The 5 Best Tanning Lotions With SPF

We all love the ~lewk~ a well-deserved, hard-earned summer glow gives us. Generally, we are just all-around better (and happier) people when we’re slightly bronze. However, regardless of whether we’re three shades darker or still pale AF come August, we’ve got to protect ourselves when it comes to basking in the sun. I mean, looking orange straight out of a tanning bed was cool in the early 2000s, but it’s now 2018 and putting yourself at risk for cancer is like, v uncool. Not to be a total buzzkill and get all mom-like, but we should all be using sunscreen religiously on a daily basis—sun or no sun. While it may seem as though you have to choose between finding a sunscreen that protects you against annoying UV rays or going for a tanning oil instead, life doesn’t always have to be so hard. We can have nice things every once in a while, and those nice things come in the form of tinted sunscreens or tanning lotions with SPF. The best of both worlds do exist, betches. Bless. Here are the best ones to stock up on so you can live your very best tanned life responsibly.

1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Ultra-Light Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

This oil-free sunscreen has a ton of SPF, which, honestly, can only be a good thing. Despite being SPF 50, it features a natural tint for all skin tones (and all sensitive skin types!) so you can still glow without fear of turning into a lobster. It leaves a matte finish and is water-resistant for up to 40 minutes. You know, for on the off chance you actually go into the pool.

2. COOLA Sport Tint Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF 50

I admit, sunscreen in a stick sounds reaaally weird. BUT it’s actually like, really smart. This one is perfect for traveling, but also super efficient when it comes to all-over coverage. It boasts 80 minutes of water-resistance, which is effing impressive, and a universal gold tint that enhances your rich tan.

3. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer SPF 20

I don’t only love this stuff simply because it’s conveniently sold at my beloved Target, but also because it works so damn well. If you love the famous Jergens moisturizer, then you’ll be obsessed with this sunscreen version that’s one of my favorite tanning lotions with SPF. While you lay out on the beach, this will gradually darken your skin tone for a healthy-looking glow and prevent pesky sun damage at the same time.

4. Australian Gold Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer SPF 30

People seriously swear by this. I’m told it like, works wonders, performs miracles, and maybe even does magic or something. While serving as a shield from cancer-causing rays, this gel offers an instant caramel-like bronze glow after application, so you always have a luscious tan regardless of how much time you spent under the sun. It can also become water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, which again, is a really long time to be hitting the waves. So really, it’s a life-savior.

5. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

This is legit a total game-changer for all of us who enjoy wearing makeup to the beach. This multi-functioning cream is a skin perfector, sunscreen, and tinted primer all in one. The formula corrects skin imperfections, protects against UV rays with a high SPF 50, and fixes any skin tone irregularities with any of its three shades. It’s v lightweight, hydrating, and buildable, so it works fab under a foundation of your choice. Praise be.

Images: Chelsea Fern / Unsplash; Ulta (2); Sephora (1); Anthropologie (1); Target (1)
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5 Summer Beauty Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Makeup & Life

Wearing makeup in the summer is like, a very bold move. It can make you look like a puddle and feel like a greaseball, but if you’re like me and cannot leave the house without caking foundation on, these are just sacrifices we’re willing to make in order to look good. As much as we’d like to say “fuck it” and go au naturale (even to the beach), it’s just not happening. There are people to see and pictures to take. Putting makeup on in the summer has its perks, but boy, does it have its cons. There are def quite a few summer beauty mistakes you’re making without even realizing that are making your summer nights a real hot mess. I’m obviously going to help a sista out because I’ve been there—here are five summer beauty mistakes you just have to avoid making this summer. They’re sabotaging your makeup, your skin, and your life.

1. Wearing Liquid Foundation

Foundation in itself is usually a no-go for summertime. Since I can speak from experience, there is nothing more tempting than caking that shit on, especially when you’re trying to hide a giant zit. Ugh. However, if you must use foundation, powder foundations are a lot better to use for acne-prone skin. Heavy creams like liquid foundations can cause breakouts, clogged pores, and oily skin.

2. Attracting Mosquitoes With Moisturizer

Okay, I think we can all agree when say mosquitoes are worst party crashers EVER. Nothing pisses me off more when I’m getting to the perfect point of drunk during an ideal outside summer night than feeling ridiculously itchy because insects are literally sucking my blood. NOT. COOL. Surprisingly, your skin care routine can be to blame. Apparently, mosquitos are v attracted to ingredients like lactic acid, getyl alcohol, and citric acid, which happens to be in a lot of lotions, creams, and face masks. So read the label a little more carefully next time you shop for body lotion.

3. Increasing Your Chances of Sunburn

First, we put deodorant on, and then for a sweet-smelling touch, we spritz on perfume. You know, because unfortunately, our  bodies produce sweat when it’s 80 degrees outside. Big mistake. Huge. Spraying your fave perfume actually increases your chances for a sunburn, which is like, so not okay. So does wearing any cosmetics with citrus extract like mists or cleansers.

4. Making Your Skin Oilier

You’d think this would be a given, but for some, it’s just not. It’s never too late, I guess. I cannot stress the importance of this enough, guys, so like, remember to only use oil-free products. Fucking duh. Be sure you’re checking out what’s in your foundation, primer, blush, and bronzer so you can look sun-kissed and glowy in the right way.

5. Tanning Unevenly

I’m not just referring to remembering to flip over. There’s a reason why your front never looks as good as your back, or vice versa, and there’s a perfectly good explanation for why it fades so quickly come Labor Day. Exfoliation, my friends, is the key to a long-lasting even tan for months to come, and it’s a step we always forget. Remember to do so gently and only like, once a week (exfoliating too often can increase chances of sunburn because we can’t have nice things) with a sensitive one like Dove Body Polish Crushed Macadamia and Rice Milk. Don’t be a Ross.

Images: Kristopher Roller / Unsplash; Giphy (4); YouTube (1)

Chic Summer Lip Colors That Look Good On Everyone

Summer is officially here, and one of the easiest ways to upgrade your look is to buy some new makeup. I don’t like to wear a ton of makeup in general, but especially in the summer. I live in The Valley and it’s like, 110 degrees here. I will sweat it all off. However, regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going, you can always change up your lip color without it running down your face. Here are the chicest summer lip colors so you can feel trendy af.

Mirrored Nudes

We’re obsessed with anything shiny and highlighted right now, and lips are not to be forgotten. This summer’s nudes are upgraded by making them super glossy or even putting highlighter on top of your matte Kylie lip kit. In a look that gives me PTSD flashbacks to those Lancôme Juicy Tubes we all had in middle school that were sooo thick and sticky, we are once again being victimized by lip gloss. However, this time around we have options, so please pick ones that are moisturizing and don’t feel like superglue. If your hair sticks to it, you’re doing it wrong.

Fairy Floss sheer nude Ultra Glossy Lip

ColourPop FAIRY FLOSS Ultra Glossy Lip


Bright Pinks

Bright colors are always a summer fave, just like our ~groundbreaking~ pastels for spring. Get a pink lipstick that pops on your skin tone to make you look tanner, make your teeth look whiter, and make you look like you’re ready for a good time. I’m a fan of more blue-based pink tones, like magenta, but you can go full flamingo and still stay on trend. IDK, I’m not your mom, figure it out.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Pink Matte Mini Lipstick Set


Red lips are always in, but this summer we’re pushing them more into an orange to spice it up. If you’re a red lip ride-or-die when you go out, you’ve got to try an orange. Tangerine is bright, fun, and makes you look hot af. Plus, it was all over the Chanel spring/summer 2018 runway. If you’re nervous, you could always lean more to the red side. Orange tones brighten your complexion and really pop. My favorite shade is by NARS, but this Sephora Collection dupe is only $5 and on sale right now and is really similar.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Geraldine – Tangerine

SEPHORA COLLECTION Oil Infusion Color & Care in 04 Tangerine Fizz


In addition to being v in style right now, purple is my favorite color. You needed to know that. Purple is the edgy chick’s best friend this summer, with lips ranging from deep plums to berries to shocking purples to lilac pastels. It all depends on your level of edge. If you plan to rock a pastel purple, for the love of God, use a lip scrub first and moisturize like crazy. Pastels can make your lips look a bit chalky. Also, as with any super bright or crazy color, make sure you whiten your teeth and pay attention to tone. If done incorrectly, your purple can complement and pull out yellow in your teeth. If you’re nervous, go for more of a berry shade.

Zipper deepened purple Ultra Matte Lipstick

ColourPop ZIPPER Ultra Matte Lip

SMASHBOX Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Purple Taffy

KAT VON D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick in Coven

Images: Giphy (1), ColourPop (2), Sephora (6)

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The Cutest Summer Nail Polish Colors For All Your Instagrams

If Mother Nature is feeling generous soon, we might actually get the summer we’ve been waiting for. With the warmer weather comes the good shit like festivals, day drinking, barbecues, and overall cuter outfits. Obviously, this explains why we live our literal best lives during the last few months of the year. The only thing to complete our summer ’18 vibes as we listen to “Nice For What” on repeat is much-needed chic manicure. Fucking bless. Here are the biggest summer nail trends and colors you have to try ASAP.

1. Mint Green

Literally no one in the world paints their nails lime green unless they want to commit social suicide. A chicer alternative is a fun mint green like Essie Empower Mint. The turquoise shade will probs make you crave margaritas and froyo more than you already do.

{Empower-Mint} by @essie from the #essiesummer2018 collection ???? ************************ This here is two coats. The formula was a bit thick, so I used a few drops of nail polish thinner to make it more manageable. Love mints like this especially for summertime!

A post shared by Rachel (@essieyall) on May 13, 2018 at 3:32pm PDT

2. White, Fucking Duh

The color of summer is always white. Why? Because it looks good on everyone like, all the time and it’s only an added bonus that it makes you look tan, too.

???????? #nailsenvoyage #manicure #nails #whitenails #white #gold

A post shared by Nails en Voyage (@nailsenvoyage) on May 15, 2018 at 7:03am PDT

3. Mauve

Millennial pink may or may not be considered slightly overrated, so a better and trendier alternative, for those of you who are still obsessed, would be one such as OPI Classic Nail Lacquer in Dulce de Leche.

✨ REPOST – – • – – Mauve Coffin Nails with Gold Glitter ⭐???? – – • – – ???? Picture and Nail Design by @sinhtran2501 ???? Follow him for more gorgeous nail art designs! ???? @sinhtran2501 @sinhtran2501 – – • – – #mauvenails #glitternails #coffinnails #instanails #naildesigns #nailtech #nailsdid #nailfashion #nailsofig #nailjunkie

A post shared by TheGlitterNail ???? Get inspired! (@theglitternail) on Dec 12, 2017 at 2:55am PST

4. Pastel Yellow

Speaking of this year’s new color fad, yellow is a major trend rn. Pastel yellow nails will be an even bigger one this summer, and for once, they look pretty cute.

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A post shared by Margarita Garcia (@nailsby_marg) on May 15, 2018 at 6:36pm PDT

5. Sparkly Nudes

Your “U up?” texts just got a whole lot better with upgraded nudes. Instead of totally uncool neutrals, go for something extra af like silver, dark gold, iridescent white, or beloved rose gold next month. Inspo? Refer to the Insta-worthy Nails Inc. Unicorn Nail Polish duo.

Clients view ???? #209nails #modestonails #glamandglits #coffinnails #akzentzshineon #nailsofinstagram #nailpro #nailgame #nailaddict #nailsofig #notpolished #nailsonfleek #girlynails #acrylicnails #nailprodigy #stilletonails #rosegoldnails #rosegoldchrome #clientsview

A post shared by D’Angel Garcia Geck (@dangel_beauty) on Mar 22, 2018 at 8:46pm PDT

6. Coral

Nothing says you just got back from a bougie vacation where you blacked out every day like a coral manicure. The bright color makes everyone’s skin look hella bronze and makes a thirsty poolside candid look that much better—that means more likes for you, obvi.

Matte makes the mood! ???? Order Matte 23 (All Coral) on or Hurry! PC: @gkaurmakeupandbeauty #missnails #missnailsforyou #missnailsindia #nails???? #nailmail #nailswag #coralnails #mattenails #nailsonfleek #nailpolish #nailswag

A post shared by Miss Nails Cosmetics (@missnailsforyou) on May 14, 2018 at 6:00am PDT

Photos: Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash; @essieyall, nailsenvoyage, theglitternail, nailsby_marg, dangel_beauty, missnailsforyou / Instagram

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5 Easy-To-Use Self-Tanners That Won’t Turn You Orange

As much as we like looking bronzed, it’s 2018 and it’s about time we stop roasting in a tanning bed. Like, skin cancer is so not cool and neither is looking like Selena Gomez at the Met Gala an Oompa Loompa. With summer approaching in a little over a month (praise fucking be), we should probs start thinking about how tf we’re going to live our very best lives as tan goddesses without depending on the sun. Some of us have like, lame-ass jobs and shit, and can’t afford to go to the beach seven days a week. In case you forgot, self-tanners do exist, and not all of them have to make you look like a streaky orange. Here are five amazing self-tanners to use this summer instead of baby oil at the pool.

1. JERGENS Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer

This is like, the best thing to exist since canned rosé. Perfect for those mornings when you’re rushing out the door, use this lotion replacement to give yourself a realistic bronze glow after a quick shower. Don’t rinse off—instead, pat dry before throwing some clothes on. The color of this self-tanner actually stays on your skin (like it’s fucking supposed to) and still makes you look radiant af.

2. James Read Wash Off Tan For Body

First of all, this entire brand is founded and created by a literal tanning god. IDK who he is, tbh, but James Read apparently is like, the inventor of self-tanning, which is way better than fucking toaster strudels. The quick and easy wash-off (literal) glow-up provides a subtle tan just hours after using without transfer of any color, and can also be used gradually to get an even deeper tan. Basically, it’s everything you need before an anticipated night out to look good in your instagrams.

3. TAN-LUXE The Butter Illuminating Tanning Butter

This self-tanner is streakless, gradually drying, skin-tightening, and smells like the inside of Victoria’s Secret. I mean, what more is there to want?

4. Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Finish

Imagine your favorite Snapchat filter that always makes you look like a 11/10 combined with your favorite Insta filter that always make you look about two shades deeper, all inside a bottle. Dreams do come true, betch. The BB cream-like formula smooths out any skin imperfections while also making you look like you just got back from Turks and Caicos. Use on both your face and body, and feel free to use as your next go-to foundation.

5. Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette Full Body Application For Face And Body

Self-tanning for dummies = towelettes. Rub these all over for an even glow that looks convincingly natural and not at all streaky or orange. After just a few hours, check yourself out in the nearest reflective surface, and you’ll see a glow that looks better than one you could’ve gotten at the beach.

Photo: Ulta (2); Net-a-porter (1); Sephora (2)

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3 Comfortable Summer Heels You Can Wear All Day & Night

We’re a little over two months away from the first day of summer, and praise fucking be considering the weather we’ve been having. If you’re anything like me when it comes to procrastination, then you’ve most likely done your spring cleaning already. Assuming you’ve emptied out your closet and cleaned out your dresser, you’ve miraculously paved the way for new and better shit to take up more room this summer. There’s no better motivation to look your absolute best come bikini bod szn than shopping for sexy rompers, skin-tight bodycons, and of fucking course, brand new summer heels. From non-fugly mules and cut-out booties, this summer’s shoe trends don’t look so hideous. For once. Here are a few summer heels you can go from day to night drinking in.

Jeffrey Campbell Perpetua Mule

More often than not, mules are fucking disgusting. It’s true, they’re most likely worn by the Patricias in your office. Of all the ridiculous trends so far, this year’s summer shoes seem to  have one thing in common: comfort. That being said, don’t wear regular mules. Wear like, ~cool~ styles like ones with a platform heel in different materials, and especially ones that show off your new pedicure.

Lucky Brand Idalina Sandal

Low wedges with ankle ties are a boho chic staple, especially during festival season. They make your legs look miles long and v toned. Bless. With a low block heel we’ve been obsessed with since last summer, you won’t whine throughout the night that your feet hurt, or look like Bambi stumbling home.

Free People Infinity Heel Boot

Booties are the shit. You can wear them all year round (sometimes the same pair) and still get a ton of likes on your Insta. The heels are always thick, so you can totally last hours in them without having your feet hate you. And with all the different colors, you can never have too many—says someone who owns at least 10 pairs, six of them black. Moving on! This summer is all about the open-toed bootie that come in neutral shades like taupe, so your summer vacay tan looks a whole lot better when you go from the beach to the bars.

Images: Shopbop; DSW; MOBS Design

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The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The weather has been pretty damn delightful as of late. It’s evident day drinking weather is rounding the corner with March just beginning. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day will be a shitshow as always, marking the first unofficial day when binge drinking in broad daylight is no longer frowned upon. When temperatures reach 60 degrees or more, it’s about fucking time to break out the sunnies. Whether it’s to hide how tipsy we are on a weekday or just all-around enhance a RBF, they’re basically an essential before stepping out of the house. Before you stock up on new pairs to lose, here are the best sunglasses to wear based on your face shape so you can look like Kris Jenner a boss betch.

If You Have A Round Face, You’ll Need: Square Frames

It only makes sense to stay away from round or oval frames. Obviously. To prevent your face from looking rounder, opt for a square-framed style to angle and contour your face (without actually needing to contour).

Quay Australia x Kylie Jenner 20s Oversized Square Sunglasses In Black

If You Have A Square Face, You’ll Need: Round Frames

Fucking duh?!!? The bigger, the better applies to you, too. Round frames soften your cheekbones and round out your facial structure so it’s not as angular.

Wildfox ‘Malibu Deluxe’ 55mm Retro Sunglasses

If You Have A Heart-Shaped Face, You’ll Need: Cat Eye Frames

These retro styled frames are the best sunglasses to help balance out the top and bottom of your face, since they almost take on a similar shape. Feel free to even go for an oversize pair since they will make the upper half of your face look a tad smaller and more in line with your jawline.

Illesteva Martinique Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses

If You Have An Oval Face, You’ll Need: Rectangular Frames

You are basically perfect, so bye. Since your face is probs already perfectly proportional and we all hate you, all you’ll want is a pair that enhances your natural shape. Rectangular or aviator styles are mostly flat, and therefore, help tie in your whole look in the center. If you feel like being extra af (which is like, all of the time), go for bright colors and totally-out-there patterns.

Tortoise Shell Racer Sunglasses by Quay x Desi


Images: Philipe Cavalcante / Unsplash; Giphy (1); ASOS (1); Nordstrom (1); Net-A-Porter (1); Topshop (1)

The Hottest Swimsuits For Your Body This Summer

With the exception of the latest Nor’easter that fucked up my entire existence, the slight increase in temperatures has me already searching for the hottest swimsuits to rock this summer. It’s always better to start looking for the next swimsuit trends sooner than later because well, the basics get to them and before you know it, every style you love is sold out of your size. Obviously, This summer’s hottest swimsuits are full of ruffles, pastel hues, one-pieces to hide your winter weight, and high-leg bottoms. Maybe you’re prepping for spring break, summer 2018, or you just feel like spending money (because same). Regardless, here are summer 2018’s hottest swimsuits for your body type.

If You Have A Small Booty…

You’ll def want a high-waisted bottom to even out your curves. Not only do they always make you look five pounds thinner, but they keep your hips in so your butt looks phenom, so round, and like, out there.

Out From Under Chloe Scallop High-Waisted Bikini Bottom

If You’re In The Itty Bitty Titty Committee…

You’ll want a bikini top with frilly shit and a lot of ruffles. The illusion of a busy chest area will make people totally think you’re probably a cup size or two bigger than your normal, which is always a good thing.

Billabong Let’s Wander Ruffle Bikini 

If You’re Long And Lean…

Consider hopping on the next monokini train. Belted swimsuits will be very much a thing this summer, so whether yours actually has one or just the illusion of one, it fucking works. Ribbed fabric and a plunging neckline will bring attention to your center and create the hourglass summer bod you’ve been wanting…without actually stepping foot into a gym.

TAVIK Swimwear Emme One Piece

If You Have An Hourglass Shape…

So, you agree? You think you’re really pretty? Then all you’ll want is a modern bikini that brings out a perfect summer glow with a fun, warm shade. MUST BE NICE. The lighter and warmer in color, the more tan (and therefore hotter) you look. You’re welcome.

So Fine Bikini In Sage Metallic

If You’re V Busty…

All you need is some extra support for the twins. Opt for an edgy, colorful one-piece that kind of looks like a bikini, but isn’t. Stick to styles with extra or thick straps that are totes adjustable for your preference.

ASOS Tie Front Cut Out Swimsuit

Images: Christopher Campbell / Unsplash; Urban Outfitters (1); PacSun (1); Revolve (1); Showpo (1); Asos (1)