pie. But if you think the visit will put undue stress on both your relationship and your time at home, it’s so not worth it. Not bringing someone home for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you’re over. And in many cases, choosing not to spend it together means you have a shot at still being together next year. Choose wisely, and don’t forget the wine.

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8 Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine To Justify Your Life Choices

So, like, we’ve been here before, but we all need a lil refresher. Drinking wine (in something called “moderation”) does more good than bad for your bod, and honestly, we need all the help we can get. Upon some investigation, we found that wine can help us with everything from being skinny to not dying of a heart attack to LITERALLY keeping us from getting sunburned. This is big news—maybe even bigger than Arie’s proposal fiasco, but we digress. When we’re dealing with everything from Russian collusion to asteroids zipping past Earth, what better time is there to sit back and literally chug two to three glasses of the good shit in the name of health? These are the best health benefits of wine that will send you running to the nearest liquor store.

1.      It Will Lower Your Risk Of A Stroke

According to Food & Wine, my go-to for all things food AND wine, a Columbia University study of 3,176 people over an eight-year period showed a 50% drop in the possibility of suffering a blood clot-related stroke for those who consumed a moderate amount of wine. Since I can never actually remember the warning signs of a stroke, I’m going to start drinking more heavily to ensure I don’t ever have to deal with one.

2.      It Will Slow Down Brain Decline

Food & Wine again assures me that according to another Columbia University study (ugh so many studies), brain function declined faster in people who DIDN’T drink wine (or like, anything else) than those who did. Sooooo, wine will make me smarter? Got it.

3.      It Boosts Good Cholesterol

Internet doctors also told me that another one of the health benefits of wine is that it helps boost HDL, known to science nerds as the good cholesterol. Scientists doing some kind of study found that people who drank a glass or two of wine each day had a higher level of GOOD cholesterol and less bad cholesterol. But are those benefits doubled for people who drink three or four glasses of wine per day? Asking for a friend.

4.      It Will Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack

Web MD, the source of nearly all my Internet anxiety, claims that in 2000 there were lots of reports that wine drinkers in general had a significantly lower chance of dying from both heart attacks AND cancer. So if you aren’t looking to drop dead, turns out your casual alcoholism can help.

5.      You’re Less Likely To Get Diabetes

CNN, our number one source of fake news, found that alcohol consumption (namely wine) has been associated with a 30-40% reduction in the risk of Type 2 Diabetes—aka the one you get when you get chubby.

6.      It Can Help You Avoid A Beer Belly

In keeping with our good news about Type 2 Diabetes and health benefits of wine, wine is a great choice if you want to stay skinny and be an alcoholic. Wine has fewer carbs than liquor or beer, and we all know carbs are totally what gives you a gut.

7.      It Can Raise Your Omega-3 Levels

Omega-3s are those good fats that are present in shit like avocados and salmon, but APPARENTLY they’re also present in wine! According to a European study (probs France honestly), regular moderate wine drinkers had higher levels of Omega-3s in their blood than non-drinkers. If this means I can chug two to three glasses of wine and skip the heavy meal, count me in.

8.      It Will Literally Protect You From Sunburn

Although drinking wine on a hot summer day (unless it’s frosé) doesn’t sound, like, amazing to me, it can actually benefit your skin. Some Spanish scientists found that drinking wine can actually lessen the effect of UV rays and protect you from sunburn. Praise da lort.

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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Buy For Yourself

We’ve only got a month before we start eating our weight in chocolate and watching gag-worthy rom-com’s like Friends With Benefits or No Strings Attached. We’ll soon be in our last month of winter (*pause and praise all that is holy*), and that means the next holiday we’ll celebrate is Valentine’s Day. Although it may be another reminder of how pathetically single some of us are, there’s no reason to hate on it any more than any other commercialized holiday. It’s solely an excuse to buy more shit and like, give heart-shaped gifts to people in hopes that you can buy their love. Seems fine by me, tbh. Significant other or not, you never needed an excuse to shop. Here’s a bunch of cute shit to buy or casually “hint” to your BF that you want. From makeup palettes to enough Godiva chocolates to last you a year, you fucking deserve it.

1. Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint 3-Wick Candle

This time of the year is the actual worst and it’s surprisingly not just because of Valentine’s Day. It’s that awkward time after the holidays and it’s still too fucking cold to function, so it seems like everything is shit. Wine sounds like great therapy, but after your 6th glass, you’ll regret everything when you wake up in the morning. Buy a candle that smells better than anything you’ve tried to cook, and also helps you chill the fuck out. Woosah, betch.

2. Lush Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon

With or without a partner, bubble baths are always a good idea. This obnoxiously pink heart stuffed with gold shit releases a jasmine and caramel apple scent under water. I can’t speak to how this combination will smell, but I’m assuming it’s decent. If not, it makes for a good insta, which is almost more important.

3. Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette—Peach And Cream Collection

With an array of pinks, reds, nudes, and vampy purples, it’s a no-brainer why everyone loves this palette. The packaging is cute af, and each creamy hue dries as matte so they’re crease-free and like, pigmented af. You’ll finish a look in just a few minutes and you won’t even have to do a touch-up throughout the night.

4. Cabernet & Godiva Dark Chocolate Gift Set

I’d be seriously offended if you thought I was going to explain myself with this one.

5. Shop Betches Mine, Also Mine Pillow Case Set

IDGAF if you sleep at your boyfriend’s apartment every other night. How could you deny yourself the opportunity to get two Egyptian cotton pillowcases that can be all for yourself? You already hog the bed and the blankets, so you might as well take the pillows, too.

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.
8 Great Wines You Can Get On Amazon For Under $20

Giving wine for the holidays is the gift that keeps on giving. Oh, you like to get drunk alone? Here’s some wine. You need a date night with hubs? Here’s your bottle. Shit, did you forget to get a hostess gift for that party coming up and are going to re-gift this bottle I gave you? Whatever—respect.

But getting the right bottle—especially without help from the sometimes creepy sales guy at the wine store—can be a little difficult. Lucky for you, we scoured the internet and found 10 bottles of reds and whites (shit, even some sparkling) that you can get right off Amazon. Bless.

1. Terlano Pinot Bianco DOC

Clean, crisp, and $19? Sign me the fuck up. This white is lovely with seafood and white meat, so it’ll be great for your WASP housewife friends.

2. 2013 Durigutti Cabernet Franc Classico

At only $15.99 and stellar reviews, this is a solid choice if your gift recipient is into reds. It goes perfectly with meat since it brings intense red berry and earthy notes to each glass.

2013 Durigutti Cabernet Franc Classico

3. Produttori del Barb Nebbiolo

Give this shit if you want to appear uber fancy without like, actually spending as if you’re fancy. Tell your recipient to serve this up with stuffed pasta, since this Italian red is like, literally made for carbs and cheese.

4. NV Gruet Brut, Methode Champenoise Sparkling Wine

Need a hostess gift for a New Year’s party? This shit is only $16.99 and super well rated. Dry and crisp with notes of citrus, this shit is a fantastic gift to make people think you know anything about wine.

5. 2015 Casal de Armán Ribeiro DO Red Blend

Is your recipient kind of weird but overly into wine? Buy them this $15 red blend. It has high acid but is well rounded with herbal and red fruit aromas. Gift it with a bar of dark chocolate and you’ll seem really in the know.

2015 Casal de Armán Ribeiro DO Red Blend

6. 2016 Gouguenheim Malbec Mendoza

Malbecs are like, super trendy at the moment (I assume), and this is a super delish one for the $13 price tag. Goes nicely with grilled meat and roasted veggies and offers vanilla and hints of blueberry.

7. 2015 Mercer Estates Sauvignon Blanc

This white is described as bold and racy and, honestly, same. It’s also only $17, so you can even keep this bold racy shit for yourself for a lady’s night in.

2015 Mercer Estates Sauvignon Blanc

8. NV Gruet Sauvage Blanc de Blancs, Methode Champenoise Sparkling Wine

If you need a wine to yourself that reminds you of the bubbly sweet shit you chugged in college, grab this. At only $20 and with a cool bottle to boot, you honestly need to stock up on this for impromptu girls’ nights.

NV Gruet Sauvage Blanc de Blancs

Images: Guillermo Nolasco / Unsplash; Amazon (8)https://unsplash.com/photos/oC5NGvN3FOo

The Right Way To Order Wine At A Restaurant

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of articles on how to order from a restaurant wine list like a pro, because I clearly will do anything to avoid doing any actual work at my place of work. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from reading these blatant and offensive lies articles, it’s that they literally know shit about ordering wine. Now, I’m no sommelier, but I do drink wine like it’s water frequently, so I know a thing or two about ordering a glass of it at a restaurant. I mean, is there a healthy dose of shame involved with my ordering process? Yes. But will you enjoy the best damn glass of wine you’ve ever had in your life? Honestly, it’s unclear. See, I think I have ESPN or something, because I can basically read minds when it comes to people’s wine orders. So, just for fun, here’s a look at what actually goes through your mind when you try to order wine at a restaurant like a pro someone who’s only there for the happy hour drink prices.

*finds spot right at bar* So blessed, so moved, so grateful. Can’t believe this is my life.

Okay, now what am I in the mood to drink? I don’t necessarily want to spend 2-3 hours in the fetal position, backwards, stalking my ex on Insta, and crying into my Easy Mac, so maybe I’ll just stick with white tonight? Or at least start with it. Yeah, that sounds v responsible.

Hmm is there a happy hour price listed anywhere or…?

Wait… is that the happy price? Are you fucking kidding me? TWELVE dollars for a glass of Pinot Grigio?

White Guy Blinking

Were the grapes dipped in gold or something? Was it infused with the elixir of life? ‘Cause that’s the only way I’m paying for 12 fucking dollars of this shit.

This is the cheapest thing on the menu, isn’t it? This is what I get for moving the happy hour to Williamsburg. Fuck this hipster nonsense. I’m out of here. I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life rn.

I feel so attacked

Sighs. Bartender? Yes, I’ll have one glass you can just fuck me up rn.

That’s cute that the bartender wants to tell me about each wine on the menu. It’s like he doesn’t think I’m a human trash chute broke and will drink anything.

Leslie Know

Anddd he’s still going. Okay, Kevin, I get the picture. There’s a lot of wine here. I was tipped off by the “wine bar” sign out front. You can stop with the monologue now.

Why is he asking me so many questions? What do I look for in a wine? High alcohol content. Obviously.


Whatever. At least he’s pretty.

Wait. Maybe all of these questions means he’s flirting with me??

Nope. This is purely about the wine list. Should not have made that pun about how I like my wine dark and full-bodied…

Ugh, I hate when they ask me to “sample” the wine. What am I supposed to say here? “Mmm, yes, this definitely tastes like 12 dollars I will never see again”? Don’t embarrass me like this, Kevin. I thought we had something here!

Fuck, I just dribbled this shit down my chin while I was sampling. See, THIS is why I don’t sample shit.

Kill Me, She's the Man

Lol, did he just ask me if he could interest me in a bottle? What, does he think I just came here to drink one glass and leave? I’m not a monster.

Wait this wine actually isn’t half bad. Is this what life on the other side of $8 looks life? I’m a changed woman. I’m never going back to my old ways, until I see the check.

Do I want another? On the one hand it’s expensive AF, but on the other hand I hate my job, apartment, and romantic prospects so… it’s a tough call.

Whatever. It’s Wednesday, I’ve made it through three consecutive days of work without wanting to jump into oncoming traffic. I deserve this. I’ve earned this. It’s time to drink so much wine that I’m filled with shame and regret when I look at myself in the mirror tomorrow treat myself.

Wine Cheers

The Right Wine To Pair With Every SkinnyPop Flavor

Last night marked the beginning of the end, the premiere of the last season of Scandal. Can we please have a moment of silence for Olivia Pope and her incredible collection of winter white coats? **Pause** Thank you. Before I continue, how tf is Scandal ending before Grey’s Anatomy? Are you high, Shonda? Grey’s hasn’t been worth a shit since my junior prom, and Scandal is still amazing. Sigh… I should have gone into television. But back to the point. There’s only one good way to say goodbye to our favorite political DC betch: With her fave meal, aka popcorn and wine. Fucking duh. In preparation for the big farewell, we’ve done a wine pairing for all the SkinnyPop flavors, so you can avoid getting fat off movie theater butter and not look like a total wine newb, by mixing shit that doesn’t go together.

And if you’re wondering who made me wine goddess and how I even know what I’m talking about, I consulted with my friend who’s a level 2 sommelier, so this shit is legit.

Olivia Pope

1. White Cheddar + Cabernet

Before all you SkinnyPop aficionados @ me about how there’s aged white cheddar and regular white cheddar and which one goes with what, I’m putting them both here, because they’re basically the fucking same. A cab is rich and full-bodied and brings out the intense flavor of sharp cheddar, making it the perfect wine choice for all you cheesy popcorn lovers.

Aged Cheddar SkinnyPop

2. Jalapeño + Sauvignon Blanc

This pairing doesn’t just go for popcorn, you can pretty much use this with any type of green pepper-infused food. Sauvignon Blanc, specifically from New Zealand, has bright green pepper notes that complement the spicy jalapeño flavor.

Jalapeño SkinnyPop

3. Pepper Jack + Rosé

The newest popcorn to join the SkinnyPop fam, pepper jack is a perfect match for rosé. Because jack cheese is extremely mild, you’re going to want a light wine that doesn’t overpower it. Like the jalapeño/sav b combo, the brightness of rosé is great with the heat the peppers bring to the mix.

Pepper Jack SkinnyPop


4. Original + Chardonnay

A buttery chardonnay with buttery original SkinnyPop? Groundbreaking.

SkinnyPop Popcorn Original

5. Naturally Sweet + Riesling

At this point, you’re probs picking up on the idea that you match the flavor of the popcorn with the undertones of the wine. So the sugary Naturally Sweet variety is going to be best paired with a sweeter wine like Riesling. And no. Not a moscato, because that’s disgusting, and you’re better than that. You might as well put fucking Welch’s in a wine glass, if that’s your vino of choice.

Naturally Sweet SkinnyPop

6. Sea Salt & Pepper + Pinot Noir

Tbh, you can pretty much pair this with anything, because it’s just a little S&P. Nothing too crazy, flavor wise. But our profesh opinion is that if this is your go-to popcorn flavor, you pick up a nice pinot noir to wash it down. Pinots tend to have a peppery note to them that will enhance the, you guessed it, pepper.

Sea Salt & Pepper SkinnyPop

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