5 Dresses For Your Rehearsal Dinner Under $200

Look, I know weddings are expensive. Like, unreasonably expensive. So after worrying about paying for your extravagant fairytale Insta-worthy wedding for months on end, the last thing you’re going to want to worry about is figuring out what you’re going to wear for your rehearsal dinner. And, you definitely won’t want to pay a fortune for it, either. So, in my neverending quest to help make your life easier (at least in the fashion department) here are five dresses perfect for your rehearsal dinner that are all under $200. So now you can get back to obsessing over the important stuff, like whether the flowers you picked for the centerpieces (that cost way more than you’ll ever admit to your soon-to-be husband) will even photograph well.

1. Lulu’s White Bodycon Strapless Ruffle Dress, $59

Simple, classic, and perfect for your rehearsal dinner, this strapless dress is everything you want and need in your dress for your pre-wedding affair. It’s elegant and beautiful, and the ruffle adds a stunning elevated detail. Plus, at a mere $59, you could even afford to allow your annoying af cousin to bring his plus-one. Er, maybe not considering last time he brought someone to a family event it was a random girl who got so blacked out she couldn’t even walk. Either way, with how affordable this dress is you at least have the option to do so. I mean, at least if he does bring her then he’d be so busy taking care of her that he wouldn’t have time to annoy all your other guests. So that’s a plus.

2. Amanda Uprichard Evalina Dress, $198

This dress is the epitome of a classy bride. Like, the bride showing up to her rehearsal dinner in this timeless dress totally has her sh*t together. It’s simple, yet fashionable and practical. It’s effortlessly beautiful and vvv Amal Clooney vibes. And I mean, she’s the woman who locked down America’s most eligible bachelor of all time. So if it’s good enough for Amal, it’s good enough for you.

3. UO Mallory Cowl Neck Slip Dress, $49

I’m obsessed with the feminine, delicate look of this white slip dress. It’s cheap, and you could easily wear it again, but it’s also still totally perfect for this specific occasion. Again, it’s effortlessly stylish and gives the illusion that you’re a cool, chill bride. Ya know, it totally disguises the fact that you’re a Type-A Bridezilla who should probably be caged for the safety of everyone else around you.

4. ELLIATT Frida Dress, $170

Unlike the last dress, this dress lets your guests know that you’re a high-maintenance bride who takes this whole wedding thing v seriously. And for how much it’s costing you, understandably so. It’s supes stylish and has dramatic detailing and like, the design is kinda extra…but I mean, your whole wedding is extra, so respect for staying true to your brand.

5. BCBGeneration Ruffle Sleeve Mini Dress, $118

Playful, flirty, yet totally classy, this dress says “Yeah, I may get a lil drunk at the rehearsal dinner, but the only person who will know about it is my soon-to-be husband.” It’s cute and simple, and does the job. Kinda like your niece as the flower girl, who better not dare upstage you on your big day. Just drop the flowers, and fall in line, sweetie.

Overall, your dress should represent you and the overall vibe of your wedding. Like, if you’re having a huge glamorous wedding, it would be weird and confusing to wear a casual white maxi to the rehearsal dinner. You want to use the rehearsal dinner to set the tone for the whole wedding, so don’t go too casual if it’s a black tie wedding or else you risk your guests thinking it’s way more lax than it actually is. And the last thing you need is your guests showing up too casual and ruining all your photos. Like, you’re going to be TB-ing those pics on Insta for years to come, so your guests better f*cking get it right. No need for you to contribute to their incompetencies.

Images: Melody Jacob / Unsplash; Lulus; Revolve (3); Urban Outfitters

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5 Bachelorette Party Outfits For The Bride-To-Be Under $100

Being a bride (or soon-to-be bride) is the one time in your life when it is socially acceptable to demand attention pretty much at all times for a constant year and a half. So you might as well milk this brief chapter of your life for all it’s worth. All eyes are going to be on you anyway, so you might as well look hot af for every party in your honor leading up to it! You should be looking your best for your engagement party, bridal party, and, of course, bachelorette party. Go out with a f*cking bang! (But like, not a literal bang. You want to have a weekend of fun while looking hot, not throw away the entire wedding over a sloppy tequila-induced one-night stand in Vegas. Just like, keep it PG with some tacky male strippers, okay?) So with that said, I found a bunch of bachelorette party outfits for the bride-to-be. (You could totally get away with wearing them for other occasions, too.) These different outfit options are totally affordable, and will guarantee that you look your absolute hottest for your last big party sans wedding ring.

1. Strappy Jumpsuit

superdown Kathleen Strappy Jumpsuit, $88

Anyone who has ever tried to go shopping for white jeans knows how unforgiving of a color white can often be. But, given that it’s pretty much the law to wear white in all your parties leading up to your wedding day, you’re going to need to figure out how to wear it the right way. This strappy jumpsuit is the perfect piece for your bachelorette weekend because it’s sexy, but in a classy mature way. Like, it’s not innocent enough looking that all your friends will forget about your hoe college days, but at least enough for them to forget that one time you flashed a frat guy for a Natty Lite.

2. Mini Dress

superdown Shannan Mini Dress, $66

This dress screams bride-to-be in the least tacky way possible. It will let everyone know that you’re the bride-to-be without you having to wear one of those overdone cliché sashes. This dress is cute, stylish, and subtly sexy. Like, if you weren’t acting like a drunk slob kabob, people might actually think you just got back from a classy brunch or something. When like, in reality, you’ve actually been on a weekend bender of cheap bottomless mimosas. Like, who knew???

3. Tailored Romper

Lavish Alice Tailored Wrapover Romper, $61

This is the ideal outfit for the last night of your bachelorette weekend when the booze-induced bloating starts to rear its ugly head. The romper itself is polished and classy, and the wrap aspect will hide your bloat from all the rosé you’ve been drinking. It’s also so stylish and chic on its own that it requires minimal styling effort on your part. And, given how insanely hungover you’ll probs be at this point in the weekend, you’ll be extremely grateful to have it. Just throw on some heels and a statement earring, and pull your hair back in a sleek low pony and you’ll instantly look Stassi Schroeder-adjacent.

4. Matching Set

Nasty Gal Settle The Score Crop Top And Pants Set, $60

An all-white matching set is a great alternative to having to wear a dress all weekend. First off, you’ll actually be able to dance in it, so you could even do some Kyle Richards’ signature splits on the dance floor. Ya know, without worrying about your underwear hanging out. Not to mention, this set is adorbs for not only hitting “da club” but also for those aforementioned boozy brunches. The crop top and high-waisted pants combo highlights everyone’s tiniest part, so you’re guaranteed to look hot…even if you do decide to opt for the french toast once your inhibitions are gone from all those mimosas. I mean, you haven’t had carbs in weeks, I don’t blame you!

5. Classic White Dress

superdown Vika Deep V Dress, $68

 I’m deciding right here and now to make CWD a thing, just like LBD is a thing. Anyway, this silhouette is cute and a little sexy without being over-the-top (like those brides on Say Yes To The Dress who get see-through corset dresses). And the best part is, this dress doesn’t scream “brunch” or “club” or “Nashville” or any particular place or occasion, necessarily—you can wear it pretty much anywhere and still fit in. Which means, unlike the hideous bridesmaid dresses you likely chose, you might actually be able to wear this again, without even having to shorten it!

Honestly, these bride-to-be ~lewks~ are so affordable that you might as well just purchase them all and your bachelorette weekend wardrobe will be all set. And, considering you will probably get cranberry vodka spilled all over them, it’s nice to know that they were inexpensive as they spend the rest of their days hanging in your closet.

Images: Zoriana Stakhniv / Unsplash; Revolve (3); Asos; NastyGal
Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.