The Types Of Cheese You Need To Pair With Your Rosé This Summer

Oh, cheese, you’re your own food group to us. You stand apart from all other foods, and we have shrines to you in our deli drawer. As any classy indivudual such as ourselves would know, when cheese meets wine, beautiful things happen. Birds sing. We assume flowers bloom. Somewhere in the distance, a wolf puppy learns to howl. It’s magical.

To top even all that inspirational shit, when a good cheese meets a good rosé, shit gets even realer. It takes you from “girl drinking pink wine out of a bag” to “self-actualized independent woman who enjoys the finer things in life.” However, you have to first fucking KNOW what cheese to eat with your rosé. 

We’re here, per usual, to help.

General Rules

Generally speaking, you want a semi-soft cheese to pair with a rosé. That means you should reach for things like Gruyère, Havarti, and even Monterey Jack, the povo fancy cheese of America. Rosé is crisp and light, so you need a cheese that can both hold its own AND not take away from the mild wine. I mean, this is our fave summer draaanking wine AND it makes us feel classy, so treat it with some respect. 

Dry Rosé

Grab a mild- or medium-firm cheddar, Gouda, or even Provolone for this version. They can be a stronger flavor but tend to caaaaalm themselves with a nice dry rosé. HOWEVER, stay away from flavored cheeses in this category, such as sharp cheddar and aged Provolone. Ain’t nobody got time for all that flavor—save it for a full-bodied red.

Sparkling Rosé

Fresh cheeses LOVE sparkling wines, so head out to the store and grab a Farmers Cheese or local, fresh concoction to complement the bubbles. Sparkling rosé is your party drink, so keep that in mind as you’re scarfing down cheese.

Medium-Bodied Rosé

Think Spanish rosés from Rioja and Navarra or Southern French rosés—you’ll want super rustic cheese for this—best grab something made with sheep’s milk for a bit of a bite but not toooooo much. This version also goes super well with herbed-cheeses.


Bonjour, wine and cheese celebration!

These Cheese Shot Glasses For Wine Just Ruined Wine & Cheese For All Of Us

There’s not much on the whole fucking planet that goes better together than wine and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly? No. Salt and pepper? Nah. Me and Bravo? Maybe. But like, give me a bottle of pinot and a cheese plate and I’m fucking there. Not to mention both cheese and red wine are good for you now, so like, it’s healthy too. But instead of just leaving this perfect pair tf alone, someone had to go and ruin it. How? Fucking cheese and wine shots. That’s how.


At first when I saw this, I was like fuck yeah, cheese and wine shots for the win, but then I really thought about it and realized this is stupid af. For one, never in my whole life of eating cheese and wine have I been like, “This is cool and all, but being able to consume both at the exact same time would really take my snacking game to a whole new level.” Like, nope. Not even once. Secondly, a shot of wine? What is this? Sophomore year of high school? I’ve gotten to the point where a whole bottle just gets me a little buzzy, let alone one little-ass shot. And last, do you like, bite the cheese shot when there’s wine in it? Because that sounds like a fucking Tide To Go pen commercial just waiting to happen and I’m not trying to clean at a party. Fucking duh.


So yeah, just keep old school when it comes to wine and cheese. It’s fucking fine the way it is.