The Comfiest Spring Pants That Aren’t Leggings

Among the many fashion trends spring has to offer, the biggest (and def the best), would be the millions of pant styles sitting in our online carts. No one in their right mind likes to wear tight, uncomfortable denim jeans 24/7 (um, hello, social suicide) and like, unfortunately, we cannot possibly wear leggings to every single occasion that involves leaving the house. Praise fucking be that there are chic alternatives to both of these—Palazzos, culottes, trousers, and basically everything in between. They’re all comfy AF, versatile for the office to bar hopping, and you can literally match any top with them. Here are six spring pants styles to you get obsessed because fuck jeans. For real.

1. Brandy Melville Tilden Pants

These spring pants come in black and white, so perfect. We’re off to a fan-fucking-tastic start because they’re clearly neutral af. They’re high-rise trousers with an elastic waistband, so they not only hide your bloat, but they also have some stretch to them in case carbonated drinks get the best of you. Oh, and they make your butt look like you do squats on the regular.

2. BCBGeneration Self Tie Pant

Well, obviously, you need at least one pair of all-black pants in a style that’s neither denim nor leggings. That’s a given. Get a straight-legged fit that you can pair with heels or booties so you can quickly switch from office profesh to happy hour hoe. These spring pants have a trendy belt you can adjust and v convenient pockets. Bless.

3. Alice + Olivia Dylan High Waisted Leg Pants

The higher the rise, the more often you can say you hit the treadmill. Everyone knows high-waisted anything makes you look lean and toned. It’s only an added bonus that the wide-legged ’70s style also adds a few inches on your frame, so your legs will look miles long. The blush is def a go-to when it comes to amping up your spring wardrobe.

4. ASOS Miss Selfridge Petite Checkered Tailored Pants

If you live in the 21st century read our shit, you’d know by now that plaid and gingham prints are v trendy rn. Shamelessly take on Clueless vibes by swapping out an “ensemble-y challenged” plaid set for retro checkered pants you can wear while day drinking, but also to like, corporate meetings and other adult-y events.

5. Topshop Side Stripe Slim Joggers

I hate to break it to you, but it’s true. Track pants are a thing whether you like it or not, and they are not limited to Fridays. Don’t hate me, hate Corporate America and the trends your favorite stores carry. On the bright side, these are probably your best bet (and most pathetic excuse for street style) when you’re too hungover to put an outfit together, much less get off of the couch on Sunday.

6. Lush Paperbag Waist Wide Leg Crop Pants

You’ll obvs want something that transitions from spring to summertime, easy livin’ vibes like this white pair of billowy spring pants that make you look boho chic and 10 times tanner. Pair with a black crop top or like, literally any other cute shirt that makes your summer bod (or lack of) look good.


Images: Ahmed Carter / Unsplash; Brandy Melville (1); Revolve (1); Shopbop (1); ASOS (1); Topshop (1); Nordstrom (1)
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5 Trendy Sneakers That Will Get You Psyched For Spring
Spring is most definitely the best season of all time, and if you don’t agree you can fight me in the comments. It has the perfect temperature that allows you to wear the cutest effing outfits, without fear of sweating profusely or freezing your ass off. Spring fashion brings out our beloved high-waisted shorts, pastel crop tops, denim jackets, and of course, pristine tennis shoes that don’t make you look like a regular hipster, but a cool hipster. It is thankfully almost time to ditch the combat boots and instead, buy a chic pair of sneakers in like, every color available, obvi. Here are 5 v trendy pairs to get you started for spring.

1. Adidas Womens Neo Womens Advantage Sneaker 

Whether or not you’ve become incredibly basic like the rest of us in white Adidas Superstars, you’d find these just as irresistible. You may barely see the difference between the two styles, but these are clearly a serious upgrade to the overdone tennis shoes you see on every Becky and Kare, simply because they come with subtly trippy holographic stripes.

2. Vans Double Light Gum Old Skool

Although forever a classic, Vans have sort of evolved into trendy sneakers that are no longer limited to sk8er bois. We can thank the socially constructed idea of “street style” for that. NGL, they’ve had a major glow-up since Avril Lavigne’s time, so this millennial pink style is just one of many you’ll find yourself adding to your cart this spring.

3. Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Champion Floral Print Sneaker

Kick off spring with none other than a pair of floral tennis shoes you can take from Governors Ball and Coachella to rooftop happy hours once it hits 70 degrees. You can talk shit about me in the comments your group chat for choosing a floral print for spring, but these are fucking cute, ok?!
Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Champion Floral Print Tennis Shoes

4. Steve Madden Lancer Black Sneakers

Here, a chic all-black sneaker to ease your inner goth mind this spring. The style features mesh detailing and a slight platform heel, so you’ll look sleek and trendy in your usual outfit of black leggings and a crop top.

Steve Madden Lancer Black Tennis Shoes

5. Womens Puma Suede Athletic Shoe in Light Blue

If you’re sick of lame af neutrals and still hate almost every color in the rainbow (first of all, what’s wrong with you), then you can still opt for a low-key pop of color with this v soft suede baby blue sneaker.

Images: Malvestida Magazine / Unsplash; Off Broadway (1); Vans (1); Nordstrom (1); Lulu’s (1); Journey’s (1)
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The 5 Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

Since last week, New York Fashion Week has been in full swing. That means we’re seeing slightly fugly avant-garde fashion, more goth makeup than usual, and a fuck ton of models on the South Beach Fat Flush, strutting runways only the rich and famous get to touch. If you’ve checked Instagram in the last two minutes, you’d see all the celebs we love to hate are flooding our feeds with flashy parties that look better than any club in Meatpacking. For the time being, using “street style” as an excuse to defend our lazy brunch outfits is forgiven. While that all remains the same every year, each season also means we’re getting a fair notice on what to start wearing so we don’t look like homeschooled jungle freaks. This is the fashion world so even though fall barely started, we’re already looking forward to seeing which knockoffs will hit the shelves of our fave chain stores next spring. From a scrunchie comeback to leaving the fierce winged liner behind to actually considering buying a camo dress, here are the biggest fashion and beauty trends from NYFW spring 2018.

1. The Return Of The Scrunchie

Mansur Gavriel officially gave the okay for scrunchies in their fall 2017 collection this NYFW. Models had very loose, effortlessly styled ponytails held back in the 90’s staple in an assortment of colors. There are two kinds of evil scrunchie people in this world: Those who swear by them, and those who refuse to wear an obnoxious band on her wrist (aka me). Regardless of who you are, designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel have made them a thing again, granting us permission to throw our hair in the messiest of buns with these nostalgic bands and no one can judge you for it. Lexi was truly ahead of her time.

Lexi The Bachelorette

2. Say Goodbye To Winged Eyeliner

Every thot’s signature makeup look may actually be considered out of style next season. I mean, realistically, for as long as I’m living it won’t be, but Jason Wu says otherwise so I’ll roll with it if it helps him sleep at night. He wanted his models to imitate the perfect vacay glow with freshly bronzed foundation and fake freckles, finished with a uniquely shaped liner. A “fingerprint” is used to best describe it. I guess you put your thumb in some eyeshadow, stamp each side of your eyes, and bam. Winged eyeliner, meet edgier “I’m blackout in 5 minutes” rounded liner.

Rounded Eyeliner NYFW

3. Pastels And Floral

A major trend seen on the runways this season was flirty hues of pinks, yellows, and purples, along with delicate floral print. Flowers for spring? Groundbr—fuck it, you all know the quote. After the moodiness of fall, clothing will start to liven up, turning into pastel shades that aren’t too loud with faint patterns of floral and flattering stripes. Take Trina Turk’s collection for an example. It honestly looks like Lilly Pulitzer 2.0, but better because every basic sorority girl hasn’t gotten to it (yet).

Trina Turk NYFW

4. More Street Style, Even More Camouflage

Rave-esque colors are def going to be a thing next season, so this is my fair warning that every Forever 21 will soon look like Electric Daisy Carnival puked in it. I’m talking neon yellow dresses (honestly, gross), fuchsia pink pants, and cobalt blue tops. Take that and incorporate a dash of Kendall Jenner’s famed street style game, and you have the upcoming Kendall + Kylie spring collection.

View the Kendall + Kylie Spring 2018 collection in full:

— Vogue Runway (@VogueRunway) September 8, 2017

While the two have some weird bright colored mesh pieces, they also couldn’t leave out their infamous casual wear of booty-hugging jeans, plunging bodysuits, and camo accents. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only two to add camouflage to their collection so I guess this means we’re all going to look like wannabe upstate hicks.

5. CEO And Corporate Hoes

… was my favorite sorority mixer theme when I was young, fun, and cool in college. I guess all outfits I wore to channel my inner Risky Business weren’t a complete and utter embarrassment waste of time. Literally, almost every designer, including Tom Ford, has made it a point to add sexy business casual to their collection. Maybe to spice things up in the office a bit, maybe to encourage infidelity in the workplace… IDK. But, it is obvious that fitted suits, low-rise trousers, and oversized blazers will be an even better excuse to thot it up right after work (not that you ever needed one).

Tom Ford Fashion WeekTom Ford Fashion Week

^^^I think your HR rep would literally choke if you showed up to work in this.

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