Who Is Rojean Kar? What We Know About Travis Scott’s Alleged Mistress

This week, the biggest story in the celeb-verse has obviously been Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s breakup. Originally, the story was just a rumor, but thankfully Kylie has now addressed it publicly. We no longer have to wonder if they broke up, but now the internet is running wild with theories about why they broke up. While there have been sources talking about Kylie’s desire for a traditional marriage, or Tyga coming back into the pictures, there’s a new factor that makes things even crazier: meet Rojean Kar, Travis Scott’s alleged mistress. Yup, we’re going there.

Who is Rojean Kar? Oh boy, buckle up. Basically, she’s a 27-year-old Instagram model, because of course she is. The thing is, she’s been linked to Travis Scott as far back as 2013, posting pics of him way before Kylie Jenner was even legally an adult. But for today, we’re more focused on her activity in the last two years, because it doesn’t make Travis look great. Yesterday, Rojean addressed the questions about her involvement in the breakup on her Instagram story. She’s set to private, but luckily The Shade Room has all the screenshots we could ever want.

“None of these rumors are true.” None of them?? Girl. Whatever actually went down this week to cause the breakup, it’s tough to feel bad for the mistress in this situation. We don’t know if Rojean Kar is the main reason behind the split, and I’m sure it’s a complicated situation. BUT The Shade Room did some truly A+ investigative work, and in my opinion, there’s no way she hasn’t been seeing Travis Scott while he was with Kylie.

First, let’s go back in time to March, 2018, just weeks after Kylie Jenner gave birth to Travis’ little baby girl, Stormi. He and Rojean posted photos two days apart at very similar-looking snowy locations:

While this one isn’t an exact match, it really seems like they could have been on a trip together. However, these locations don’t really look that similar, since the trees in Travis’s photo are pretty sparse, but the ones in Rojean’s photo look like they’re clumped pretty closely together. I’m not a geography expert, though, so many this is a perspective issue. If this was the only coincidence, it might not be worth talking about, but things only get more suspect from here.

In July of this year, Travis and Rojean posted casino pics less than a week apart from each other. Of course, they’re too smart to take pictures together, but the carpet in both pictures is definitely the same. This reminds me of when Tayshia posted a picture on John Paul Jones’ boat while they were supposedly broken up on Bachelor in Paradise. The internet is too good at figuring these things out, and celebs need to be more careful.

The snow and casino pictures were kind of an easy find, but then The Shade Room really went deep. We’re talking security camera footage. Honestly, I’m so impressed. Give these people a job at the FBI. Just take a look at this, and then we’ll talk about it:

YOU. GUYS. This is some CIA level sh*t. Rojean posted this picture, presumably in her bedroom, and the circled Js are clearly visible in the background. Then, you can see Travis wearing those EXACT SHOES in security camera footage. My brain refuses to believe that this is a coincidence, and it’s definitely the most damning evidence yet.

While it’s obviously sh*tty that Travis may have had a mistress this whole time, I’m not on team Rojean either. Travis was dating one of the most famous women in the world, so there’s no way Ro didn’t know that she was helping him cheat. And aside from that, she’s not above being messy on social media. Here are some of her posts that directly reference Kylie:

In the first one, she’s basically saying that Kylie Jenner keeps unblocking her to stalk her, then blocking her again. I don’t really know how she keeps tabs on this, but it’s pretty hilarious if it’s true. Like…does Kylie not know that she could just make a finsta? I have people that I’ve been stalking for years, but they would never know from looking at my main account.

The second photo is straight-up sloppy. She’s wearing a gigantic watch that probably cost more than my salary, and the caption is directly aimed at Kylie (“bd” stands for baby daddy), and the whole thing just feels kind of icky. Like, cheating is one thing, but at least be a little bit discreet about it. I’ve only known about Rojean Kar for like, an hour, and I’m already tired of her.

Honestly, it’s insane that all of this drama has unfolded in the four days since Justin Bieber’s wedding. Monday was a simpler time. From Kylie’s tweets yesterday, it seems like she’s in an okay place, and I’m sure Stormi is doing just fine. But really, I’m going to need Rojean Kar to take a seat for a minute (or longer), because no one wants to hear her complain right now. Sorry, I don’t feel bad for the mistress!

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Kylie Jenner Is Hanging Out With Tyga Again

Earlier this week, the celebrity world was rocked with the news that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are taking a break from their relationship. This wasn’t the kind of breakup that prompted whiney tweets about how “love is dead,” but it did come as kind of a surprise. Despite rumors that Travis cheated earlier this year, he and Kylie have recently seemed like one of the more stable Kardashian Kouples. When the sources started saying earlier this week that they were on a break, it didn’t necessarily seem like things were over for good.

But then. On Tuesday night, Kylie was spotted hanging out with none other than her ex, Tyga. To help express my unbiased journalistic take on this development, I’m going to employ the help of a gif:

Kylie, WHY? Personally, I’m not sad about her breaking up with Travis Scott, as long as they can still do whatever is best for their daughter. But Tyga? Kylie really needs Jesus, because this is just not the way.

According to E! News sources, Kylie and Tyga have stayed in touch since they broke up in 2017, but they haven’t been super close. That probably has something to do with the fact that Kylie was basically married to Travis Scott for the last two years. On Tuesday night, Kylie was hanging with her friends (Stassie was there, Jordyn obviously wasn’t), and Tyga invited her to come out with his friends. They hung out for a while, and then Kylie was apparently seen showing up to his recording studio later that night.

The sources are saying that nothing “romantic” happened, but honestly, why else would you be at your ex’s recording studio at 2am? They also added that Kylie seeing Tyga wasn’t “an intentional jab at Travis,” but like, come on. No matter what kind of terms Kylie and Travis are on right now, there’s no way that you don’t consider the optics of hanging out with your ex 24 hours after your breakup goes public. Kylie may not be a Rhodes scholar, but even she is not that obtuse.

Currently, Kylie and Tyga don’t follow each other on Instagram, but this family is always weird about who they do and don’t follow. But if they start following each other in the next few days, we’ll really know something is up. Also, let’s not forget that Tyga has a kid with Blac Chyna, who also has a kid with Rob Kardashian, who is Kylie’s half-brother. I forgot about that until like 10 minutes ago, and now I’m even more upset with the possibility that Kylie and Tyga might get back together.

Obviously, it’s not my job to make Kylie’s relationship choices for her, no matter how much it should be my job, but I really feel like she should probably take some time for herself. She obviously has her huge family to support her through a breakup, and jumping into a rebound usually isn’t the right call. Sources close to Kylie say that she really just wants the traditional married life, and to have more kids, but she just turned 22, so there’s no reason she needs to hurry into another relationship.

Whatever is actually going on with Kylie’s love triangle, I’m sure Kris Jenner is working overtime behind the scenes to make sure it’ll be a compelling TV narrative in four to six months. This is what they do best, and obviously I’m watching Kylie’s every move. Just please, please don’t mistake Tyga for husband material! It’s a trap!!

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