This Is The Smartphone Selfie Light You Never You Knew You Needed

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Whether you’re working toward that influencer life or just love capturing every moment on your iPhone, you know that good lighting is everything. I mean, how else would you catch those candid moments of the bride during an upcoming bach trip? The wrong lighting could literally ruin a photo, and even worse, a memory. Luckily, since everyone’s screen time is embarrassingly long nowadays, it was only a matter of time before advanced and ~tech-savvy~ lighting hit the market for our smartphones. That’s where the Newmowa Clip-On LED Light comes in.

It’s a selfie light that clips right onto your smartphone, and it’s nearly as bright as studio lighting. For a compact gadget, it’s powerful and impressive, and TikTokers agree. For starters, its convenience makes it super appealing. All you have to do is make sure it’s charged up (charger is included) and clip it onto your phone. From there, you can adjust the settings to determine how you want your photos to look.

There’s 10 levels of brightness that you can adjust with buttons set at the top of the light. You can also tweak the lighting mode to be bright white, warm yellow, or a combination of both. Why so many choices? Well, it all depends on your setting for photos. If you’re in a dark room, you have the option to look like you’re not. If there’s warm lighting in a room that you’re not feeling, you can switch it up to look cooler and brighter. The customization is another thing that makes it a clear winner.

Then, comes the affordable price point. When shopping for lighting for a standard camera you can expect to flesh out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of your hard-earned cash. But, with the Newmowa Clip-On LED Light you won’t burn a hole in your pocket thanks to its $36 price tag.

And you can actually use it for more than just smartphone photos. It can easily clip onto your laptop or monitor to add some lighting on your next Zoom call. This is especially great if you’re doing some virtual interviews or team onboarding where you’d (obvi) want to look your best.

So, if you’re looking to step your selfie or phone photography game up, shop this popular clip-on light to get you started. You can see it in action below, courtesy of some very happy and impressed TikTok creators. You’ll want to add it to your cart ASAP though, it’s sold out more than once already.


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Shop It: Newmowa Clip-On LED Smartphone Light, $35.99, Amazon

The Best Amazon Prime Day Tech Deals You Can Shop Now

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

Amazon Prime Day starts tomorrow, and if you’re anything like me that means it’s time for some much needed retail therapy. Whether you’re replacing that iPhone charger that’s been hanging on by a thread, or finally purchasing those next generation AirPods you’ve been eyeing, Prime Day is the best time to shop. While we’ll have to wait till July 12 to see the full list of discounts, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best Prime Day tech deals to satisfy your spending needs without breaking the bank.

TMY Projector
buy $79.99 (reg. $99.99)
price as of time of posting

We all love watching Netflix on our laptops, but wouldn’t it be nice to share the love with this mini home projector? It comes with a 100 inch screen, is compatible with indoor and outdoor settings, and can be used with a variety of devices making it the perfect addition to any space.

Apple AirPods Pro
buy $169.99 (reg. $249)
price as of time of posting

Remember when we all promised we wouldn’t lose our AirPods? If at first you don’t succeed, try again with these AirPod Pros–especially while they’re on sale.

Boodlab Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleep Mask
buy $22.99 (reg. $39.99)
price as of time of posting

Whether you need an escape from a snoring partner, city lights, or just really want to focus on Harry Styles reading you a bedtime story (IYKYK), this bluetooth sleep mask by Boodlab is the way to go.

Amazon Fire TV 43”
buy $199.99 (reg. $369.99)
price as of time of posting

If projectors aren’t your thing, Amazon’s got you covered with their 43” Fire Smart TV. Stream the latest season of Stranger Things, play unlimited rounds of Mario Kart, or watch live sports all from the comfort of your couch.

Fitbit Charge 5
buy $109.95 (reg. $149.95)
price as of time of posting

Fitbits aren’t just about counting steps anymore! With the Charge 5 you’ll receive a Daily Readiness Score, a Daily Stress Management Score, and live stats from your Health Metrics Dashboard, ensuring you’re prepared for anything the day throws at you.

Echo Dot 4th Generation
buy $19.99 (reg. $49.99)
price as of time of posting

Your house just got a little smarter with the addition of this Echo Dot. Alexa, play “It’s About Damn Time” by Lizzo.

Apple Watch Series 7
buy $329 (reg. $399)
price as of time of posting

The brand loyalty runs strong among Apple customers. Add to your collection with the most advanced Apple Watch yet–it’s compatible with all your other beloved Apple products, is easily customizable, and is incredibly durable.

Kindle Essentials Bundle
buy $67.97 (reg. $134.97)
price as of time of posting

Catch up on the Betches Summer 2022 Reading List with a kindle, so you don’t have to pack 6-10 books in your luggage for one vacation.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker
buy $149.99 (reg. $189)
price as of time of posting

Skip the line at Starbucks and brew Insta-worthy coffee all from the comfort of your kitchen with this coffee and espresso maker by Nespresso.

iPhone Chargers
buy $7.21 (reg. $11.99)
price as of time of posting

A tech roundup wouldn’t be complete without a pack of chargers. Bonus points for the extra length—nobody wants to have to get out of bed to charge their phone.

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