A Look Back At The Biggest & Weirdest 2019 Wellness Trends

It’s almost 2020, and you know what that means… time for literally everyone to say “where the HELL did the time go???” But for real. It seems like it was just yesterday when we published our predictions on what food and health trends were going to take over 2019 back in December 2018, and here we are now, reviewing those predictions to see if we were actually right or not. Want to know just how far we’ll go to prove we’re always right? We consulted health, food, and trends experts to double-check those receipts. You’re welcome. Now let’s reflect.

We predicted these 2019 health trends would be big in the new year:

And the verdict is… ALL OF OUR HEALTH TREND PREDICTIONS WERE ACCURATE AF. Christine Lusita, TV health expert and author of The Right Fit Formula, confirms that every single thing on this list was actually trendy in 2019. “We’re in a crucial time right now where we’re celebrating our individuality and building community,” she says, which is why short classes, apps, and gadgets gained popularity and helped us live our best lives this year. Wanna know just how sleepy we all were in 2019? MINDBODY’s senior director of research and product marketing, Amaya Weddle, Ph.D., adds that “60% of Americans say they’re frequently exhausted at work. Nearly 22% say they regularly nap in their cars during the week.” Vibes. Hence the need for more rest and self-therapy.

Speaking of self-care, I know I’m not the only one who watched slow-mo videos on Instagram of fitness influencers using percussion guns on their thighs and ass in the name of engagement “post-workout therapy” (hello? Am I actually the only one?). The only trend Lusita thinks might be slightly off (BUT STILL RIGHT) is personal training, because that was “more popular with Gen X and boomers” (lol, ok boomers) than with millennials. But all of our other trends were, and I quote, “SPOT ON” and “great predictions by yourself and Betches.” Ugh, we’re like sooo smart. 

We also predicted these weird af 2019 food trends:

Drum roll, please… Lisa Richards, nutritionist, author, and the creator of The Candida Diet, confirms we were *basically* ALSO TOTALLY RIGHT! “Fake meats have certainly become more popular as we close out 2019. While they’re not necessarily snack based, there are many restaurants and food manufacturers turning to plant-based proteins for burgers and other fake meat products,” says Richards. And if you need further evidence, just look at every single burger chain scrambling to get a version of The Impossible Burger up on their menu rn. Fats were a thing, too, but mainly for people who follow a Keto diet. “A focus on preventing inflammation and improving heart health has contributed to this focus on healthy fats as well.” She notes that seaweed had a “steady presence that wasn’t so large it would be considered a fad, but not too small that it wasn’t noticed.” Avocado ice cream was also prob at the bottom of the 2019 food trend list, but it was popular nonetheless. “The overall category of ice cream with non-dairy bases has certainly risen in popularity. Especially people with lactose issues can now find plant-based frozen desserts made of coconut, almond, oat, cashew bases,” adds Joy Wang, RDN with Sun Basket. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by lactose. *raises hand*

Anyway. See??? Right. Always. Can’t wait to show this to the next person who doubts me. Maybe I should quit my day job and become a fortune teller. 

2020 Health & Food Trend Predictions

We’re too tired from being right all the time, so we’re not doing a full-length 2020 trend predictions list this year. BUT, because we’re also really nice, here’s a preview of some health and food trends to come after the ball drops. 

Weddle claims that fitness streaming services like Peloton (despite that tragic holiday commercial) and more sleep will continue to reign supreme in the new year, including an emphasis on… wait for it… NAPS. “We’re seeing the demand for nap bars and nap pods is growing. In fact, 54% of us want to try nap bars for some midday Zs.” SIGN ME TF UP FOR A NAP BAR. (Sorry for yelling, I’m just very enthusiastic about this trend.) In addition to fermented foods like kimchi, Uber predicts (based on what people were ordering off Uber Eats this year) that starfruit, cold brew, udon, bone broth, oat milk, and Impossible burgers are going to spike in popularity in 2020. I mean, I just Uber Eats things like bagels and Gatorade when I’m hungover, but to each their own, I guess.

Finally, according to Lusita, “we’re going to see an increase in more ‘fun’ related workouts that build community, spirit, and all the feels,” as well as an increase in a more individualized approach toward food and fitness. Think wellness and nutrition coaching, mindful exercise, intuitive eating, and at-home workouts with MIRROR and Hydrow. Health and wealth, here we come!

Here for it. Maybe 2020 is the year I’ll finally eat right and pick up a dumbbell or two. Prob not tho. Who needs to workout when you can predict the future? Not us! 

Images: Brenda Godinez / Unsplash, GIPHY (2)

5 Fashion Trends That We Just Don’t Understand

I don’t really fancy myself a fashion guru—in fact, I’m currently wearing a less than flattering sweatshirt-and-cowboy-boots combo—but there are some pieces out there that even I can say, with absolute certainty, are stupid. Look, as a youth living in New York, I am generally unfazed by most things, but some of the outfits that walk by me every day are too awful to forget, and they deserve a shoutout on this sh*tlist. Before you call me judgmental, let me just tell you that I know I’m judgmental and I simply don’t care, so joke’s on you. I’d also like to say that I’m not out here judging people who have bad taste or don’t know how to wear bootcut jeans because, let me remind you, I’m wearing a sweatshirt to work today. No, I’m judging the people who think they’re being really stylish by wearing something that’s objectively stupid—like sleeveless hoodies. Please.

So without further ado, read on for the dumbest moments in fashion. 

Sheer Sweaters

Rag & Bone Perry Crewneck Sheer Pullover Sweater

The whole point of a sweater is to be cozy, so why in the fat hell would you wear one that’s both thin af and completely see through? As someone who pushes the company dress code like I’m getting paid to test limits, I totally understand the desire to be a little extra, but a sheer sweater just doesn’t make sense and that is a damn fact. There are so many ways to do sexy the right way, but a sweater thinner than a pair of CVS tights isn’t one of them. What about a cropped sweater and high-waisted jeans? Or even an off-the-shoulder sweater? There are so many solid options that don’t involve literally freezing your tits off. 

Sleeveless Hoodies

lululemon X Barry’s Stronger as One Sleeveless Hoodie

Like most horrible things in this world, Justin Bieber is to blame for sleeveless hoodies. First of all, hoodies are not flattering, like, ever, and removing the sleeves doesn’t help. The only thing hoodies are good for is keeping you warm, so a sleeveless hoodie makes no sense whatsoever. It’s like the fashion equivalent of a sandwich with no meat: unnecessary. After doing some research (a quick Google search), I’ve noticed that most sleeveless hoodies (gag) are part of a workout outfit, which is almost worse than wearing one out and about. No matter the season, you sweat a ton when you work out, so do you really want to tap it back in a f*cking sweatshirt? I think not. 

Furry Flip-Flop Slippers

Ugg Fluff Flip Flop III

Technically I’m 26, but my affinity for bathrobes and slippers indicate otherwise. Let me just point out what I thought was obvious so that I can bask in how stupid these things are: the whole point of slippers is to be cozy, so why would anyone buy and wear a flip-flops version?? Also, not to be a snob, but the only two places flip-flops are an acceptable choice of footwear are on the beach and in the nail salon. That is it. Like everything else on this list, the weird edits to the original style (a closed slipper) totally defeat the purpose. These wouldn’t make sense even if they were cute, and uh, they ain’t that cute either. Instead, go for one of these cute snow boot options that will actually keep your toes warm.

Jeans With Giant Holes

SHEIN Extreme Distressed Knees Jeans

Look, I stan a good ripped jean, but there is something about the Khloé Kardashian-esque ripped jeans that are an assault on the eyes. I’m talking about the ones whose hole starts in the upper thigh region and literally ends at the ankles. I mean, why? They serve zero purpose except giving the people around you something to laugh at, so unless you’re just out here trying to make the world LOL, go for normal ripped jeans. I know it’s ~fashion,~ but that doesn’t mean it’s a good look. And if you absolutely can’t resist a pair of denim like this, please save your sanity and do NOT wear them to a family function. Your dad will have a f*cking field day making fun of you and asking if your knees are cold, which they probably are. Next!

Boot Pants

Balenciaga Pantashoes

That’s right: boot pants. Balenciaga is generally not my cup of tea because I don’t like confusing, overpriced, neon-colored tea, and these weird boots (pants?) are a perfect example of why I can’t get behind the brand. First of all, what are they? How do you put them on? How do you PEE? Secondly, they’re so aggressive that if you must wear them, you can really only get away with them once, maybe twice if the second time is a full decade later. I’m all for bold choices, but these are just too much and I stand by that statement. And at nearly $3000, the price is DEFINITELY too much. This isn’t like that time Her Royal Highness Michelle Obama wore those glittery Balenciaga boots and the world truly lost its mind, because those were insane in all the right ways. These boot pants are just insane the way Spencer Pratt is insane AKA there’s nothing cute about it. 

Do you agree that these pieces need to be burned at the stake? What horrible trends did I leave out? Let me know in the comments! 

Images: Neiman Marcus; lululemon; Zappos.com; SHEIN; Balenciaga

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

The Top 10 Wedding Trends Of The Last Decade

A lot has happened in the last decade: Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, Justin Bieber got married, Miley and Liam got back together and then broke up, oh, and a “controversial television personality” became the 45th President of the United States… but we won’t go into that. Instead, let’s channel our attention to the top 10 wedding trends of the last decade, some of which you won’t believe. We got inside info from Jennifer Spector, Director of Brand at Zola, the female led e-commerce online wedding registry and planner, on what these wedding trends look like. And while some are going to make it into the next decade of wedding trends, a few have seriously got to go. 

1. Statement Florals

wedding floral wall

Since you’re probably going to incorporate flowers into your big day, shouldn’t they at least make a statement? What’s the point of spending hundreds thousands of dollars on florals if they’re barely going to be noticeable? Plus, there are few decor elements more photogenic than flowers. That’s why the number one wedding trend of the last decade is statement florals. Think of flowers literally hanging from the ceiling or an entire floral wall at the entrance of the venue. From draped greenery to boxwood hedges, floral wedding trends were so fetch in the 2010s. According to Zola, 35% of weddings incorporate statement florals into their wedding decorations, 22% of which favor hanging greenery, 20% into succulents, and 16% going big with the floral wall. “Weddings in the last decade were all about having the perfect Instagrammable moment, and statement florals are a relatively easy way to make a big impact. Celebrity weddings like Kim Kardashian’s floral filled ceremony also helped bring the trend into the mainstream,” says Spector. Okay, so we’re not as over-the-top as Kim K, but that doesn’t mean our flowers can’t be.

2. Mix & Match Wedding Party Styles

bridal party

Apparently couples are getting over the whole “you MUST wear this exact dress in this exact style no matter how it looks on your body type” wedding parties, and honestly, it’s about time. Spector shares, “Couples today want their wedding to reflect their personal style, and that extends to their wedding party. From different dresses in the same color to simply coordinating colors, really anything goes when it comes to wedding party style,” which she says is “a big change from the matchy-matchy trend of previous decades.” Zola has found that 53% of wedding parties coordinated, but did not match. Does this mean I won’t have to see that same hideous lilac tube top dress duplicated on seven different bridesmaids? Hallelujah!

3. Destination Weddings

beach wedding

Have you ever dreamed of having a destination wedding in, say, Mykonos? The warm breeze flowing through your perfectly blown-out hair, the sun setting against the Aegean Sea (yes, I just looked it up), the waves shimmering in the background? I have, and I’m not the only one. “The generation of couples getting married today love to travel and there’s no better excuse to go on the trip of a lifetime than your wedding,” says Spector. According to Zola, 50% of couples plan to have a destination wedding, which in other words, means 1 in 2 couples are selfish and rude. Everyone knows that demanding people to travel for your special day is expensive and inconvenient for guests. No offense, but it’s true. I’d still totally have my wedding in Mykonos if I could afford it, though. Can I get an AMEN?

4. Mini-Moons


I didn’t know “mini-moon” was even a word, but it is, and just in case you live under a rock like I apparently do, it’s defined as a short vacation newly married couples take before their real honeymoon. Must be nice to be able to afford two vacations. Spector explains, “More and more couples in the last decade paid for their own wedding, so mini-moons are a great way to celebrate and decompress while spreading out expenses over a few months.” According to Zola, 19% of couples are taking mini-moons, and I’m here for it. Treat yo’self.

5. Non-Traditional Gifts


When it comes to wedding gifts, it’s no secret newlywed couples want one thing: cold, hard cash. Whether you and your new hubby are just starting out or you guys just bought a mansion in Capri (am I invited?), you’d still choose cash over a new air fryer, you know? That’s why I’m not surprised to find that according to Zola, most couples register for cash funds alongside regular gifts. But what if you want cash and air-fried sweet potato fries? With Zola’s registry, you can get both. “The majority of couples today live together before getting engaged and want to register for a mix of traditional home upgrades, gift cards, and cash funds to help pay for their honeymoon or a down payment on their first home,” Spector says. “Today you’d be hard-pressed to find a registry that doesn’t include a mix of gifts and cash funds. Zola is still the only place where couples can register for everything they want, all in one place,” she adds.

6. Adults-Only Weddings

bouquet toss

Baby, bye, bye, bye. No, literally. No babies allowed. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. But if your high school BFF got pregnant and had three beautiful angel children by the ripe age of 25, that’s her problem, not yours. Zola found that 63% of couples plan on having a kid-free wedding, and it’s mainly due to the cost. “Cost is the biggest factor in choosing to have an adults-only wedding. In addition to paying for their own wedding, many couples are investing in a more premium experience for their guests by inviting less people but spending more per person,” says Spector. Plus, with no kids to look after, you can have more fun, am I right?

7. Wedding Hashtags

wedding hashtag

Did your wedding even happen if you didn’t post it on Instagram with a cute hashtag? Um, yeah, which is why you spend thousands on a wedding photographer and videographer, but whatever. “Hashtags are the breakout star of the last decade. The overwhelming majority of weddings today have a hashtag and it’s one of the first things couples do once they get engaged. With hundreds of people snapping photos at all your wedding events, a hashtag is the best way to catalog everything in one place,” Spector says. Zola revealed that 77% of couples use wedding hashtags, and from a convenience standpoint, it kind of makes sense. But now that everyone just tags each other in Instagram posts, and with how forced these things get trying to mash two completely different last names into one pun, I’m wondering if we will cool it on the hashtags in the years to come.

8. Wedding Weekends

As if your wedding day isn’t exhausting enough, Zola found that 3/4 of couples have at least one other event during their wedding weekend. Talk about having zero chill. Some of these events include a post-wedding brunch or a welcome party, which can be nice for your guests coming from out of town. “The number of events surrounding a wedding has increased in the last decade, from the welcome party, to the after party and brunch the morning after, more couples are turning their wedding celebration into a weekend-long affair,” explains Spector. If planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough, and you want to put two more events on your plate, more power to you.

9. Wedding Websites

wedding website

Some of us swiped right to find our grooms, so it’s no surprise that the vast majority of couples continue using online tools like wedding websites to plan their wedding. Spector says, “Couples today do everything online, and the rise of wedding websites reflects that. Before Zola, couples had to use an average of three websites to do everything they needed for their wedding, but now couples can share travel details, their registry, collect RSVPs, and so much more all in one place.” Organizing everything in one place online is much more accessible and productive, and with the already immense amount of stress wedding planning entails, having one simple wedding website is seriously helpful.

10. Signature Cocktails

wedding cocktail

Think of yourself as a drink. No, seriously, try it. What would you be? I’d like to be a tequila soda with lime: simple, classy, and clean. According to Zola, 85% of people plan to have a signature cocktail at their wedding to accurately describe who they are. They’ve been super interested in making the drink names as personal as possible, Spector revealed. “Weddings in the 2010s were all about making it personal, and signature cocktails are another way couples add personality to their celebration. Some of the best signature cocktails names I’ve seen are the “She Swiped Right Refresher” and a “Matrimony Martini.” Even if your hashtag feels a little forced, you can still find a way to be fun with your signature drink names.

These top 10 wedding trends of the last decade seem up to par with what our generation is into, and I’m actually excited to see what’s in store for the next wedding decade. DIY bridesmaid dresses? Edible flower bouquets? Destination weddings to outer space, anyone? 

Images: Shutterstock (6); Katelyn MacMillan, Arshad Pooloo, Roberto Nickson, Unsplash; David Yohanes / Pexels

Where To Get The Biggest Fall Fashion Trends For Under $100

In my opinion, there’s nothing cooler than a fashion blogger who can successfully mix expensive and inexpensive fashion pieces. Like, someone who can mix a head-to-toe Zara ensemble with a casual Chanel bag in such a stylish way that I just assume everything she’s wearing is designer. And, in the same vein, there’s also nothing more disappointing than a fashion blogger who does dress head-to-toe in everything designer, which is an unattainable reality for most of us peasants. Besides, it’s also not as cool because it’s not as impressive—like, if you have money, then I expect you to be able to dress great. Those of us who follow fashion trends on IG know the crushing disappointment of seeing your fave blogger wear something that you just “have to have,” only to discover said piece has a price tag that’s triple your paycheck. That being said, there are some obsession-worthy designer Instagram trends happening right now that you probably want to get in on, but don’t think you can afford to. Well, I’ve done you all the favor of finding pieces similar to the designer ones you love so that you can actually do the more fiscally responsible thing of not blowing your entire paycheck on a single trendy designer piece.

1. Square-Toe Heels

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can’t resist 🖤

A post shared by Kylie ✨ (@kyliejenner) on

I will bet my life savings that you have seen these shoes on Instagram by now. (Disclaimer: my life savings right now is like, $3.) Everyone out there who considers themselves a “fashionista” knows that Bottega Veneta is the current “it” brand. They have made square-toe heels THE only heel you need for fall. There are two different popular iterations of the heels that are currently trending: square-toe black mesh and square-toe cushion sandal.  Both are super cute, but at just about $1,000 a pair, they’re highly impractical. Instead, I found these incredible dupes for you all that are a reasonable $70. I can’t imagine they’ll be in stock for long, though, so be early to the trend and order yours ASAP.

Muse London Sandals. $70

2. Pouch “Cloud” Bag

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Detail orientated 🕊

A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on

Sticking with the currently popular Bottega Veneta trend, the pouch or “cloud” bag is very clearly the only bag you need to be cool on Instagram this season. PSA, though, from one drunk mess to another: this is not the ideal bag for bringing to a boozy brunch because it seems way too easy to lose. So, don’t max out your credit card for this bag that you’ll 100% leave in your Uber home. Rather, get this amazing dupe from Amazon and save approximately $2,500 (along with the self-hatred that comes with inevitably losing your expensive bag).

Simple Dumplings Messenger Bag, $28.99

3. Chain Belt

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The comfiest bodysuit🖤

A post shared by CASS DIMICCO (@cassdimicco) on

Okay, so in general right now “chain” sh*t is very big on Instagram. Between chain necklaces, earrings, pumps, and belts, they are everywhere. In fact, you’ve probs seen your fave fashion bloggers casually rocking a Chanel chain belt. Uhm, happy for you and your financial success, but like, I can’t afford that. Even on The Real Real, the cheapest chain belt I can find is like $300, and it’s rusted and not cute. And considering I do still need to pay my monthly rent, even $300 on a trendy designer belt just isn’t going to work for me. Fortunately for all of us, there are plenty of chic and expensive looking chain belts that are actually affordable. I actually own this one from Princess Polly and I highly recommend it.

Princess Polly Artemis Belt, $28

4. Feather Crop Top

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Life of the party.

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Okay, so this trend is definitely extra, which is exactly why it’s such a hit on Instagram. Like, it’s highly unlikely you’re wearing this costume-esque top out in real life unless you’re Kourtney Kardashian, but you’re doing it for the ‘gram! The strapless feather crop top simply isn’t practical; however, it will definitely rake in the likes. That being said, there’s no need to go out and buy Kourtney Kardashian’s exact one from Attico, which clocks in at over $1,000. But, it would be totally worth purchasing this similar top from Dolls Kill that costs less than a bar tab.

Feather Tube Top Trim Black, $38

5. Underwire Bra Crop Tank

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Monday blues 🌙 @valeeraaaa

A post shared by O R S E U N D I R I S (@orseund_iris) on

So this brand Orseund Iris has been taking over my Instagram feed with their signature outer underwire bra tops, and basically, I’m obsessed. Unfortunately, their signature tube tank costs a whopping $195. And like, it’s really cute, but for another $100 I could get that rusty used Chanel chain belt from The Real Real, you know? At least the belt I would potentially rewear. This crop top, on the other hand, is the kind of piece you wear once for the ‘gram. So, simply put, it’s just not worth it. But what is worth it is this similar style bodysuit from Princess Polly, which is currently on sale for just $18. For under $20, you can sacrifice a vodka soda or two to make the purchase if you simply must achieve this lewk.

Makarska Bodysuit, $18

I’ve always had a love for the finer things in life. Unfortunately, my current financial situation doesn’t allow me to go around dressing in head-to-toe designer threads. So, instead, I prefer to buy timeless designer accessories and then buy trendy fast fashion clothes. If you’re like me, these similar dupes are great alternatives for the trendy designer ones. And, if you’re not like me and can actually afford all the original designer versions, then the least you could do is also buy me one of each while you’re buying your own.

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

Images: @sonniehiles/Unsplash; @kyliejenner/@rosiehw/@cassdimico/@kourtneykardash/@orseund_iris/Instagram; Muse; Dolls Kill; Amazon; Princess Polly (2)

Five Summer Sandal Trends For Under $100

Believe it or not, summer is pretty much here. We all know that once Memorial Day weekend hits, everyone is straight ~summer state of mind~ from there on out. That being said, it’s time to go treat yo’ self to a nice-ass pedicure because sandals season is here. And, if you haven’t started shopping for your summer sandals yet, don’t worry, I’m here to help. Of course, I’m not here to recommend you just go buy yourself a basic pair of Rainbows and call it a day. No, no, you’re better than that. You’ve got more style, and if you don’t, well then take a cue from the following list! Here are the biggest trends in summer sandals and a few must-have styles for each.

1. Barely There Minimalist Sandals

The minimalist strappy sandal trend is yet another ’90s trend making a come back this season. This style has been big recently among celebs, like the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, so like, what more proof do you need? This style sandal is perfect for pairing with all your sundresses this season because it’s elevated without being over-the-top (contrary to some of the other trends on this list). This style sandal also looks cute worn with denim shorts and a button-down, or ripped jeans and a tee. Basically, it’s a must-have sandal because it’s guaranteed to look good with all of your outfits. Can’t beat that!

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Kaine’ Sandal, $90

Zara Strappy Mid-Heel Leather Sandals, $79.90

Urban Outfitters ‘Ana’ Strappy Heeled Sandal, $74

Topshop HIPPIE Flat Sandals, $40

2. Sporty Sandals

Sporty sandals are v trendy this season, something that I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with me over in the comments section. Look, I don’t decide the trends, I just report on them, so take it easy on me. But anyways, these once deemed “nerdy” style sandals are all the rage right now, with all the designer brands showing them on their runways. It’s a hard style to pull off, but if you’re up for the challenge, I’d go for it because these sandals look comfy af.

Zara Flat Padded Athletic Sandal, $69.90

Crushion Sport Sandal, $65

Zara Multicolored Sporty Low Heeled Sandal, $59.90

FILA ‘Disruptor’ Sandal ($49)

3. Animal Print Sandals

If you haven’t already seen leopard and snake print EVERYWHERE this season, well then, you’re blind. It’s everywhere from clothes to accessories to, of course, sandals. It actually makes for a chic and wearable print for sandals because it can be styled as a neutral. They add a stylish and unexpected element to your outfit, without clashing or taking away from it. They’re an easy print to mix and match into this season’s wardrobe, making them an overall essential sandal to have in your arsenal.

Topshop HOP Neon Flat Sandals, $40

Zara Mid-Height Heeled Elastic Strap Sandals, $49.90

Coconuts by Matisse Leopard Pebble Sandal, $35

Chinese Laundry Montezuma Snake Sandal, $69.99

4. Neon Sandals

Again, if you don’t already know that neon is a HUGE trend right now, I’m judging you. (Okay, not really because like, my ability to inform you of trends is the only reason I have a job, so thank you.) Neon is big for spring, and will continue to be big for summer as well. And tbh, this is a trend I’m here for. I mean, what looks better with your bronzed summer tan than a bright neon? Nothing. This trend was made for summer, and especially summer sandals, and I’m here for it.

Steve Madden ‘Issy’ Mule, $90

ASOS DESIGN ‘Fleeky’ Mule Sliders, $32

ASOS DESIGN Heckle Toe Loop Barely There Block Heeled Sandals, $48

Zara Tube Strap Low Heeled Sandals, $29.90

5. Woven/Raffia Sandals

This is a sandal trend that is pretty much a given every summer. This style sandal just makes you want to take an Insta-worthy tropical vacation…or more realistically, at least hit up a rooftop happy hour on a summer Friday. They have a boho natural vibe, but are elevated enough to also dress up your outfits. This style usually comes in natural colors, so they’ll match everything in your closet. Which, is a great quality when you’re packing for your summer vaca since you and I both know that suitcase is easily already over 50 pounds.

UO ‘Rosalie’ Raffia Platform Sandal, $49

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Dane’ Sandal, $75

Zara Woven Platform Wedges, $69.90

Seychelles ‘Everlasting’ Slide, $69

So there you have it, five types of summer sandals and four options for each! Now, you have NO excuse to be wearing Rainbows this season or, dare I say, your Old Navy flip-flops. I don’t care how cheap they are, you’re a grown-ass woman and shouldn’t be buying her summer shoes from a store that advertises via commercials with adults jumping around and singing. Understood?

Images: @jonathanborba / Unsplash; Revolve (4); Zara (6); Urban Outfitters (3); Free People; ASOS (3); South Moon Under (2); Topshop (2)

10 Major Food Trends You Can Expect To See In 2019

As we wave goodbye (and good f*cking riddance) to 2018, we look forward to the weird, fresh, and sometimes terrible trends to come in the world of food. Will we be inundated by raw everything? Are pomegranates going to be fetch once more? Will avocado toast be de-throned as the reigning basic b*tch breakfast? This year, we predict weed will be more mainstream, sea vegetables will adorn our plates next to motherless meats, and foamy delicious oat milk will grace our lattes. Sounds like it’s gonna be wild, so take a look.

1. Dope Is Dope

Bet on seeing hemp milks and cannabis everything in the grocery store this year. Your stoner neighbor, Bob, will be v pleased since, he’s been telling you about the benefits of this totally sacred herb since he moved into your building two months ago. But seriously, the appeal of all things CBD and hemp is spreading, and food producers are getting in on the action. According to Whole Foods, CBD oil is still technically prohibited from being featured in food items, but that may not last long.

2. Seaweed And Sea Greens

Sushi lovers rejoice, because seaweed is totally going mainstream this year. According to Forbes, “Expect to see seaweed butters, kelp noodles, puffed snacks made from water lily seeds, plant-based tuna alternatives made from algae, crispy salmon skins and kelp jerkies.” I’m going to go ahead and move kelp jerkies to the absolute bottom of my “try” list, but all that other stuff sounds at least kind of fun.

3. Lab-Grown Meat

We probably shouldn’t be calling stuff grown in a lab “meat”, but here we are. According to the New York Times, KFC and several other meat giants are already throwing money at “motherless meat”. I’m really not sure how I feel about this, but theoretically it’s better for the environment, as well as being more ethical. You know that vegan burger that totally “bleeds” when you bite into it? Look into your future.

4. New Lettuces

Romaine cut us deep this year and betrayed our trust one too many times. The big E. coli scares have actually pushed chefs and home-eaters to try new types of lettuces from Bibb to Little Gem. The trendiest, though, will be lettuces grown hydroponically and/or on urban farms. Don’t ask, because I’m not a scientist.

5. Gut-Healthy/Probiotic Heavy Foods

It all started with Activia and Jamie Lee Curtis telling us we needed her yogurt to help us poop more. Sure enough, more and more of us are turning to things like kimchi and kombucha for a healthy crap factory. This year, we’ll see even more pre- and probiotic rich foods, all aimed at keeping our microbiome in healthy working order.

6. Cricket Protein

I’ll let you take a minute to digest the whole insect protein thing. About 80% of the world eats bugs in some form, and Americans have been behind for awhile. Look for cricket flour (really) in your local health food stores this year. Apparently, the roasted, ground, and milled crickets make for a yummy, nutty flavor profile. Still gonna be a no from me, dog.

7. Bee Pollen

Hopefully this trend will help and not hurt the already dwindling bee population (#savethebees fam). Victoria Beckham has claimed for YEARS that bee pollen is what gives her that #glow, and she may be on to something. Bee pollen is an amazing source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and, according to early studies, may help in reducing cholesterol and healing cuts and bruises.

8. Peganism

What do you get when you combine vegan eating and paleo diets? Peganism, and it’s as stupid as it sounds. This shouldn’t surprise any of us, what with literally all of our coworkers telling us how much better they felt once they cut out bread, pasta, and happiness. Combine that with veganism, which–fun fact–you’re required by law to tell everyone about within four minutes of meeting them. 2019 is gonna be LIT.

9. Oat Milk

Get ready to replace your almond and soy milk with oat milk. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Dairy-free, nut-free, possibly gluten-free (depending on where the oats are processed), this milk substitute is drawing fans with its texture that’s creamier than most of its counterparts. It also has more protein than nut milks (but less than soy milk or actual milk) and more fiber than any of them.” So, now you can make your overnight oats with actual oat milk, which is like, so meta.

10. Pacific Rim Flavors

We’ve found a new cuisine to hopelessly exploit! How many fruits can we make go extinct in 2019? Pacific Rim refers to places like western North and South America, Asia, and Oceania, which seems rly broad, but I don’t make the food trend rules. According to Whole Foods, “Ingredients like longganisa (a Filipino pork sausage), dried shrimp, cuttlefish and shrimp paste are on restaurant and home menus that span from breakfast to dinner, while vibrant tropical fruits such as guava, dragon fruit and passionfruit are making their way into colorful smoothie bowls and cocktails.” Let’s take bets on how long it takes for Americans to wipe out dragon fruit while on the quest for delicious smoothies.

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The 5 Types Of Shoes You Need For Fall

This season, instead of mindlessly buying another pair of $200 out-of-style riding boots, let’s try something new. I mean, you don’t slave over Excel at your miserable 9-5 just to spend your precious paycheck on some fugly fall boots, right? Look, I get it, shopping is hard (for some). And sure, you could easily just hit up Payless with Meemaw and get another pair of tacky-ass tall brown boots, but WHY?! You’re better than that, which is why I’m here writing this article. I’m here to help you. I’m here to be a friend to you, and to take the frustration out of all your fall shoe shopping woes. So I give you the only five shoes you need for fall and exactly where to get them. 

1. Staple Black Boot

Just like every girl needs a staple LBD, every girl needs a staple black boot. It’s a fall closet essential because it pairs well with legit everything. Plus, when you get home from day drinking, wasted from all those delish spiked ciders, attempting to get ready for the night to keep that weekend bender going, do you really want to use what few brain cells you have left for the day trying to figure out what shoe to wear with your dress? Didn’t think so. Just make it easier on your poor blacked-out self and get yourself staple black fall boots.

Sam Edelman Hilty Bootie

2. Statement Sneaker

Whether you’re into a chunky sneaker or not, statement sneakers are like, totally in this fall. They’re a stylish shoe option that is also super comfortable. So like, if you’re not on board, get on board. It’s not every day we get a trend that’s actually comfortable. You can get anything from a chunky white dad sneaker to this chic feminine version of Air Force Ones. Either way, you’ll be happy you have them in your closet this fall.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LX

Steve Madden Memory Sneaker

3. Animal Print Boots

Stop being afraid of animal print and think of it as a new neutral. Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but trust me it is. An animal print can pretty much go with any outfit. It instantly takes your basic look to a much cooler level. Snake print in particular usually comes in neutral colors. So wear this animal print to totally elevate your otherwise boring AF turtleneck and jeans this season.

Steve Madden Brave 

4. Thigh Highs

Hoes, rejoice! Thigh highs are yet again a fall essential, allowing you to wear your inappropriate leather skirt or way-too-short dress, even when it’s cold outside. They’re like, basically a godsend while waiting in line for those sh*tty bars you didn’t even want to go to in the first place. Trust me, embrace this trend.

Chinese Laundry King Over The Knee Boot

5. Slouchy Boots

Pair with a skirt and tights, and you’ll instantly look chic as hell. As the name would suggest, slouchy boots give that effortlessly stylish look we all crave. Warning, though: women 20 years your senior will feel the constant need to tell you about how they wore these boots “back in the day.” But I guess that’s a relatively small price to pay for looking sooo damn good.

Lydia Tall Boot 

So there you have it, no need to stress or make your fall shopping any harder than necessary. I’m going to give each and every one of you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that if you’re intelligent enough to be reading this article, then you’re smart enough to stop wasting your money on hideous things…like fugly boots. 

Images: Danny G / Unsplash; Net-A-Porter; Nike; Revolve; Steve Madden (2); Chinese Laundry; Free People
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The Fall Trends Celebrities Are Wearing & Where You Can Buy Them For Less

It’s almost time for fall fashion and, tbh, I’m more excited than Bethenney Frankel was when Bryn’s nutcracker arrived. Unlike summer, when you’re trying to wear as little clothes as possible, fall is all about layering and actually creating outfits. Of course, celebs have already been embracing the upcoming fall trends because they’re simply just better than us…and, are mysteriously never hot. Is there some magical spell that makes celebs cold in the dead of August heat??? Like, has anyone else noticed Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber casually strutting around LA in jackets and jeans? Or how about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson wearing their Sweetener sweatshirts as if it’s a casual 60 degrees out??? Well, for us peasants with standard body temperature, the fact that the weather should finally be cooling down over the next few weeks means we too can soon embrace these fall trends. Here are the fall trends celebrities are wearing already, and the pieces you should def add to your closet ASAP.

Animal Print

Animal print is back (yet again) and, hate it or love it, this cyclical fashion trend is here to stay. Embrace the trend in a more subtle way, with an animal print piece in a neutral shade, like Kim Kardashian West. But like, maybe without the matching snakeskin pants if more “low-key” is what you’re actually going for. Or, try wearing the trend like the future Mrs. Bieber, and get a statement piece, like a jacket, shoes, or handbag, to mix in with the rest of fall wardrobe.

Love this glam! We used @kkwbeauty new Powder Contour singles here with the classic palette on the eyes and nude liner 2 with nude lip 3.

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

for @voguejapan ???? @morellibrothers @anna_dello_russo

A post shared by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on


SUPERGA 2750 Snakeskin Low Top  Lace Up Sneaker

GRLFRND Sarai Jacket

by the way. Cassandra Snake Bandeau Top & by the way. Cassandra Snake Mini Skirt

RAVN Gin Pant in Leo

Free People Kate Leopard Coat


Summer fashion may have been all about the ‘90s, but fall fashion is all about the ‘80s. Which, of course, means you can expect to see even more neon than at a college campus Dayglow concert. Think hot pinks, lime greens and bright yellows, in the form of jackets, matching sets, shoes, and accessories.

Her shape ???????????? #kimkardashian @kimkardashian

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Puma Exclusive to ASOS Sweatshirt In Neon Yellow

Hanes x Karla x REVOLVE The Neon Crop Tee

NBD Take It All Maxi In Lime Yellow

Tibi Carabiner Nyl0n Belt

Sam Edelman Yaro Sandals


Victorian-esque boho prairie dresses are the only type of dresses you need for fall. Not only do they look seamlessly chic with fall boots and leather jackets, they’re also flowy and comfy af. You could also wear the prairie trend in the form of a top, and pair it with some new fall jeans for a more effortless look. PSA, this is one of those trends that def doesn’t look good on everyone. Like, if you’re 5’3″ or shorter, I’d probs avoid a prairie dress or you may end up looking like an American Girl doll (and not one of the cool new ones).

Will be living in prairie dresses indefinitely. ????

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Emily out and about in Paris, France ????

A post shared by L U X U M E® ???????? (@luxu_me) on

Free People Capri Tie-Up Midi Dress

Reformation Peridot Dress

Free People Coco Loco Cute Top

Moon River Three Quarter Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress

Chrissy Teigen x REVOLVE White Sands Top

Sparkles, Sequins, & Metallics

Sooo we all know Kylie wore a sequin strapless bodycon shorts number (idk wtf to call it) to her 21st bday, and killed it. Understandably, that outfit is not something most of us will casually have in our closets for fall. However, we all should be adding some pieces with sparkles and sequins in order to keep our closets current with the trend. You can even wear a less flashy metallic piece for a more casual look, while still giving your outfit the perfect amount of trendy shine.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Energy doesn’t lie so trust those vibes you’re getting

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Motel Auste Strapless Sequin Bodycon Dress

Free People Seamless Sparkle Tube

Lovers + Friends Rhode Cami

Miss Selfridge Sequin Cami Top In Stripe

Privacy Please Reading Bodysuit 

Images: South Moon Under; Revolve (8); Asos (3); Reformation; Free People (4); Urban Outfitters; Shopbop (2)
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