8 Wedding Websites That Will Make Planning So Much Less Stressful

Soo, he liked it and finally decided to put a ring on it (Congrats!). Now you have to keep the same energy you put into getting engaged into actually planning the wedding. How much should you be budgeting for a dress? Can you register for literally ANYTHING else besides a knife set?! Is it safe for your parents and your in-laws to stay in one place? Luckily for us, the ladies at Be Inspired PR have shared their secrets on the 8 wedding websites every bride needs to have bookmarked (or left open on one of the 7,000 tabs we all have running on our desktop).

Jordan Jack

If we knew what was good for us, we wouldn’t leave it up to our S.O. to find their perfect wedding band. That’s where this godsend of a website comes in. Jordan Jack is an online tool that your future groom can use to browse wedding band styles. He can choose five of his favorites and they’ll be shipped right to his doorstep, which literally can’t get any easier. After taking a few days to decide on the look and feel of each ring, he can send the sample box back and have the wedding band of his choice arrive within just a few days. Save you and your fiancé the trouble of finding a time to hit the jewelry store, since you shop for everything online anyway. 

Lovely Bride

Imagine finding your dream dress on Pinterest, only to find out that it doesn’t align with your dream budget, or isn’t available in your area. Lovely Bride is located in over 15 cities across the country, and makes the process of finding your wedding dress online super smooth by letting you know what dresses at their store are available according to your city and price range. That’ll surely spare you the tears before entering a bridal shop, looking for a dress that doesn’t exist, and the potential devastation of having to give up a dress you’ve fallen in love with, but is out of your price range.


Say “Trello” to our lifesaving friend! (K, sry.) This site will keep you from turning into a bridezilla and keep you in check throughout your planning process. From big-day tasks to the fine, minute details like “Remember to not be a b*tch to your mother-in-law,” Trello is perfect for listing out all of your wedding planning tasks, appointments, and payments so you can check them off one by one and not get overwhelmed.


A wedding registry that fuels your drinking habits?! Dreams do come true. Instead of making everyone buy plates that you will never look at a day in your life, make everyone buy you fine wines and liquors that you can stock up on for your newlywed home. Of course… you’ll need a home bar to store all your new spirits, which you can register for with ThirstyNest too.



Hands up for all of you DIY brides: This online service partners with top designers to create the perfect kits for you to arrange and style yourself. Their perfect blooms are 100% fresh and cut-to-order, and the customized kits are prepped to include everything you need to make the ideal arrangements. 

Here Comes the Guide

This wedding website is the resource of all resources to help newly engaged couples find the venue of their dreams. For those wanting to veer off on a slightly non-traditional route, Here Comes the Guide is the place to find unique places to get hitched and score amazing deals and discounts. To make every bride’s life easier, the leading ladies of this company have also come up with thorough guides from “questions to ask your wedding venue” to “basic wedding planning checklist” so your planning process is smooth sailing throughout.

monica wedding

Generation Tux

Let’s be real, staying at home is always the better option…at least that’s what our Postmates receipts say. This tux and suit rental company has truly the mastered the art of online shopping by guaranteeing the rental arrives at least 10 to 14 days before the big day, with an easy, breezy 3-day post-event return policy. TG for small miracles. A great part about Generation Tux is that your future groom you can design his look beforehand, and customize it according to color, style, and body type. Even better, if he’s unsure of his exact measurements, he can utilize the free home try-on feature, allowing two days to see if your chosen look is the right fit from the comfort of home. 


For the bride who has spent countless days bridal shop hopping with no luck finding her dream dress, and the former bride whose once-worn (hopefully!) dress is now collecting dust at the back of her closet, Stillwhite has created a marketplace where brides-to-be can link up with former brides who are selling their dresses for less than the retail price. Turning your Pinterest board dreams into a reality, Stillwhite has made it possible for the budget and tech-savvy bride to purchase a wedding dress straight from their mobile device. We’re all about an eco-friendly bride too, and by recycling pre-loved dresses, you not only save money, but you also help the environment and create less waste.

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What Not To Do With Your Wedding Website

Ah, wedding websites. How hard can they be? We all pretty much mastered coding back in 2006 when we were putting Gerard Way GIFs on our MySpace pages, so these should be pretty easy, no?

Okay, so maybe wedding websites don’t include coding at all. For most people, it’s mainly just like, uploading a bunch of your engagement photos to a predesigned site and throwing up some text. The actual creation of a wedding website really shouldn’t be very difficult at all, but the content is where people tend to go wrong. So very wrong. Here are a few things to avoid when setting up your wedding website.

1. Don’t Forget To Password Protect It

As someone who absolutely lives to creep wedding websites, it truly pains me to advise you to protect yours with a password. I mean, there are plenty of compelling reasons not to: you want your ex to see how hot your fiancé is, you want your college roommate who’s not invited to see how toned your arms are now, or the simple thought of having people text you because they can’t find the password makes you want to set sh*t on fire. With that being said, you might just want to take a quick sec to think about who could stumble upon your wedding website. Like, what if a serial killer finds your home address? Or worse… your fiancé’s crazy ex-girlfriend snags the event details and shows up to pull a Taylor Swift? Yeah, best to lock that sh*t up.

2. Don’t Mention Wedding Events That Not Everyone Is Invited To

This one seems like a given, but you’d probably be surprised to know that it’s something people f*ck up all the time. Having worked at a wedding invitation company, I’ve heard plenty of people say that they’re not going to include additional details cards in their wedding invitation, because they’re just going to have all of the information available on the wedding website. While this is a good way to cut the cost of your invitation suite, it’s going to be awkward AF when the after-party or farewell brunch you intended to keep exclusive becomes known to all of your guests. Avoid having to deal with your butt-hurt B-list guests and alert people of your rehearsal dinner, or other exclusive event, with a separate invitation or notice.

3. Don’t Forget Information That You Couldn’t Include On The Invitation

Are you planning on banning social media at your ceremony? Do you have an oddly specific dress code, like “Miami Beach Chic” that you’re expecting guests to follow? Throw it on the wedding website. Basically, anything that is a faux pas or just too annoying to put on your invitation can go on the wedding site. Oh, and directions cards are considered outdated, so just add a directions page on the site for the Olds who refuse to just use Waze like the rest of us.

4. Don’t Ramble

Have you ever read a super long “How We Met” page on a wedding website and felt that your time was well spent? I think the f*ck not. Sure, there are some people with really great stories, and it’s a cute bit of information to include, but like, do us all a favor and keep it short. The majority of the people who will be visiting your wedding website probably know how you met. (Unless you’re one of those tristate bridezillas who will be inviting over 300 people and genuinely don’t know some of your dad’s work friends that you were obligated to invite. But like, they’re not going to read it either.)

It can also be cute to include some information on the wedding party, but again, remember that less is more and if you don’t have anything funny to say, just make something up. I once read a site where the bride shared “fun facts” about each of the bridesmaids. The standout fact was “Nicole and I used to watch a lot of movies together at college! We liked to talk about which actors looked like people we knew in real life.” Don’t do that. The more boring you make yourself sound, the less excited everyone’s going to be for your wedding.

5. Don’t Feel Like You Can’t Update It

Despite what your eternally single cynical bridesmaid may think, your wedding is not a death sentence and not every aspect of it is totally permanent. It’s completely acceptable to put your wedding website up as soon as you’d like to (just like, not the day after you get engaged, PLEASE), and to include wording explaining that it will be updated as you go. This is actually probably the best way to go about it, because it will get your guests into the habit of checking your site periodically, and it gives any updates a better chance at being seen.

6. Don’t Assume Everyone Will Check The Website

No matter how much work you put into your wedding site, you can’t force people to read it. Although it’s a great way to convey information you can’t formally share with an invitation, you kind of just have to accept the fact that some people suck and won’t follow directions. It’s just like, the rules of being a bridezilla. Sorry!

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