How To Pick Out A Tux For Your Groom & Groomsmen

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If you’re in any stage of planning a wedding, you already know that there’s a lot to think about. Even before the pandemic threw a gigantic wrench into everything, wedding planning was a daunting endeavor. You’re probably looking for all the help you can get, but preferably from experts, not your mother-in-law who got married in the ‘80s and thinks she knows everything. Luckily, the experts at Generation Tux gave us their best tips on one of the most important parts of the planning process: figuring out wtf the groom and groomsmen are going to wear. 

Do You Actually Want A Tuxedo?

Before you get too deep into the planning process, it’s important to know what you actually want. This might seem obvious, but not all suits are tuxedos, and not all tuxedos are the same. Depending on the other details of your wedding (venue, dress code, general ~vibe~), a tuxedo may or may not be the best way to go. There are some technical differences that make a suit a tux—satin details, no belt loops in the pants, and more formal shirts—but generally tuxedos just feel a bit more formal. You probably know that black-tie = tuxedo (with a black bowtie), but if you’re going with a formal dress code, you could also go for a dark three-piece suit. Or if it’s a more casual cocktail-attire event, you can go for whatever suit you like best. Whatever you choose, tuxedo or not, Generation Tux has you covered.

Know Your Options

Okay, so you decided you want a tuxedo—great! You’re not done with the decisions. If you’re not going strictly black-tie, you can play around with color, whether that means the groom and the groomsmen wearing contrasting colors, or matching accessories (like bowties and pocket squares) with the bridal party. Popular tux colors are gray and blue, and accessories come in every color imaginable. Thankfully, Generation Tux provides free swatches, so you don’t just have to guess which shade of gray will work best with your other wedding details. Aside from color, you can also choose between a few popular lapel styles: notch (the most popular), peak, and shawl. The details may sound small, but you’d be surprised how the little things can change the whole feel of the look. And speaking of little things, don’t forget cufflinks! They’re a great way to tie together the full look, and you can choose whatever you like best.

Comfort & Fit Are Everything

Obviously you want everyone at the wedding to look great, but part of looking good is feeling good, too. For this reason, wool suits are always preferable to polyester, because wool is both more breathable and easier to move around in. The good news is, Generation Tux’s suits and tuxedos are made from high-quality wool, so you’ll be ready to go.

You also have a couple choices when it comes to the fit of your tux. You can choose between slim fit and modern fit, both of which offer a flattering, fitted look, but with a few key differences. The slim fit is cut close to the body, with tapered pants that are perfect if you want to show off stylish accent socks. The modern fit still gives you a fitted look, but with a bit more room around the chest and ankles. There’s no wrong choice, but it’s important to know your options before making a final decision.

Read The Fine Print

In this age of weddings being postponed left and right, you’re probably no stranger to double-checking all your vendor contracts to make sure you’re not missing anything. Suit rental is no different! Generation Tux makes things stress-free by shipping everything out two weeks before the big day, which gives you plenty of time to make any last-minute adjustments. They ship to all 50 states, which is a lifesaver if your wedding party is spread out across the country, and they also offer a free home try-on for the groom so you can make sure everything looks perfect. Their website also has helpful event management tools to keep track of all the steps in the process, so nothing gets lost in the chaos of planning. After the wedding, Generation Tux gives you three days to return your items, and yes, shipping is free in both directions.

Let’s face it: most of us aren’t experts at most phases of planning a wedding, and choosing suits and tuxedos can be a complicated process. But with tons of options and great tools to help along the way, Generation Tux can help make the process a lot less stressful.

Everything Your Man Needs To Know About Getting A Custom Tuxedo For His Wedding

It is a universally-acknowledged truth that there is nothing more attractive in this world than a man in a well-fitted suit. Unless, of course, we’re talking about a man in a well-fitted tux. Tragically, unless you’re the kind of person who frequents red carpets, the only time you’re really going to experience a man in a good tuxedo is at a wedding. And the only time you’re going to be able to influence the decisions about that tux is at your own wedding.

Wedding planning is horrifying enough without the additional stress of having to make sure your fiancé doesn’t show up in some sad, dusty rental from David’s Bridal. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With help from the experts at Indochino, we’ve broken down a Tuxedo 101 for all the men in your wedding party. Just send them this article, and then go right back to trying to decide which mini-whimsical dessert you’ll be serving at your reception. We’ll take it from here.

First and foremost, my guys, a suit and a tux are not the same. Not. The. Same. Different occasions. Different cuts. Very different outcomes of your bride’s mood if you show up to your black-tie wedding in a charcoal suit.

To get specific here, typically there’s a satin lapel on the jacket of a tux, and there are buttons and piping on the pants. Tuxes have an inherent air of formality that suits typically lack, either because they’re made of higher-quality and more luxurious materials, or because you wear them less often. While tailoring is important on all fronts, tailored tuxes are especially important because otherwise, you’re going to look like a 16-year-old at prom in a bad rental. Remember how fun that night was? Exactly.

While we’re on the topic, stop renting tuxes. Let’s move past the general hygiene of it all and get down to the point that matters: you’re an adult. It’s time to buckle down and commit to owning one nice thing. Women have to own approximately 100 nice things to function in society on a daily basis. You can handle one. Plus, owning a tux allows you the freedom of all-out customization, and the assurance that it’s actually going to fit right.

That’s right! Customization! Who said this had to be boring? Tuxedos can be customized to your heart’s desire. Lapels? There are five different kinds. Literally, who knew? You can choose between Notch, Notch Slim, Peak, Wide Peak, and Shawl—but an insider tip, Peak and Shawl seem to be the most popular. Lapel fabric can also be changed out if you’re feeling especially adventurous, keeping the season in mind, of course.

When it comes to buttons, you’re probably safe with two. Double-breasted is a look that few can pull off, so if you’re going to move in that direction, do so with the utmost confidence. Are you Michael B. Jordan? Go wild. Are you not Michael B. Jordan? Maybe tread carefully.

A tuxedo is typically limited to one vent, the slit up the back of the jacket that allows for mobility, but if you have an ass that won’t quit, or have been known to bust a move on the dance floor, you may want to explore two.

Now let’s talk monogramming—it’s not just for sorority girls. Many grooms will get a cute message/date/quote/whatever customized on the inside of their tuxedo jacket to commemorate the big day. There a lot of pros here: it’s cute as hell, makes for a good photo, your bride will lose it over the minimal effort you’ve exerted here, and you can still wear the suit for future occasions because the monogram is hidden. Or just come out of left field and get the lyrics to “Old Town Road” monogrammed across the back of your coat. Idk. I’m not your wedding planner. (Don’t do that.)

It’s important to think all these options through before heading in for your first fitting. Going in blind will be overwhelming and likely waste everyone’s time, so be sure to at least have an idea of what you might want. But don’t stress—this should be a fun and memorable process!

Recognize early on that this will not be a quick journey, and plan accordingly. The actual showroom process will be at least an hour. The suit ships in two weeks, but you’ll want to get it at least six weeks out to allow for alterations. Yes, there will be alterations. I’m sure you’re reading this and going, “Well I’ll only wear it once, so what’s the point?”, so let me just take a minute to explain to you that you’re wrong.

You will not wear it once. I can promise you this. Because, one day, you will turn 28, and without even asking permission, every single one of your friends will get engaged. Every single one of your girlfriend’s friends will get engaged. It will be as if they all sat down together and plotted ways to absolutely bankrupt you over the course of one season. Against all odds, you will be the only not-engaged person in your city. You will spend inhumane amounts of money on gifts, engagement parties, flights, bachelor parties, and the excessive amount of alcohol all those things require. When that day comes, you will be very happy that the one thing you don’t have to spend money on is a tuxedo.

Trust me on this one.

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