15 Trendy Swimsuits To Buy So You Can Pretend Summer Is Happening

Unlike most people, I actually enjoy swimsuit shopping. It gets me excited just daydreaming about the possibility of being somewhere other than my couch—namely, somewhere warm with a marg in hand. Ugh, remember being outside? Those were the days. Plus, I’m pretty sure that online shopping is a form of therapy, and that by buying swimsuits, I’m willing summer into existence. Yeah, I read The Secret and I’m putting this out in the universe. If nothing else, there’s always summer 2021, I guess. Anyway, these are the swimsuit trends we would have seen all over the beach this summer, but now will probably just be seeing all over TikTok.

1. Tangerine

Maaji Orangesicle Ellen Triangle Bikini Top, $69 & Orangesicle Sublime Reversible Bikini Bottom, $60

Lovers + Friends Wiles One Piece, $128

PilyQ Papaya Reef Tube Bandeau Bikini Top, $88 & Papaya Reef Hipster Bottom, $76

Somewhat surprisingly, orange or more formally, tangerine, is the trending color for swim 2020. Now, I’m pretty sure orange is one of the hardest colors to pull off, especially when it comes to a swimsuit. If you’re naturally pale and survive off of self-tanner *raises hand*, then this trend might be a risky choice. But, the good news is, if you decide to embrace the trend anyway then at least you won’t have to worry about your spray tan ruining your suit. Small wins.

2. Covered-Up

free people oracle swimsuit

Free People Oracle One Piece Swimsuit, $187

Public Desire Bandage Underwire Bikini Top, $24

L*Space Prism Bikini Top, $72 & Frenchi Bitsy Bikini Bottom, $55

Ironically enough, just as thong bikini bottoms have become a thing, so have ultra covered-up swimsuits. You know that weird swim shirt your mom used to make you wear at the beach so you wouldn’t get sunburned while boogie boarding all day? Yeah, that once dorky surf shirt has been now deemed chic by fashion bloggers. Figures, right? It’s now cool right now to wear a high neck swimsuit, swimsuits with long sleeves, and even swimsuits that could pass as actual crop tops. 

3. Animal Print

Vitamin A Vinca Neutra Blue Snake Bralette Bikini Top, $110 & Hipster Bikini Bottom, $96

Wolf & Whistle Curve Wrap Bikini Top, $38 & High Waist Bikini Bottom, $26

Boys + Arrows Animalistic Animal Don’t Trip Bikini Top, $98 & Animal Kiki Bikini Bottom, $106

Obviously, animal print has been trending for months now, so it’s no shocker that it’s made its way into swimsuits. From snake print to cheetah print, it’s all trending. To wear the trend yourself in the least basic way possible, I’d recommend trying an animal print in a colored variety, such as the blue snake print one above. 

4. Ruching

ASOS DESIGN Ruched Tie Side High Swimsuit, $13.50 

Frankies Bikinis Dreamy Bikini Top, $84 & Sadie Bikini Bottom, $79

lovewave Sedona Top, $88 & Sedona Bottom, $80

Ruching can elevate an otherwise basic swimsuit with an added trendy, feminine detail. But don’t just take my word for it—the black one from Frankies Bikinis is a current Revolve best seller. So, needless to say, I expect to see it on all of our favorite former Bachelor contestants.

5. High Waist

kitty and vibe swimsuit

Kitty and Vibe Underwire Top, $50 & High Hip Bottoms, $45

Chelsea28 Easy Retro Bikini Top, $22.05 & High Waist Swim Bottoms, $13.50

L*Space Stone Tie Dye Beach Wave Bikini Top, $92 & Tie Dye Hi Waist Bikini Bottom, $99

Every guy’s least favorite swim trend, high waist bottoms, is back. And honestly, screw them anyway. Speaking for myself, I won’t mind the extra coverage, considering I’ve been mostly sitting on my couch for the past six weeks. I like the way a lot of high-waisted bottoms now have high-leg cutouts, though, because it balances out this otherwise conservative silhouette.

It’s kind of crazy how swimsuit trends have become a thing. Like, I remember simpler days when you just ordered whichever swimsuit off of Victoria’s Secret that your mom deemed appropriate enough. And now, here I am blowing an entire paycheck on several swimsuits in the name of fashion! Whatever, fortunately it’s a sacrifice I’m all too happy to make.

Images: Roberto Nickson / Unsplash; South Moon Under (6); Revolve (4); Free People; ASOS (3); Solid & Striped; Kitty and Vibe

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5 Cover-Ups That Effortlessly Go From Beach To Bar

I’m sure that with all your upcoming beach weekends you’ve already began swimsuit shopping. However, I’m not so sure that you’ve started shopping for the other v important beach essential, a great cover-up. And like, cover-ups are just as important, if not more. Hear me out.

It’s not just about what you’re wearing to and from the beach. Cover-ups also serve as your “outfit” when going to the bar for happy hour post-beach. Cause, tbh, once you start drinking at happy hour, the likelihood you’ll want to go home, shower, and change just to go back out is slim. And luckily, since it’s summer, you’re not expected to be at the bar each night in your best club attire. You really don’t need to go home and change if you reallllly don’t want to. (Which like, feels.) But you also can’t get away with wearing a blatant beach cover-up still once it’s 7pm. All that being said, here are some cover-ups that can pass for a casual beach outfit so you don’t have to interrupt your day drinking buzz.

1. MINKPINK Mahi Oversized Shirt & Cuffed Short

This button-up and shorts set is the perfect cover-up outfit combo for both on and off the beach. It’s lightweight, with a neutral stripe print that makes it totally suitable for the beach. Yet, it’s also nice enough to wear as an actual outfit to the bar. Not to mention, both pieces individually will make excellent versatile additions to your beach weekend wardrobe. They can easily be worn separately or together, and still be super cute both ways. 

2. Solid & Striped Shift Cover-Up Mini Dress

This striped cover-up dress could easily just pass for a cute summer mini dress. It’s ideal for that post-work week Friday afternoon when you know you’ll want to hit the beach for an hour before heading to happy hour right after. This dress is pretty much your new ride-or-die drinking buddy. Wear it over a strapless swimsuit and no one will have any clue you actually just went straight from the beach to a night-long personal bar tour. Well, unless you take a little too much advantage of those early happy hour deals, then your stumbling might just give you away.

3. Beach Riot Ruby Top & Jasper Skirt

Sure, you might look a bit extra wearing this onto the beach. But being extra is “in” (at least I think it is, according to memes on Instagram). You’ll look totally flawless hitting the bar in this set after a full beach day lounging in the sun. Realistically, you could even just wear the skirt with your bikini top onto the beach, and then just pack the top to slip on before you head to the bar after. It’s basically the perfect set to accommodate your vacation agenda of beach, then booze.

4. L*Space Riri Jumpsuit

This striped linen jumpsuit from one of my fav swim brands, L*Space, is the epitome of a beach-to-bar outfit. Again, you can easily wear it over a strapless swimsuit and no one will have any clue you still have your bikini on underneath. As long as you don’t have one of those obnoxious backpack beach chairs on your shoulder as your accessory, everyone will totally believe you changed into this cute jumpsuit specifically to go out for the night!

5. House of Harlow 1960 x REVOLVE Capistrano Dress

This loose-fitting dress is stylish and chic, and just like the aforementioned sets, works just as well on the beach as it does off the beach. It’s casual and lightweight enough to be worn as a cover-up, yet polished and stylish enough that no one would think twice about you wearing it post-swim. You could even toss some heeled sandals in your beach bag to switch into before the night’s festivities, and voilà!

I get that these cover-up options aren’t exactly cheap, especially if you usually get yours from Marshalls for $14.99. However, these are more than just cover-ups; they all work as actual outfits. So even if you aren’t necessarily wearing it from the beach to the bar as suggested, you could easily wear it as a casual summer outfit just as well. Plus, I’m going to go ahead and assume that these ones are all a hell of a lot cuter than the one you got from Marshalls (no shade, just stating the facts). But again, that’s just a hunch, like, what do I know???

Images: Seth Doyle / Unsplash; Revolve (2); Nordstrom; Shopb0p (2)
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5 Cute Swimsuits That Are Actually Supportive

I got a recent complaint from a friend that we don’t post enough articles with specific body types in mind. And I get it. It totally sucks when you can’t find clothes that fit, especially bathing suits, and you’re walking around in constant fear of a nip slip. Usually I try to include suits that are flattering on everybody, or a few options that will fit a variety of body types. But you know what? You guys deserve to have more options. Especially for large chested women, it can be hard find suits that don’t look old lady-ish but also won’t put you in danger of giving a free show.

Also, before you complain, I am not responsible for the models of these bathing suits. They don’t give me that power. That is the brand’s decision. So if some of the models are stick thin with tiny breasts, I am sorry. I don’t know why our society says those women are the only people who can model clothes. It’s weird and gross. And they’re always Photoshopped anyway. Every company should show models with every body type. But don’t worry, all the suits that show skinny girls have been pre-approved by me/friends that have big boobs.

So here’s a whole list of bathing suits that are particularly perfect for women that are chestier than the rest of us. And they’re all cute!

ModCloth The Brooke One-Piece Swimsuit

Have we talked about how much I love ModCloth? Not only do they feature a variety of sizing in their models, they don’t retouch them heavily. They are awesome! Also, ALL swim is 50% off right now! This suit is perfect for chesty women, with enough fabric to offer full coverage and secure your breasts so they don’t flail about when you inevitably fall off your pool floatie. Plus, it’s a super cute color, and the waist cinch will ensure you can drink as much as you want and not have to pose sucking in your bloated stomach in photos. Win, win, win.

Ekouaer High Neck Halter Bikini

Ekouaer Womens Forest Leaves Printing High Neck Halter Bikini Set Swimsuit (Red Black, XS)

Several of my friends have this suit in a variety of colors. Although the model is super thin and small chested, I assure you we’ve gone to many a pool party in these and there hasn’t been An Incident yet. And we are drinkers. Plus it’s super cheap AND comes in so many different prints! My bestie has four different ones of this same suit. Here are two of my friends in it so you can see how flattering it is IRL:

Blooming Jelly Women’s Vintage Lace One Piece

Blooming Jelly Women's Vintage One Piece Swimsuit Lace Tummy Control Halter Swimwear Bathing Suit (Small, Pink)

This one piece is so fun and I love the lace detailing. Can I just say, I’m SO happy that we’re at a stage in society where one pieces are fun and chic and not sad grandma wear? I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a one piece 10 years ago, and now they’re all I want to wear. I like how this suit is really unique and delicate while still offering support and coverage so you can relax in style. I have this issue with a lot of one pieces where if I turn at all, my entire breast pops out. Rest assured, this one will leave you totally secure.

Swimsuits For All Mentor Fuchsia High Waist Bikini

LOOK at how cute and flattering this suit is! And I love the color. These types of cuts are usually available in only microscopic sizes that barely cover my nipples. This whole brand has a ton of great suits and they carry sizes 4-24, which is amazing and all companies should do it too. Also, the website is offering up to 50% off all their swim right now, with an additional 40% off! Is that like, free? That sounds like it’s basically free. IDK, guys, I was never good at math.

Sociala Push Up Bikini

Another friend-approved option, with a structured, bra-like top to hold your breasts in place. I love bikinis that have an actual cup so your boobs aren’t flailing about the entire day. Plus, you can’t even tell it has a bra top, unlike some bikinis I used to wear in high school from Victoria’s Secret that looked like actual bras. And this one has removable straps for zero tanlines!

Hopefully you found a few you like in this article and can now swim/drink/look cute AND not give an accidental strip tease. Do you want to see more swimwear/clothing articles based on body type? What one would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments!

Images: Joseph Kellner / Unsplash; Modcloth; Amazon; Swimsuits For All; @danibeth87 / Instagram
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16 Trendy Swimsuits Under $100

Look, I work in retail we were sell some nice-ass swim brands. So, I know better than anyone how expensive swimsuits are these days. Like, just the top alone can cost you $100. Which is UNREAL, and I’ll remind you again, I work in retail. Thus, my personal alotted swim budget is pretty minimal. But, finding on-trend swimsuits that are reasonably priced is easier than ever with all the online fast fashion brands we have access to nowadays. Look, it’s unlikely that your bright green neon swimsuit is going to be trendy come next summer, so why spend your life’s savings on something that’s just a passing trend? Here are this season’s swimsuit trends and affordable options for each.

1. High Cut

A high cut bottom is not only trendy, it’s v flattering. It has an effortless retro sex appeal for the ultimate summer vibe. It’s very vintage Baywatch-cool and allows for some variety with your summer tan lines. A flattering swimsuit that looks sexy, stylish, cool AND allows for a more even flawless tan? Could you ask for anything more???

Missguided Mix and Match Bikini Set, $24.50

Asymmetric Colorblock Swimsuit, $17.99

2. Animal Print

We already know animal print is super trendy in general for spring and summer. So it only makes sense that the trend would translate to swim as well. Whether you go leopard, snake, or any other print, pick one in a neutral color to ensure it looks expensive, not cheap. As Countess Luanne would say, “Money can’t buy you class,” so don’t go wasting yours on a pricey swimsuit. Rather, use your best judgement to pick one that just looks expensive. And, if you don’t trust your own judgement in doing so, I’m here for you, just take one of my suggestions below.

Leopard Print Bikini Set, $68

Snake Print Straight Swimsuit, $50

3. Underwire

This is another retro swim trend coming back this season. It’s an awesome trend for both small-chested and busty girls alike. For those who are smaller chested, it creates an illusion of fullness and depth. For those bigger chested, it gives added lift and support. So, regardless of your body type, this is def a trend worth getting behind.

Billabong Sol Searcher Underwire Bikini Top, $49.95 and Sol Searcher Hawaii Bikini Bottoms, $39.95

Out From Under Tulip Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit, $79

4. Belted

Belts are back, and they’re here to elevate your swim game now, too. The belted swimsuit trend gives your one piece more shape by accentuating your waist, and gives your high waisted bottoms an added element of fashion blogger-level style. Like, if your swimsuit doesn’t have a belt this season, do you even know “fashion” at all???

River Island Plunge Bikini Top, $38 and High Waisted Briefs with Belt, $29

Warehouse High Leg Swimsuit With Belt, $45.50

5. Textured

A great way to spice up your swim wardrobe this summer is adding some texture. Whether it’s through ribbed detailing or shirred smocking, an element of texture makes even the most simple bathing suit more feminine and cool. So bring on the texture, baby!

Rust Ribbed Bikini Set, $5o

Shirred Ring Plunge One Piece, $52

6. Neon

This season, it’s all about the bright neons, and this trend is the perfect complement to your summer tan. In regards to your swimsuit, it’s important to glam up your neon suit as much as possible so as not to look tacky. You want to look like Erika Jayne in the Bahamas, not like you got your bikini at one of those souvenir shops on the boardwalk.

Aerie Ribbed Side Scoop Bikini Top, $29.95 and High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom, $29.95

New Look Color Block Shirred Swimsuit, $40

7. Metallics

Done correctly, metallics are chic and add an element of glam to your beach day style. Of course, key words here are “done correctly.” If you go buy a slinky gold triangle bikini top from Wet Seal, I can’t guarantee it’s going to be the epitome of glam. Opt for a more subtle bronze or rose gold shade to ensure you look effortlessly beach chic.

Topshop Metallic Ribbed Triangle Bikini Top, $38 and Ribbed Bikini Bottoms, $28

Topshop Metallic Cami Swimsuit, $60

8. Knotted & Bows

Knots and bows add a feminine flair to any swimsuit. Additionally, they allow for another way to adjust your swimsuit to make it fit best to your individual body. Or, if you just want to tie your suit tighter to make your boobs look bigger, you do you, sis.

ASOS DESIGN Neoprene Bow Front Bandeau Bikini Top, $23 and Hipster Bikini, $18

Gidget One-Piece Swimsuit, $84

The official start of summer is right around the corner, so stock up on these trendy swimsuits now before all the good sizes are gone! This way, as you’re getting blacked out on random men’s boats, the one Sunday Scary you won’t be having is whether you looked good or not. Sure you got kicked out of the bar and called your ex 42 times, but we’re all about the small wins here, people.

Images: Roberto Nickson / Unsplash; ASOS (5); Urban Outfitters; Free People; Topshop (4); Aerie; Nordstrom (3); Zara
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The Cutest Bathing Suits You Can Get On Amazon Right Now

I grew up at the beach, which makes me a swimwear connoisseur. In high school I had more bathing suits than actual clothes. It’s tough to choose the perfect suit. Are you pale and need more coverage? Are you going to be drinking and don’t want to worry about looking bloated in photos? What is the tan line situation going to be? It’s truly an art. I used to spend a lot of money on swimwear and would only buy bikinis from Victoria’s Secret. Which, do they even do swim anymore? Now that I literally never go outside, the price just isn’t worth it anyway. Luckily, Amazon has since stepped up their game and you can get chic swimwear for cheap (and quick). Here are my favorite picks right now:

Tempt Me Two Piece Off Shoulder Crop Bikini

Tempt Me Women Two Piece Off Shoulder Ruffled Flounce Crop Bikini Top with Print Cut Out Bottoms White M

This one has been on my wishlist forever, and it’s only $25! The top is so cute and different. I love high-waisted bottoms too, especially at a pool party where I know I’ll be binge drinking and I don’t feel like remembering to suck in my stomach. It’s so on trend, it’s basically an outfit at the pool. The only thing is that you definitely want to remember the SPF, lest you have super weird pale chunks on your arms. But like, you should be using SPF anyway, unless you want to be wrinkled and shriveled later in life.

RUUHEE Women 2 Piece Bikini Set

Image result for RUUHEE Women Stripe Printing Padded Push up 2 Piece Bikini Sets Swimsuits

I swear, I almost bought an identical bikini last year for $100 sooooo I’m really glad I didn’t. Prints are super in this year and just look expensive and luxe (even though this one starts at $12!). They have a ton of different prints and colors, too! The cut is super flattering with no weird tan lines and high waisted trendy bottoms. I also love bikini tops that follow a normal bra line—that means no weird halter lines, or an across-the-boobs pale streak.

ZAFUL Strapless Pineapple Bandeau Bikini Set

ZAFUL Women's Strapless Pineapple Print High Cut Bandeau Bikini Set (Purple, S)

This print is so fun and is perfect for your summer Instagram photo shoots. Check out the customer photos, because the fit looks totally flattering on a variety of body types. The cut is also perfect if you like to tan with no shoulder lines, and the bottoms are low rise so you won’t have half a pale stomach.

Holipick One Piece High Neck Floral Cut Out Swimsuit

Holipick Women One Piece High Neck Floral Printed Cut Out Backless Bathing Suits Swimsuit Blue Medium

I’m sorry, what? This is an identical replica of a super-chic $150 Trina Turk suit, and yet this one is only $25. Save this one for a beach party where you know you’ll run into your ex, as it’s so f*cking fashionable and chic but will give you awful tan lines. Wear SPF. It’s so high fashion and since I’ve been binge-watching RHONY, I feel like this is totally what you would wear to summer in the Hamptons. Am I right??? IDK, I’m from CA.

Dixperfect Bikini Crop Top High Waisted

Dixperfect Two Pieces Bikini Sets Swimsuit Low Scoop Crop Top High Waisted Cheeky Bottom (M, Hot Pink)

Do you want to look like you have the body of a Kardashian without all the surgery and Photoshop? This is the perfect bikini for you. It’s a summer staple at this point. These sports bra/high waisted cuts are super trendy and really flattering to make it look like your waist is tiny and emphasize everywhere else. This one comes in 10 different colors if pink isn’t your thing. It definitely looks high-end, but it’s only $27 right now!

Coohole One PieceCross Bandage Monokini

So I actually have and love this monokini so damn much. Insanely, it’s only $7. It’s such a weird concept but I find it so cool and sexy, and the fit is surprisingly flattering. Just make sure you get your perfect size or, when in doubt, size up, because you want the bands to lie flat on your body and not look like you’ve somehow lassoed your love handles. Just beware of the worst tan lines that have ever existed and wear sunscreen! This is definitely more Vegas pool party than relaxing at the beach.

v28 Deep V Neck Crochet One Piece Bathing Swimsuit

v28 Women's Deep V Neck Backless Crochet Lace Mesh One Piece Bathing Swimsuit (Medium, White)

One pieces are still so fashionable (thank God) and this one looks super chic and expensive, but is only $30! This is perfect if you want to look incredible but also want to drink margaritas to your heart’s desire without looking bloated. I’m particularly proud of this find and it also comes in black.

These Amazon swimsuits are so cute, and they’re only the tip of the iceberg. A word to the wise, though: you’ll want to read the sizing guides and reviews very carefully to make sure you get the right size. Because, like, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually returned anything I’ve bought off of Amazon. It’s just never worth the effort.

Images: Tyler Nix / Unsplash; Amazon (7)

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7 Brands You Didn’t Know Make Super Cute Swimsuits

Swimsuit season is upon us, and I for one am thrilled for the chance to shop for yet another one to fill up my already-clogged closet. (It’s not my fault; New York City apartments have notoriously small storage.) In addition to wearing swimsuits to the pool, I’m all about a bathing suit that can be transitioned. Sure, it’s not necessary, but it’s an added bonus if I can buy a swimsuit and wear that as a festival outfit (which I will be doing all next weekend at Shaky Beats, for anyone who cares). The problem, of course, is that we as a society are lazy and don’t want to spend hours at Macy’s or wherever or combing the internet. So I’ve done you the courtesy of finding a bunch of brands that you didn’t know make super cute (and often very affordable) bathing suits. Prepare to be shocked.


I know, it’s shocking, but Nike actually has some of the cutest swimsuits around, and the reason I love them so much are that you can wear these as more than just swimsuits. Anyone who knew me in Atlanta circa 2015 knows that one of my favorite pastimes was to see how far I could push the definition of “crop top”. Like, I had a few bathing suits I would wear out to bars, and nobody said sh*t to me. Many of Nike’s spring swimsuits fall right into this category, and can be worn as tops, bodysuits, etc. Of course, since they’re made by Nike, you also can swim in them without fearing they will fall apart. As an extra bonus, many of the pieces are reversible, so you can get so many wears out of them. I’m obsessed.

Nike Flash Reversible Crossback Bikini Top

Nike Shine Stripe Crossback Midi


Maaji is a Colombian swimwear line that recently launched in the U.S. Most of their pieces are super colorful and fun, and they have so many different silhouettes that aren’t just the regular triangle bikini we’re all sick of seeing. But here’s the big deal with Maaji: all of their suits in their newest line are reversible—two ways. That means you can wear them fowards, backwards, inside out, and inside out and backwards. So you’re getting four different suits in one. It’s legit incredible.

Maaji Mandarin Dazzling

To put it into perspective, all those photos are of THE SAME SUIT. Literally.

Victoria’s Secret

No, that’s not a typo, and no, it’s not a mistake. Victoria’s Secret’s swimwear is BACK, baby, by popular demand (I assume, since we were all basically crying when it got discontinued). Thank f*cking god. From cute separates you can mix and match to sexy one-pieces, they have so much good sh*t at very reasonable prices (and plenty of other suits at higher price points, but I’m not made of money). I’m talking bikini tops for under $50. They’ve also got one piece options for under $100, which doesn’t sound like a deal, but really is if you spend like, five minutes researching how much bathing suits go for these days.

Victoria’s Secret Zip V-Neck One Piece

Victoria’s Secret Asymmetric One-Shoulder Bralette & Asymmetric Cut-Out Hipster

Kona Sol

All you Target-loving betches, rejoice. Target’s swimwear has been killing it for years now, and they just introduced a new line called Kona Sol that boasts inclusive sizing and good quality swimwear. Oh, and amazing prices. Like, a one piece for $40? Sign me up; I’ll take 10.

Kona Sol Women’s Plus Size Twist Front Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit

Kona Sol Women’s Faux Wrap Halter Bikini Top


If you are not yet a believer of aerie, you need to get on board with their swimsuits (but really, why don’t you own 60 of their bras already?!). As far as swimwear goes, they offer very cute basics as well as fun, flirty patterns at super affordable prices—I’m talking a bikini top for $25 (and up). Many of these pieces can also transition from the pool to a music festival, or wherever else besides a body of water that you might wear a bathing suit.

Aerie Ribbed Side Scoop Bikini Top

Aerie Crochet Triangle Bikini Top

Curvy Beach

Curvy Beach, brainchild of former plus-size model Elizabeth Taylor, offers suits in sizes 4 to 26 and cup sizes A through J. It was initially such a big hit that its first line of swimsuits sold out in 24 hours, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to get your hands on one of these size-inclusive neon suits. Also, and I think this is crazy revolutionary, their site instructs you on how to order (like what situations you’d want to size down), and the padding is optional. Thank you. What a miracle.

Curvy Beach Neon Triangle Top

Curvy Beach Neon Side Tie Bottom

Indigo Swimwear

Okay, so this brand is a little more expensive than some of the others, and speaking for myself, these silhouettes are a little more aspirational. Like, think lots of strappy and cheeky looks. If you can pull that off, I’m jealous, but I’d look like a sausage in casing. But they’re so cute! Ugh, it pains me. It’s fine, I’m fine. In any case, these come in fun colors, and all their suits are made from ECONYL yarn and 100% regenerated nylon made from ocean waste and fishing nets, so even if they’re not the most sustainable for your budget, they are sustainable for the environment, and that’s all the justification I need to go buy a few.

Indigo Swimwear The Amelia Top & The Amelia Bottom

Indigo Swimwear The Bay Top & The Bay Bottom

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

8 Cute One Piece Bathing Suit Styles You Haven’t Seen Everywhere

Whoever declared one pieces back in style should be awarded the Nobel Peace prize. This anonymous angel deserves to be recognized for helping women all across our great nation feel confident in a swimsuit again. Pretty much every girl I know is insecure about her stomach area (which totally makes sense since women hold weight in their lower mid-sections, and also that society imposes impossible beauty standards on us). What kind of cruel world is this? Luckily, for the time being, we’ve been liberated from society’s unrealistic expectation because one piece bathing suits are vvv trendy right now. Here are the cutest one pieces in this summer’s freshest silhouettes.

1. High-Cut Bottoms

LOVING this trend right now. Like, who doesn’t? Without fail, high-cut bottoms make even the stumpiest legs appear longer and more lean. Not only that, they give your swimsuit just the right touch of sex appeal. Pick an otherwise simple swimsuit that features a high-cut bottom and you’ll be the epitome of subtly hot. It’ll look as if you couldn’t possibly have any idea that all the lifeguards are actually checking you out.

Norma Kamali Marissa one piece

Reina Olga Ruby one piece

Nicholas x Revolve one piece

2. One Shoulder Strap

This style will make you look classy af and is def the chicest option right now. But, be warned, your high-fashion bathing suit does come at the expense of some awkward tan lines. So if you’re okay with that, then this style is totally the way to go. A one-shoulder style is super glam and makes you look like a Hamptons regular. See you in Montauk, loser!

Beach Riot Jen swimsuit

Kendall + Kylie x Revolve Cutout one piece

Kopper & Zink Cleo one piece

3. Belted/Tie-Waist

As if one pieces alone weren’t saving the world, the belted or tie-waist detail will eliminate ANY tummy insecurity you may still have. The belt or tie feature will perfectly hide your burrito baby while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of a smaller waist. As the great Charlie Sheen once said, “#winning.”

Solid & Striped The Victoria one piece

Lovewave The Elaine

Tularosa Claudia One Piece

4. Sexy Straps & Cutouts

Reserved for those more daring types, a huuuuge trend right now for summer swim is borderline inappropriate cutouts and straps. Sidenote: I probs wouldn’t wear these styles to the beach with your bf’s fam…but idk, maybe that’s just me.

Lovers + Friends Jetty one piece

Indah Caper one piece

Norma Kamali Andy one piece

5. Zipper Front

This trend is the perf combo of sexy and sporty. Somehow the zipper manages to give the swimsuit both an athletic vibe as well as a flirty vibe simultaneously. Look, I don’t get how it works either, but you know, there’s just some things in life that we can’t explain. Like, how the hell Pete Davidson and Ariana are already fucking engaged. So like, let’s move on and just know that the zipper one piece is always a good choice.

Solid & Striped The Anne Marie One Piece

Lovers + Friends Zippy one piece

Blue Life Zipped Up one piece

6. Ruffled/Frilled Bottom

If you’re going for a sweet and innocent look, this is the bathing suit for you. Like, this is the probs the one you should  be wearing to the beach with your boyfriend’s fam. The ruffled bottoms give the suit a feminine and playful look without looking like you bought it in the little girl’s section. The frilled bottom is very Bachelor-alum-turned-Insta-influencer, Amanda Stanton type vibes. (Although she probs did buy hers in the little girl’s section so she could match with her now Insta-famous daughters.)

Montce Swim Pom Pom one-piece

Lovewave The Lima one piece

Tularosa Daisy one piece

7. Knotted

Knotted suits are a great option if you’re trying to show more skin without looking like you’re trying to do so. The knotted look is very on trend, so you’ll look like a girl with great style who “just so happens” to be showing off her gym progress. Fair warning, this is another style that’s going to give you some tough tan lines.

Tularosa Vera one piece

Tularosa Merra one piece

Lisa Marie Fernandez Triple Poppy one piece

8. Smocked

The smocked look is a trend for both clothing and swimwear this summer. The smocked look is very summer-esque and trendy in the most non-aggressive way. So like, opposite of your blackout self demanding pizza on your way home from the bar, ya know?

Tory Burch Costa one piece swimsuit

Nicholas Rainbow Stripe one piece

Peony Swimwear one piece

Like I said, one pieces are very trendy and cool right now, so don’t assume you’re going to be the only one on the beach wearing one. If you want to separate yourself as the elite, stylish girl that you are, then be sure to choose one in one of the aforementioned stylish silhouettes. Let’s not be basic—you’re better than that.

Images: @zonde/unsplash; Revolve (22); Shopbop (2)
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We Found Affordable Versions Of The Swimsuits Celebs Are Wearing

Summer has finally arrived, and with the weather being so nice, it’s like you can just smell relationships ending. (At least, that’s what my shitty ex-boyfriend would probably say.) Anyway, this also means it’s now bathing suit season. Bathing suit shopping is right up there on the list of things I hate to do—it’s a close second to walking up stairs. None of us like to be personally victimized by the fluorescent lighting of the department store dressing room, but what makes bathing suit shopping even more dreadful is when designers try to sell four pieces of thread for $700, as if I’m made of money. This really bothers me, and I won’t be a part of it. I found some great websites that have affordable bathing suits that you’re basically guaranteed to look super cute in, even if you just drank a whole 6-pack on the beach.

The first place you need to look when shopping for affordable bathing suits is Pretty Little Things. This website has extremely affordable bathing suits to the point where I add 25 of them to my cart and then I need to pray my card goes through. What I love most about this website is the bathing suits range from Miami stripper attire all the way to swimsuits you could wear to a family barbecue.  Their cover-ups are also very different: think see-through dresses that look like you spent a fortune at some cute boutique in the south of France when really the closet thing I get to France is eating fries on the beach. I found this bathing suit that is a complete copy of what Kendall wore in Cannes. And it’s two for $38! Excuse me, I think I may be having a small heart attack.

#kendalljenner #kendalljennerstyle #kendalljennerupdates #kendalljenneroutfit #kendalljennerlook #kendall #jenner

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Affordable bathing suits

Pretty Little Things black/white 2 pack high leg swimsuit

Now, ASOS is a go-to for all things, but bathing suits in particular they really nail. Their sizing seems to be spot-on, so you can continue to avoid fitting rooms without worrying you’re ordering a child’s size bathing suit. ASOS also has a wide range of styles, and the return process is super easy if you happen to fuck it up. Anyway. After Olivia Culpo was tragically dumped by Danny Amendola, she went to Vegas and wore a black cover-up that would make any ex-boyfriend want to die. I found a copy on ASOS—your ex will hate you but in a good way.

????last weekend with @si_swimsuit ❤

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ASOS Cover Up

ASOS shirred waist maxi chiffon beach kaftan

Next is Forever21 and I know what you’re thinking: “no no no, Forever 21 is cheap and not good quality.” And you may be right, except for the fact that you aren’t. Some bathing suits I have from Forever 21 are my favorites and I’ve had them for multiple summers. (Kinda gross I haven’t thrown them out, but whatever.) Forever 21 is also the best at copying designer trends and selling them for $14. Sorry about it. Let’s keep with the model trend, shall we? I found a copy of one of Nina Agdal’s bathing suits for $40.

#ninaagdal ????#solidandstriped

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Affordable bathing suits

Forever 21 Kulani Kinis stripe one-piece swimsuit

Last but certainly not least is Missguided. The best thing about their website is that you can literally get any bathing suit in any color. Bathing suit shopping doesn’t have to be that bad, and at least you’re saving money and can spend it on ridiculous animal shaped floats just so you can pretend to be a Kardashian on Instagram. It’s okay, I have at least three. Emily Ratajowski started a swimwear line, but I’m not into her price range. Here is an exact copy of her style. Wish we could copy her body.

Cardiff in ????

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Affordable bathing suits

Missguided black mono cut out front swimsuit

Images: kendalljenneroutfits, oliviaculpo, candnina, inamorataswim / Instagram; Pretty Little Things; ASOS; Forever 21; Missguided