UPDATED: How Bachelor Nation Has Responded To The Hannah Brown Controversy

As you may know, I usually love documenting the messy behavior of our favorite (and least favorite) Bachelor alums. From Amanda Stanton maybe stealing a Chanel bag to TikToks that make me want to die, it’s usually a fun ride. But over the weekend, things went from fun to depressing real quick. On Saturday, Hannah Brown said the N-word on Instagram live, and the resulting fallout has been anything but fun to watch.

On the IG live, Hannah was trying to learn the TikTok dance to DaBaby’s song “Rockstar,” and she said some of the lyrics that happened to include that word. When people on the live first called her out, she said she was sorry, but also that she didn’t think she said it, and she was also laughing the whole time. She later said she would “never use that word”, and that “y’all can think I said whatever I did or think I’m something I’m not, but I’m not that.” Yikes. On Sunday, she issued more of an actual apology, but the whole thing has just left an awful taste in my mouth.

Aside from all the reasons why this is obviously not okay, it’s been interesting to see which members of Bachelor Nation have spoken out publicly. While many have sadly said nothing, at least there are some people in this weird world who have their heads on straight. Here are the most notable reactions.

Rachel Lindsay


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Rachel Lindsay has got to be one of smartest, most well-spoken people in Bachelor Nation, and she also happens to be the only black lead in the history of the show. With that in mind, I was really interested to hear what she had to say about this situation. In an Instagram Live video, she said she was personally offended, but rather than call Hannah out, she reached out to her directly. Rachel asked Hannah to address her comments on video, saying, “When you’re bold enough to say the N-word on your platform… you need to be bold enough to use your face, on camera, and apologize in the same way that you said the word.”

Understandably, Rachel was disappointed and hurt when Hannah only apologized through a text post on Instagram stories. This may seem like a small thing, but there’s something important about showing your face and admitting you were wrong. In her video, Rachel said she’s “tired of feeling like I have to be the one to speak,” and I totally get it. It’s not fair for pressure to be placed on her to react in these situations, but she did an excellent job of communicating her feelings.

Bekah Martinez

Bekah was one of the first people in Bachelor Nation to publicly comment on what happened, and she had a lot to say throughout the day on Sunday. First, she called Hannah out (without naming her) in a couple of stories, urging that we need to do a better job of holding people accountable. She also addressed the people who apparently think it doesn’t count when you say the word in a song, which I didn’t realize was something people still legitimately thought in 2020.

In a subsequent video, Bekah acknowledged that she’s not perfect either, and that she’s worked hard to “unlearn” the ignorance that she grew up with. She says that this process was “difficult and uncomfortable,” but that it’s disappointing to see others not putting in that work and acknowledging their mistakes.

Then, later in the day, she hopped back on stories, saying that she wishes she removed the “call out” part of her initial stories, and instead focused on the educational aspect. That’s all well and good, but she has no reason to apologize. Hannah f*cked up, and there’s no reason people need to tiptoe around holding her accountable.

Mike Johnson

In an Instagram story on Sunday night, Mike said that he received DMs calling him out for not addressing the situation sooner, accusing him of “not defending women of color.” While he said he hadn’t seen the video yet, he made his thoughts clear: “she shouldn’t have said the N-word, it’s pretty damn simple.” He then asked people not to come for him for not keeping up with every little thing that happens in Bachelor Nation. Honestly, relatable.

Tyler Cameron

If I’m being honest, Tyler Cameron’s responses to this whole thing have felt a little wishy-washy. In an Instagram story, he said that Rachel Lindsay “hit the nail on the head,” and that “we have a long ways to go on this issue.” That’s certainly true, but then he changed gears to sort of defending Hannah. Uh, what?

He said, “This is not about dragging HB. This is about using your platform for reasons like this. So we can educate those who don’t get it. This is bigger than HB. This is a societal problem.” Like, yes, it is definitely a societal problem, but it’s also an HB problem. No one should be sending Hannah threats or anything, but it’s absolutely justified for people to be hurt and angry, and to call her out for what she did.

In a response to a DM, Tyler also took kind of an odd stance: “In these moments you have the opportunity to burry someone or lift them up. We need to lift HB up from this. She is learning and growing just like every single one of us. Love rids hate. Hate only makes more hate. Let’s learn and lift each other up with love.” Whatever Tyler is smoking, I’d like some. Of course, it’s important to educate and grow and love and all that sh*t, but it’s been one day. People are still mad, which is a completely valid response, because Hannah used a racial slur with centuries of hate-filled baggage attached to it, and nobody should be dismissing those feelings of anger and hurt so quickly. A quick glance through Instagram comments will show that the majority of the people who are rushing to forgive her are not the ones who have truly felt the damage that this word can cause (TL;DR: they’re white). And not only did Hannah use the word, but her initial response was so flippant, you’d think it was no big deal. Of course I hope she grows and learns and takes meaningful actions to do better in the future, but that doesn’t mean we should give her a free pass because “everyone makes mistakes.”

Nick Viall

Nick Viall was just trying to do a normal Q&A on Sunday, but naturally a ton of people wanted his thoughts on the Hannah controversy. He kept it simple, saying “There is no excuse. Period. Super sad and disappointing to see.” Honestly, that’s about all I need from someone like Nick. I actually really like that he directed people to Rachel’s Instagram Live, rather than trying to make this about him sharing his own thoughts.

UPDATE: Another day has passed, and thankfully, more people from Bachelor Nation have spoken out about the whole situation with Hannah Brown.

Diggy Moreland

I love Diggy so much. He keeps it real 100% of the time, and he has no time for any of this nonsense. He made a good observation about how Hannah seemed reluctant to say the word in the first place. Others have also pointed out that she specifically didn’t say the F-word in the same song. Interesting, for sure. But yeah, can’t argue with Diggy’s opinion on her apology.

Taylor Nolan


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I didn’t want to have to say anything, and I honestly shouldn’t have to say anything. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Ya’ll know what is wrong here, I don’t need to break it down. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ I will say this…this is an opportunity for white people, especially those in bachelor nation, to practice being an ally to black people. It is an opportunity for you to hold other white people accountable when they’re not living or acting in a way that is anti-racist, to educate them and to educate yourselves on how to be an ally. Being an ally is a practice, and I’m going to call on you today to put that into practice. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ On a daily basis, black people put in an exhausting amount of emotional labor to educate white people on matters of race. When a black person puts in that emotional labor to educate, they then are often met with white fragility and put in even more emotional labor and support to console that white person in an attempt to sooth them so they can actually get to the root of the issue, be heard and seen, and actually educate. ⁣ ⁣ So, let’s not put this on black people to explain to other white people why saying the n word, in any context, is not okay…cause y’all know, and ya’ll need to start having these conversations with each other. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ You all know where I stand. Frankly, I’m not surprised. I have had countless interactions with a white person in that situation, and I’m just triggered. I have repeatedly had the word personally used against me throughout my life, in a way to belittle me, make me feel less than, and frankly to de-humanize me to justify treating me like shit. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Words carry weight. Words are powerful. Be intentional and thoughtful with the words you use, even in what you think is a playful settings, because your words matter. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ So, #bachelornation, how are you going to show up as an ally?⁣⁣⁣

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Taylor Nolan made a post with a caption that called on white people, and especially those in Bachelor Nation, to take this opportunity to be true allies to people of color. She writes that how black people put in “an exhausting amount of emotional labor to educate white people on matters of race,” but that white people often aren’t receptive to what they hear. Particularly in Bachelor Nation, this is an important moment, and it’s telling who has spoken up, and who has remained quiet.

Danielle Maltby

Danielle Maltby, from Nick Viall’s season, put a couple great posts on her Instagram story. She echoes Taylor’s post, saying that “It is not the job of black women to educate white people.” She also addresses all the people who think that singing it in a song is okay, or that it’s okay because black people say it all the time. Those are terrible excuses, and Danielle is having none of it.

Cassie Randolph

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really impressed by Cassie. Right off the bat, she says that saying the N-word is never okay, and acknowledges that her feelings don’t matter here. She cites the black women in Bachelor Nation who have already spoken on the topic, and says that we can all learn from this. While Tyler Cameron seemed too quick to forgive, Cassie really hit the right note of learning and growing, without acting like nothing bad happened in the first place.

It’s great that more people have spoken out in the last couple days, but there are still so many who have kept quiet. Chris Harrison, care to comment? No? Cool. I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising, but it’s still disappointing.

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Celebrities Who Are Failing At This Whole Social Distancing Thing

Hello, friends. Today is day seven of my isolation. I have watched the entirety of the new series The Stranger on Netflix. I have finished two novels and begun a seven-book YA fantasy series. I cannot remember my last shower or my last vegetable. This is life in quarantine. Sorry, I usually only get this dramatic in my nightly diary entry, but we are in strange times. I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same thing as me, except with slightly more fresh air and slightly less pizza (I totally believe you!). But you know who apparently hasn’t heard about this global pandemic that the rest of us are doing our best to slow down? Celebrities! Of course, there are the celebrities that are trying to help, and the celebrities that are embarrassing themselves on social media, but there are also the ones that apparently haven’t heard that we need to be responsible citizens and practice social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine. Shall we take a look at the celebrities whom history books will deem responsible for the spread of coronavirus?

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron

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Hannah Brown, Tyler Cameron, and the Quarantine Crew, now playing on a TikTok near you. (📹: TikTok)

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Look, guys. I know the pheromones you’re emitting right now are like, really strong, but so is the coronavirus, so I had really hoped that for the sake of humanity you would have been able to keep it in your pants. But alas, once again, I expected too much out of people that signed up for a reality dating show just so that they’d never have to work a real job again. 

A few days ago, Tyler picked Hannah up at the airport and on Tuesday (Tuesday!!!!!) they were out on the beach with a group of friends, playing volleyball, and definitely getting closer than the recommended six feet. I hope your date was so cute guys, back here in the tristate area we’d love to be doing that too if only we weren’t busy dying! And, it gets worse. They finally decided to go inside, but it’s not just the two of them. Hannah joined TikTok and posted this video of her “quarantine crew” at the pool, which includes EIGHT PEOPLE, clearly not social distancing or keeping their gathering small to the tune of “Savage.” Savage indeed, Hannah and Tyler. SAVAGE INDEED. 


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life is a race and the grim reaper catches up…till then glasses up

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Last week, the NBA suspended their season due to coronavirus. Have you ever seen that in your lifetime? I certainly haven’t, and I talk about how old I am more often than Jessica from Love is Blind. So, naturally, maybe you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone whose job had been unprecedentedly shut down due to the invasion of a global pandemic. Not the case for Drake! He decided to hang out with Kevin Durant at the Nice Guy in West Hollywood. I guess even when people are dying, there’s champagne to be drunk and women to be hit on! Someone’s gotta do it! (They don’t.) Thankfully, once Durant tested positive, Drake decided to do the right thing and self-isolate. But don’t feel bad for the King of Toronto, because while you’re rolling around on a yoga mat on your dirty floor trying to follow an online Barre Method class (hypothetically!), Drake is working out on his home basketball court. Can I quarantine there?


This past Saturday, the day my city ordered all restaurants, bars, daycares, and gyms closed and I ran to the grocery store in a panic, Scheana invited all her friends to party in Palm Springs. Here’s the exact quote: “Any of my friends working from home this week should come join me for a Palm Springs quarantine!” the 34-year-old reality TV personality tweeted on Saturday, March 14. “I will continue to live my life in Palm Springs or MDR w my friends and not live it in complete isolation or fear. Simple as that. Call me ‘ignorant’ but I’m not gonna stop living!” Okay Scheana, you’re ignorant. What? You told me to! This whole season of VPR Scheana has been talking about freezing her eggs, but now I’m wondering if she should be allowed to procreate?

I will continue to live my life in Palm Springs or MDR w my friends and not live it in complete isolation or fear. Simple as that. Call me “ignorant” but I’m not gonna stop living!

— 🏳️‍🌈Scheana (@scheana) March 14, 2020

Naturally, people jumped on Scheana’s tweet, basically calling her an idiot, which she kind of is, sorry. Her excuse? She just came back from a work trip, doesn’t watch the news (!!!) and wasn’t fully up to date on coronavirus. Scheana, let me tell you what the cop told me when he pulled me over for going 52 in a 25: ignorance is not an excuse! Reread your manual! 

Jared Leto

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And finally, we arrive at someone so out of touch, he didn’t even know that we were in the middle of a global medical crisis. That’s right, Jared Leto claims he was on a “silent meditation” with no access to his phone for the past 12 days. First of all, ew. Second of all, were you really, Jared?? Because, as someone pointed out in the comments, he still managed to post pictures of himself in Gucci T-shirts during that time. And sure, his team could have posted for him, but did a celebrity really go on a trip where there was no possible way to get in touch with him? What if they decided they wanted him to play the Joker again?!! Although, if you told me that Jared thought he could communicate with his team members by cutting off a lock of his hair, sprinkling it over a fire that he built himself, spinning around three times and singing exactly one half of the song “Kumbaya”, I would believe that. So maybe he really did go into the desert without a phone. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed possibly spreading coronavirus on your rich people trip, Jared! 

Evangeline Lilly

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#morningtea ☕️ Just dropped my kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing. #businessasusual

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On Tuesday, after millions of us were already locked inside, The Hobbit and Avengers star Evangeline Lilly was totally unbothered. She posted that she had just dropped her kids off at gymnastics camp—but don’t worry, they washed their hands first! She said that she values “freedom over life,” which sounds like something she wouldn’t be saying if she knew someone dying because of a ventilator shortage. Obviously, freedom is important, but right now we have the freedom to make good choices, and we should all be exercising it!

And those are some of the celebrities that decided they didn’t need to help us flatten the curve. I hope they all enjoyed their time coughing on each other, while the rest of us just try and remember our work laptop password. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a conference call from my bed. Stay safe, friends!

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The Trailer For Tyler Cameron’s New Show Is Out & It Looks Ridiculous

Congrats Tyler Cameron hive, because the TC drought is finally over. Recently, it was announced that Tyler would be making his return to TV with the new series Barkitecture, and yesterday, we got our first look at the show. From the trailer, we can see that pretty much all the initial Reddit tea about the show turned out to be correct, which checks out because we all know that Reddit is the best source for accurate journalism in 2020. And I have to say, Barkitecture looks just as ridiculous as the initial concept sounded. But also, I’m definitely going to watch it, because I have no life.

As you all probably know by now, the show follows Tyler Cameron and Delia Kenza as they design and build elaborate doghouses for people with a lot of extra money and nice backyards. Ugh, imagine having a yard. In the trailer, we finally get to see what some of these doghouses actually look like, and well, I now feel very poor. Here’s one example, complete with a sliding barn door, two windows, and a full outdoor play area to go along with it. I love the commitment to the farm theme, with a random wagon wheel, a horseshoe, and a stuffed cow and sheep that are definitely too big for a dog to play with. Inside, there are fake bales of hay and little saddles, which, again, I don’t know how the dogs would actually play with those. I think the thing to understand about this whole concept is that these doghouses are definitely just for the owners to flaunt their wealth. I’m pretty sure dogs don’t give a sh*t about the luxury finishes on their barn doors.

So, who are the guests on this show? The previous speculation about the show provided a few guesses, and while Neil Patrick Harris isn’t shown in the trailer, at least one of the guesses was spot-on. As the sleuths of Reddit had previously guessed, Real Housewives star Kyle Richards will be one of the guests on the show, which makes sense because she definitely has enough money to light $30k of it on fire.

The trailer gives us a good look at what Tyler and Delia built for Kyle’s dogs, and no one is surprised. It basically looks like the entryway of Kris Jenner’s house, complete with a black-and-white tile floor and a literal f*cking chandelier. Here’s a screenshot of Kyle Richards fitting comfortably inside the doghouse, while her dog is perched on some kind of couch that looks more expensive than any of my furniture. The dog has a plush wine bottle in its mouth, while Kyle is holding a plush rosé bottle.

So obviously the doghouses on the show are going to be insane, but we already knew that. I’m dying to know how much these projects actually cost—I guess because I’m in the mood to feel bad about myself. Like, these definitely cost more than I make in a year, but it’s fine, I’m fine, everything is fine. Kyle Richards, hope your dogs enjoy their chandelier, it’s what they deserve.

Wait okay, I don’t feel broke enough yet, let’s look at one more. Here’s an ultra-modern take on a doghouse. Take it in, take it all in. Yes, it’s two stories. Yes, there are spherical windows. Yes, those hardwood floors look nicer than anything in my apartment. Yes, it looks like one of the expensive futuristic houses you’d work towards in the LIFE game. Nope, I am NOT MAD about it! I hope this dog is happy, because it’s literally part of the 1%. Must be nice.

The thing I’m still most interested to see is how Tyler does hosting his own show, because I think we forget that until now, we’ve only seen him on TV as a contestant on The Bachelorette. Yeah, everyone loved him, but showing up for a group date every three days and not making an ass of yourself is a lot different than carrying an entire show. I’ve met him, and he was charming AF, so I have a feeling he’ll do a good job. The teaser trailer doesn’t really give us much of a look at Tyler or his vibe with Delia, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

We don’t have an exact premiere date for Barkitecture yet, but the trailer says it’s coming in April, so the wait is almost over. Here’s the full teaser trailer for the showwhich you already know you’re going to binge the day it comes out:

Images: Presley Ann/WireImage via Getty Images; Quibi / YouTube

UPDATED: What We Know About Tyler Cameron’s New TV Show

UDPATED: We (and the dedicated detectives of the internet) were right! On Wednesday, Tyler Cameron posted on Instagram, confirming all the reports that he’ll be hosting the upcoming show Barkitecture on the Quibi streaming service. As we suspected, Delia Kenza will be joining Tyler on the show, which he just said is “coming soon.” Sadly, no premiere date yet, but hopefully it’ll be soon after the platform launches this April.

To announce the show, Tyler posted two selfies with the most adorable dog I’ve ever seen, and god damn it, he looks good. If I took a selfie like this, I would literally look like a thumb, but whatever, I’m not mad. I’m a little annoyed that Tyler didn’t show us any sneak peeks of the luxury dog houses we can expect to see on the show, but hopefully there’s a trailer or something coming soon. I already hate the fact that I’m going to watch this, but it’s pretty unavoidable at this point.

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Excited to share that I’m hosting #Barkitecture with the amazing @deliakenza coming soon to @quibi 🐶 We built some of the most insane dog houses you’ve ever seen. Special thanks to Harley for overseeing construction.

A post shared by Tyler Cameron (@tylerjcameron3) on

It’s crazy to think that a year ago, Hannah Brown was still just an average competitor on The Bachelor, and Tyler Cameron was just a twinkle in Chris Harrison’s eye. In case you haven’t noticed, a lot has happened in the last 12 months. Hannah became the Bachelorette, we met Tyler, she broke his heart (maybe), they ~got drinks~, he dated Gigi Hadid for a while, and now he’s easily one of the most famous people to ever come from the show.

Since Tyler’s time on The Bachelorette came to an end last summer, it’s a little unclear what he’s been up to. Aside from dating Gigi and maybe Stassie Karanikolaou) and working with ABC Food Tours, it seems like he’s just kind of been hanging out. But he’s set to make his big return to TV soon, and thankfully, through a little detective work and a lot of Reddit, we think we’ve figured out exactly what he’s going to be doing.

A couple weeks ago, I was perusing the r/thebachelor subreddit, as one does, and I stumbled upon some prime sleuthing about Tyler’s new project. Nothing had been confirmed, so I went along my way, waiting for something more official to come out. But honestly, that got old quickly, so I was very excited when, on Wednesday, Tyler teased the news on his Twitter. Honestly, why wait for the People exclusive when I can already explain Tyler’s cryptic tweets?

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Omg is our favorite boyfriend coming back to tv?💀 @tylerjcameron3

A post shared by THE BETCHELOR (@thebetchelor) on

Our beloved internet sleuths believe the show Tyler will be on is called Barkitecture, and it’s coming to a new streaming platform called Quibi. Quibi is scheduled to launch in April, the platform will feature content in short episodes (10 minutes or less) that are designed to be viewed on your phone. The service already has support from major studios, and will feature content from big names like Steven Spielberg, Chrissy Teigen, and Zac Efron. Basically, it’s going to be big, you just don’t know it yet.

Initially announced in October 2019Barkitecture is exactly what it sounds like. According to a Quibi press release, “Barkitecture captures the lifestyles of dog-loving, dog-obsessed people who are gifting their beloved fur-babies with the most ridiculously extravagant dog houses imaginable. In each episode, the hosts work with doggie parents to build a fully customized dog house that redefines sitting in the lap of luxury.” So basically, the show is about people with way too much money on their hands who are also obsessed with their dogs. Sooo like every Real Housewife.

In that press release, the hosts are conspicuously not named, but people on Reddit who care way too much about this figured it out by “stalking” the MUA and designer Tyler tagged in one of his stories, and then following the rabbit hole to other posts and stories. Listen, we should have gotten this person in on the hunt for Luka Magnotta. To clarify, I also care way too much about this, I just don’t have the patience of people on Reddit. If the rumors are true, Tyler Cameron will be the builder on the show, and Brooklyn-based interior designer Delia Kenza will be the designer.  They’re both following each other on Instagram, so it has to be true. Also, when Tyler said he’d be spending time in LA in the fall, this is how he responded to a question on his Instagram story:

Interesting, very interesting. Additionally, the Instagram account @bachsleuthers put in some work to try and figure out who might be a guest on the show. There’s not much here yet, but they did notice that Tyler and Delia both followed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards recently, and she followed them back. Kyle seems like the exact type of person who would drop my yearly salary on a dog house, and personally, her presence alone is enough to sell me on this show.

Of course, all of this info is based on speculation for now, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Based on all of this detective work, I’m assuming this show is what Tyler was referencing with his tweet yesterday, but we definitely know he’s coming back to our TVs soon. It’s unclear whether Barkitecture will be available as soon as Quibi launches in April, but if that’s the case, then we can probably expect an announcement about Tyler’s involvement pretty soon.

Images: thebetchelor, tylerjcameron / Instagram

It Looks Like Tyler Cameron Is Dating Kylie Jenner’s BFF

Well, it’s a new year, but here we are, still talking about Tyler Cameron’s personal life. It seems crazy that six months ago, Tyler was just a twinkle in Hannah Brown’s eye, but time flies when you’re the most eligible bachelor in America (sorry, Pete). We watched closely as Tyler’s relationship with Gigi Hadid developed, and then came to a quiet and abrupt end, but Tyler has kept his dating life more low-key since then. But now, there’s evidence that he’s with someone new, and that someone is none other than Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou.

Before we get into the actual news here, let me just say that I have officially memorized the spelling of ‘Karanikolaou,’ and I’m really not sure how I feel about that. Like, why do I know so much about these people? Much like Tyler, Stassie really had a come-up in 2019, moving into the illustrious position of Kylie Jenner’s BFF after Jordyn Woods f*cked herself over. Over the past several months, we’ve watched Stassie suck up to Kylie all over Instagram, and clearly it worked.

So. Stassie and Tyler. If you made a random 2019 couple generator, this is probably the first couple that would pop up. It was really only a matter of time before these two found each other. The rumors about Tyler and Stassie originated at the beginning of November, when TMZ posted a video of Tyler making out with a “mystery blonde” at a club in LA. While we couldn’t see the woman’s face in the video, she was wearing the same outfit that Stassie had posed in earlier that day on her Instagram story. Stassie also has some ridiculous extensions that I feel like I could spot from a mile away, so I definitely thought it was her.

Basically everyone thought the woman in the video was Stassie, but we couldn’t say for 100% certainty. We got more evidence a few weeks later, when a source told Us Weekly that the two were “absolutely hooking up.” According to the anonymous source, they were “keeping things casual,” but Tyler wanted to “continue seeing her and see where it goes.” I’d love to know if this is the same kind of “casual” relationship he had with Gigi, which involved flying to Europe for her grandma’s funeral?

We all know that anonymous sources generally shouldn’t be trusted, but in this case, it seems like the intel turned out to be good. Evidently, Tyler did get to continue seeing Stassie, because they were seen partying together in Miami on New Year’s Eve. (No, the Kardashians weren’t there.) According to another Us Weekly source (they have eyes everywhere), Tyler was spotted “being awfully friendly” with Stassie, whatever that means. Like, I appreciate the sentiment here, but next time I’d like the anonymous source to be a bit more descriptive. Was there non-platonic touching? Was Tyler using tongue? Inquiring minds deserve to know these things.

Of course, a dance floor makeout on New Year’s Eve isn’t automatic evidence that a relationship is going somewhere (I have literally no clue what my NYE kiss from last year looks like), but combined with the last couple months of evidence and sources, it definitely seems like Tyler and Stassie are more than just “awfully friendly.” Considering that Stassie lives in LA and Tyler just moved to NYC last year, this relationship seems low-key inconvenient, but I guess these things don’t really matter when you’re famous.

We have a long 2020 ahead of us, and honestly, I don’t think I really see Stassie and Tyler going the distance. But I’m glad that they’re having fun, and it seems inevitable that Tyler was going to end up in the Kardashian Cinematic Universe at some point. I thought hanging out with Taylor Swift and Serena Williams was going to be a tough act to follow, but at this rate, Tyler will probably be at next year’s Kardashian Christmas party. It’s crazy to think that he could’ve been the Bachelor right now, but I have a feeling he has no regrets.

Images: DFree / Shutterstock.com; TMZ / YouTube

Tyler Cameron Finally Talked About His Relationship With Gigi Hadid

Stop the presses. Tell your boss to f*ck off. Run to the bathroom to check your phone. Because Tyler Cameron has finally commented on his relationship with Gigi Hadid, and I’m unwell. Of course, it’s now been several weeks since Tyler and Gigi were first seen hanging out, so we’ve had plenty of time to wonder what’s going on. They’ve been spotted out together many times, and Tyler even went to Holland for the funeral of Gigi’s grandmother. Long story short, it really seemed like things were getting serious.

Well, not so serious, according to Tyler. Up until now, he’s refused to comment on what’s happening with Gigi (including when he came to Betches HQ), but on Tuesday, he opened up to Entertainment Tonight. He said “We’re just friends. I mean…that’s just where we’re at. Our relationship doesn’t need to be public. She’s good people, she’s an amazing person and we’re just keeping it friendly.”

Him calling Gigi “good people” sounds like he’s my grandpa talking about Italians. “Good people” is the way you describe someone you literally hate, but you know you can’t get away with saying it. I don’t think that’s how Tyler feels about Gigi, but it’s a weird thing to say. Also, personally, I don’t really have friend whose houses I regularly sleep over at anymore, but whatever works for Tyler and Gigi. I guess I won’t judge.

The interviewer, who must be a total troll, asked Tyler if he’s “in love” with Gigi, to which he replied “I’m at the point where I don’t really want to talk about my relationships. I’ve dated publicly, so, I’m trying to date privately and I’m not in love with anybody right now.”

Cool cool cool. I’m not sure what the interviewer thought Tyler would say about being in love, but there was literally a zero percent chance he was going to say anything like that in this interview. Right now, it seems like Tyler’s number-one focus is on growing his own following as much as possible (as it should be), so there’s a reason he’s keeping his private life “private.” Of course, the paparazzi pics are nice to generate some buzz, but he doesn’t want to be known publicly just as Gigi’s boyfriend.

But Tyler’s final comment to ET about Gigi crosses the line of how far I can suspend my disbelief: “She’s an amazing person, we’ve had a great time together. We’ve hung out a few times, that’s all.”


If you’re wondering why I literally can’t breathe after reading that, let me direct you to my timeline of Tyler & Gigi’s relationship, where I catalog no less than eight times that Gigi and Tyler were definitely hanging out. And one of those was a weekend trip. And another one of those was HER GRANDMA’S FUNERAL IN HOLLAND. I know that “a few” is kind of a vague term, but I just did a scientific poll around the office, and literally no one things the number eight is included in “a few.” LITERALLY NO ONE.

Tyler, I love ya, and I don’t even really care if you want to talk about your personal life. But to act like he barely knows Gigi, and that nothing has really been going on between them is a straight-up lie. If you don’t want to talk about it, just don’t talk about it! But no one is buying that Gigi introduced you to Taylor Swift because you were some guy that she’s just friends with. Child, please.

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UPDATED: A Timeline Of Tyler Cameron And Gigi Hadid’s Relationship

Over the past few weeks, keeping up with the developments in Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid’s relationship has made up approximately 60% of my job. If you told me that you’re not getting exhausted, I would say you’re a total liar. There have been a plethora of paparazzi shots, anonymous sources, and outside opinions about Tyler and Gigi, but it’s easy to get lost in terms of what’s actually been going on. To make your life easier (and honestly, mine too), I decided to put together a full timeline of what TyGi have been up to. And yes I said TyGi, just let it happen.

Here’s the official timeline of everything we know about, so you can really see what a whirlwind this has all been.

July 23rd: The Instagram Following

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Say goodbye to Tyler C, ladies (@k_blalock2)

A post shared by The Morning Toast (@themorningtoast) on

If you couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw that date, you’re not alone. I fully did a double take when I realized that Tyler and Gigi didn’t even follow each other on Instagram until less than a month ago. When this went down, Tyler was still competing on The Bachelorette, so it was unclear if there was some professional connection or if Gigi slid into Tyler’s DMs, but obviously there was something going on.

July 30th: ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale

Again, yes, this was literally only three weeks ago. As we watched the heartbreak triangle of Tyler, Hannah, and Jed unfold over two nights on ABC, Tyler’s future was totally thrown into chaos. Would he take Hannah back, even though she dumped him on national television? Would he turn her down to keep hopes of being the Bachelor alive? Turns out the answer was none of the above, because Tyler had his sights set on bigger things than Bachelor Nation could give him.

August 2nd: “Drinks” With Hannah

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Hey Betchelor Nation, Gossip Girl here. Not-So-Lonely Boy, Tyler was spotted leaving H’s apartment this morning. Looks like drinks went well. Xoxo (@tmz_tv) #thebachelorette

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Tyler quickly took Hannah up on her offer to grab a drink, and then some. The Bachelorette finale was on a Tuesday night, and that Friday morning, they were spotted leaving Hannah’s apartment together. Sadly, there were not cameras inside the apartment to document exactly what went down, but I love a “grabbing drinks” situation that ends at 8am the next morning. This is the last time that Tyler and Hannah were seen together, and it seems unlikely that they’ve hung out without us knowing about it.

August 4th: Dumbo House Date

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So Gigi Hadid and Tyler C might be at dumbo house together? Has not been confirmed. (@themorningtoast @hannamordekhai) #thebachelorette

A post shared by THE BETCHELOR (@thebetchelor) on

Just a couple days after his adult sleepover with Hannah, Tyler was seen with Gigi Hadid for the first time. They got Sunday night drinks at Dumbo House in Brooklyn, and the rest is history. Or rather, the rest is in this timeline, because that’s the whole reason we’re here. Basically, August 4th is when things started for real.

August 5th: Bowling With Friends

The first date obviously went pretty well, because Tyler and Gigi hung out again the next day. For those keeping track, this was a Sunday and Monday, which sounds like the going out schedule of two hot people who don’t have normal jobs. I’m not jealous. They went to an NYC bowling alley with friends, and then Tyler was spotted leaving Gigi’s apartment the next morning. Some people judged Tyler for (presumably) sleeping with Hannah and Gigi in the same week, but those people are lame. All of these people are hot, consenting adults, so who really cares?

August 12ish: Tyler Meets Mama Hadid

On August 22nd, a report surfaced that Gigi apparently introduced Tyler to her mom, former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Yolanda Hadid, on “the week of August 12th.” INTERESTING. The meeting apparently took place at the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania, which I didn’t know was a thing until this very moment. It’s nice that Tyler and Gigi were able to slip out of the city without anyone noticing at the time, but I wish I had known sooner. More than anything, this further calls into question any idea that Tyler and Gigi are “taking things slow,” because I’ve dated people for months without them ever getting anywhere near my parents.

August 14th: Tyler And Andi?

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Tyler and former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman spotted leaving his (Matt’s) apartment yesterday afternoon • The two went to his run together • The pair also went on a helicopter ride a few weeks ago in NYC • What do we think about this pair? Just friends? Or is this another girl to add to Tyler’s dating list?

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For a week or so, we didn’t hear too much about Tyler and Gigi, which was conveniently around the same time that Bachelor Nation was completely imploding with the beginning of Bachelor In Paradise and Stagecoach-gate. Last Wednesday, Tyler was spotted with former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman on the Upper West Side, which seemed like a real head-scratcher at first. Was it a date? How do they know each other? And like, why? But it turns out that these two are doing a charity event together, so it seems most likely that they were together because of that. I’m glad this was a false alarm, because I can’t really handle any more plot twists in this book.

August 15th-16th: A Weekend Upstate

After a week of keeping things low-key, the Tyler and Gigi show was back and better than ever, with a trip upstate last weekend. They were seen at a Starbucks and at a liquor store stocking up, about four hours north of NYC. There were other friends on the trip too, but I have a feeling Tyler and Gigi were sharing a bunk. While sources were still saying that Tyler and Gigi were “taking it slow,” but I invite you to scroll back up this timeline and note that this trip was just three weeks after they started following each other on Instagram. THREE WEEKS! If this is taking it slow, then they’ll be married with two kids by Christmas.

August 20th: Dinner With Serena

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@gigihadid e seu namorado rumores, Tyler Cameron (@tylerjcameron3), saem para jantar com amigos no restaurante La Esquina na noite de terça-feira (20 de agosto) em Nova York. As coisas parecem estar ficando um pouco mais sérias entre Gigi, 24, e Tyler, 26 anos, enquanto ela o apresenta aos membros de seu círculo íntimo de amigos. #gigihadid #tylercameron #serenawilliams #celebrity #celebridades #celebrities #celebs #celebritynews #celebrityfanpage #celebridade

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The weekend trip was apparently not a disaster, because Tyler and Gigi were hanging out AGAIN in NYC on Tuesday night. They got dinner with friends at La Esquina, and when I say friends, I mean tennis GOAT Serena Williams, and fellow tennis champion Caroline Wozniacki. This might seem super random, but Gigi and Serena have actually been friends for a while. The stars of the tennis world are in town for next week’s US Open, so it makes sense for these two to hang out while Serena is in New York. Does Gigi bringing Tyler along signal that they’re getting serious? Maybe, but Gigi has had friends present at a lot of these hangouts, so clearly it’s not a big thing for her to bring Tyler around her friends.

August 26th: Taylor Enters The Mix

There were initially rumors that Tyler and Gigi would make their first official appearance at the VMA red carpet, but Tyler was sadly a no-show. But later that night, Tyler showed up at the Republic Records after party, where he hung out with Gigi and her friends. According to an E! News source, Taylor Swift gave Tyler a big hug when he got there, and he and Gigi were seen kissing in the VIP area. The fact that Tyler is hanging around Taylor Swift really makes it seem like he’s been inducted into the inner circle, because you know she’s not hanging out with randos. The source is saying that Tyler and Gigi “have a strong connection but are definitely just testing the waters right now,” which sounds like a cryptic way of saying that they’ve only been dating for a month. I’m not expecting them to be married or something.

As you can see, it’s been a big month for Tyler and Gigi, and also for the escalation of my sleep problems. Thankfully, Bachelor In Paradise will be over in a few weeks, and maybe TyGi will also chill out a bit. But if they don’t, obviously this timeline will be updated accordingly. If all goes well, I’m looking forward to a fall of not thinking about the problematic children of Bachelor Nation, but let’s be real, the Kardashians will probably act up and ruin my season of peace just in time. There’s just no rest!

September 4th: Bella Follows Tyler

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I feel like this makes things official.

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And just like that, it finally happened. With Gigi’s sister Bella Hadid following Tyler Cameron on Instagram, do we really need any more confirmation that they’re together? If he really met Yolanda a couple weeks ago, this basically means he’s in deep with the Hadid family, and I doubt Gigi would let him get close to everyone if this wasn’t turning into something legit. Honestly, it’s just rude that Gigi hasn’t introduced him to me yet. Well, technically I’ve met Tyler, so I guess it’s more rude that I haven’t met Gigi. Idk, I just want to be friends with them.

Also September 4th – Grandma’s Funeral

It makes sense that Bella finally followed Tyler on Insta, because he’s really part of the family now. Tyler was spotted with the entire Hadid family in the Netherlands at the funeral for Gigi’s grandma. It seems a little quick to bring Tyler as a date to the funeral, but Anwar Hadid also had his girlfriend of two months, Dua Lipa, with him. The whole crew look pretty happy in the paparazzi pics, so I’m glad they’re celebrating their grandmother’s life together. Tyler probably didn’t ever meet her, but I’m sure she would’ve loved him.

Images: themorningtoast, thebetchelor (2), bachelorteaspill, celebridadefanpage / Instagram

Tyler C And Gigi Hadid Went On A Weekend Trip Together

It’s a sad time for true love in BachelorNation, because it’s starting to look bleaker and bleaker for any chance of Hannah and Tyler ending up together. This is tough for all of us, and Chris Harrison will probably never believe in love again. Basically, Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid haven’t stopped hanging out in the last two weeks, and they took things to the next level with a weekend trip to upstate New York.

On Thursday, Tyler and Gigi were spotted together at a Starbucks in Lake George, New York, which is about four hours north of NYC. Really, the fact that they spent four hours together in a car is equivalent to being engaged in my mind, but maybe they took a helicopter or something fancy like that. Then, they were seen together at a liquor store, where Tyler was carrying a case of wine to the car. There was at least one other friend on the trip with them, but it’s pretty clear that Tyler and Gigi are a thing that’s happening.

Tyler cameron and Gigi Hadid pic.twitter.com/G97BZoFFms

— Enrique (@Henryballeste17) August 17, 2019

It’s pretty hilarious to see a picture of Gigi Hadid wearing her neon biker shorts at a liquor store in what is probably Trump country. Gigi’s outfit only looks appropriate for an approximately three-block stretch of Soho, so the locals in Lake George probably have no idea what is happening. Also, I’m not sure what kind of fugly patterned shorts Tyler is wearing, but I’d still drop literally everything to sleep with him.

In my life, if I was spending the weekend with someone upstate, it would be the result of months of planning and saving money, so it would basically mean we were about to get married. I obviously can’t relate to Gigi Hadid’s lifestyle, where she could probably purchase an entire town in upstate New York at the drop of a hat. In her world, a trip upstate is basically the most casual thing you could do.

Interestingly, the Elle article about Tyler and Gigi’s trip claims that “The two appear to be taking it slow,” which seems like the exact opposite of what’s happening. I mean, they’ve hung out at least five times in the last two weeks, including a literal vacation together. All of this has happened faster than I usually get a single text back, so there’s really no evidence that they’re taking anything slow. I don’t know if they’re in it for the long haul, but they seem pretty inseparable right now.

So what about that time literally four days ago, when Tyler was seen leaving his friend’s apartment with Andi Dorfman? It seems likely that they were just hanging out because of the event they’re doing together, because I don’t even know how he would have time to be seeing someone in addition to Gigi right now. Either way, Tyler is living his best life right now, and I don’t think that’s going to involve Hannah, or being the next Bachelor. 

Clearly, Tyler is just enjoying himself right now, and why wouldn’t he? He has millions of Instagram followers, a hot maybe-girlfriend, and probably a lot more career opportunities than he did six months ago. Meanwhile, Hannah is going to be doing Dancing With The Starsso I think they’ll both be just fine.

Images: Shutterstock; henryballeste17 / Twitter