A Hormone-Free Birth Control Option Is Finally Here

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When it comes to finding the right birth control, we have to always remember to put our health first. For a lot of us, finding the right BC leads to ongoing trial and error and, quite frankly, settling is what we are used to doing. Let’s face it, not all of us want to be taking hormones and it can be frustrating to cycle through multiple birth control options and still not find the right fit for our specific and unique needs. Now, there’s a hormone-free birth control option that you use only when you need it—it’s called PhexxiTM (lactic acid, citric acid, and potassium bitartrate) Vaginal Gel 1.8%, 1%, 0.4%. Phexxi is a contraceptive gel that is FDA-approved AND hormone-free. We sat down with the founder of The Period Doctor, Charis N. Chambers, M.D., to discuss how Phexxi works, its benefits, challenges, what we should consider when choosing a birth control, and why it’s important to have a lot of options.

How Does Phexxi Work? How Is This Different From The Way Other BCs Work?

Dr. Chambers says, “Phexxi is a first of its kind, FDA-approved, hormone-free, female-controlled prescription contraceptive vaginal gel.” It’s a pH modulator, which means it works by maintaining the vaginal pH so that it stays at a level that is inhospitable to sperm (within 3.5 to 4.5). She explains, “Without Phexxi, when semen enters the vagina, the pH in the vagina increases, which allows sperm to remain mobile and make their way up the reproductive tract and fertilize the egg.” Phexxi works by maintaining the natural acidic state in a woman’s vagina that reduces sperm mobility and decreases the chance it will get to an egg to fertilize it.

As we all know, the most effective birth control is whichever method you’ll stick to. Phexxi is different than other birth control methods because it’s hormone-free and you only use it when you’re actually having sex (more on that in a sec).

Why Is It Important For There To Be Multiple Available BC Options?

Simply put, Dr. Chambers says, “Women deserve more. The last major hormone-free innovation in the contraceptive market was in the early ’90s with the female condom.” Wow, I feel old. She says that Phexxi is “an important step forward in women’s health as it offers women control over how they choose to prevent pregnancy.”

She adds, “It is important for women to understand what they are putting in their bodies, and the potential outcomes and side effects associated with their birth control. Women should not have to settle when choosing a birth control option that is right for them.” Dr. Chambers says it’s worth noting that Phexxi will feel different to everyone. While the most common side effects are vaginal itching, burning, and yeast infections, most of these were mild to moderate and less than 2% of patients who participated in the clinical trials of Phexxi discontinued use because of side effects. Some male partners reported local discomfort.

How And When Do You Use Phexxi?

Dr. Chambers explains, “Phexxi is easy to use and works immediately, which I know so many of my patients will love! The gel is self-administered through an applicator that is inserted similar to a tampon applicator.” The easy part is that you only use it when you actually need birth control, aka when you’re about to have sex. The only catch: Phexxi is only effective when used before sex, but luckily it works immediately and can be used up to an hour before sex. If you don’t have sex within an hour of using it, or you have sex multiple times in that hour, you’ll need to apply it again. Also note, Phexxi is not effective when used after intercourse and is not approved to protect against STIs, including HIV.

Who Is Phexxi A Good Option For?

If you’ve tried a bunch of birth control methods and still feel like you’re settling, or you no longer want to use hormonal contraceptives, Phexxi may be a good fit for you. Maybe you prefer using birth control in-the-moment vs. ingesting or implanting something in your body, or maybe you are in between pregnancies and looking for an easy-to-use option –whatever the case may be, Phexxi could be a good birth control option since it gives you contraceptive control on your terms. You may want to visit Phexxi.com to learn more and talk to your healthcare provider to see if Phexxi is right for you.

Who Should Not Be Using Phexxi?

While Dr. Chambers says, “Phexxi is appealing to a lot of women who are looking for a contraceptive option that is safe, effective, convenient and easy-to-use,” she acknowledges that it may not be right for women who are “allergic to any ingredients in Phexxi, or who require protection against STIs and HIV.” Dr. Chambers also says you should tell your health care provider if you have a recent history of three or more urinary tract infections per year.

What Are The Challenges—If Any—Of Taking Phexxi?

“It’s important that women using Phexxi remember that Phexxi has to be administered before each act of vaginal intercourse, immediately before or up to one hour before, and that it does not work if used after sex,” Dr. Chambers says. So basically, you can’t get too caught up in the moment that you completely forget to take it.

What Else Should Women Consider When Choosing A BC?

Dr. Chambers says, “I always say the best birth control is the one that you will actually use, so with my patients, I always try to understand what their routine and preferences are. Some birth control requires daily use, like the pill, or you have long-acting reversible contraceptives like the IUD or implant, which is the most effective because they completely remove factors like human error. But many of my patients tell me they don’t want to take birth control every day since they’re not having sex every day – they want birth control on their terms and to only use it when they actually need it.”

She also recommends you address access and insurance coverage with your doctor when discussing birth control options. And if you are only seeing your doctor through telemedicine, no problem—Phexxi has partnered with an exclusive telemedicine service that you can access directly from their website to get a Phexxi prescription.

What Is One Last Thing You Want Women To Know?

Dr. Chambers reiterated, “Women should not have to settle when trying to find a birth control option that fits their needs. I want women to know that when it comes to their reproductive health, there are options out there for those who seek them. It is important that you advocate for your health and wellbeing. If you are one of the 21 million women who have decided not to use hormonal birth control, well I want you to know that you deserve better.”

Talk to your doctor and visit Phexxi.com to learn more about this hormone-free option.

This article is sponsored by Phexxi. Please see the full prescribing information for Phexxi. Please report side effects by contacting Evofem Biosciences® toll-free at 1-833-EVFMBIO or contact FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www.fda.gov/medwatch.


Phexxi is a trademark owned by Evofem Biosciences.

The Secret to Great Sex: Lube

Presented by K-Y

Are you having basic sex? Sorry to hear that. Now, that could be because your boyfriend/FWB/guy you took home from the bar after last call didn’t quite hit the spot. Maybe the sex is like my family dinners: just generally kinda uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s like the live-action Lion King: just not that good even though you wanted it to be. Well, before you go nuclear and never invite your hookup over again, you might want to try out something that has probably been sitting in the back of your nightstand drawer or you’ve passed by a million times in the condom aisle but have yet to pull the trigger on: lube.

Yes, lube. Get comfortable with the word, because I’m going to be saying it a lot. Many people think that using lube is like admitting there’s something wrong with you. But I think that using lube is like seeing a therapist—everyone should be doing it, even if you don’t think you need it. That’s because even if things are already going pretty well, using lube will only make everything even better. And isn’t that what we all want? Here’s why you should be using K-Y.

Lube Makes Sex Better… Duh

This is like, a no-brainer, but still needs mentioning. It’s 2020—just like you want an amazing apartment, job, and wardrobe, you want amazing sex too. Good thing K-Y, the brand that’s been helping people have better sex for over 100 years, has a range of lubricant products to help you out, like K-Y Tingling Lube or K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel Lube. And I know what you’re thinking, but there truly is no shame in the game. Think of it this way: lube is like parmesan cheese—even if what you’re having is already good, it’s going to make it just that much better *chef’s kiss*.

With K-Y products you can put the O in orgasm—the kind of O that is going to give you that “I totally just got laid face.” You know, your hair is all over the place, your cheeks are red, your skin is naturally glowing, but you’re so relaxed that it’s worth it. The kind of great sex where you can’t help but walk around with your #RPF (resting pleasure face) because you got more than you expected (just please, fix your hair before you go out in public).

Know exactly what I’m talking about? Looks like Ashley Iaconetti knows, because she just released this pleasure service announcement (PSA) with K-Y flaunting that #RPF like someone who just… well, never mind.

View this post on Instagram

We’re so excited to partner with @ashley_iaconetti to launch our resting pleasured face (#RPF) campaign. We want every woman to experience that amazing after-sex glow that you only get using K-Y Lube.⁣ ⁣ Join us in this challenge:⁣ Post a selfie on your Instagram feed of your #rpf, tag @ky_brand and use the #rpf⁣ The first 5,000 will get a free K-Y lube⁣ One lucky winner will be named our Chief Pleasure Officer and will receive monthly gifts⁣ ⁣ Full contest terms and conditions: www.k-y.com/rpf⁣

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Listen, if you’ve been reading this like… “damn that’s me, I need to experience more pleasure,” then enter K-Y’s pleasure challenge. K-Y is empowering women to flaunt their RPF, stop faking orgasms, and have better sex in 2020. All you have to do is post a selfie flaunting your resting pleasured face (we know you have 500 in your camera roll, stop pretending) and tag @KY_Brand and hashtag #RPF. One winner will be randomly selected and named K-Y’s Chief Pleasure Officer. She will receive a special bundle of the complete K-Y collection, as well as monthly surprises and other cool sh*t to support her on her journey to have the most pleasurable sex, always. Plus, the first 5,000 participants will win a code to redeem for a free bottle of K-Y, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Images: K-Y; ky_brand / Instagram

Fox’s New Show ‘Paradise Hotel’ Is Your Summer Reality TV Fix

I feel like people always hate on summer TV shows, but if you ask me, they’re some of the best ones out there. Personally, I like my summer shows to echo my summer activity, which consists of drinking in a tropical locale with plenty of hot singles my age. (Okay, so maybe I just described my recurring dream, don’t @ me.) In any case, there’s a new show on Fox, from the producers of The Bachelor and Jersey Shore, that’s going to be your go-to summer show. It’s called Paradise Hotel, and it’s different than anything out there right now.

Paradise Hotel has all the elements that make up a great reality TV show—sexy singles, tropical location, and big drama. So what makes Paradise Hotel better than anything currently on TV? It’s all about strategy. This show is a game, for love or money. And the rules are simple: you either hook up or check out. Game on!

So here’s the deal. Paradise Hotel is an unscripted dating competition hosted by Kristin Cavallari (so perfect) in which sexy singles looking for love (not near you) check into an exclusive, gorgeous tropical resort. There will be fun. There will be sun. There will be cocktails. There will be flirtation. There will be romance. But here’s the catch: they can’t all stay in paradise. At the end of every week, someone will get sent home. The contestants will try to remain in paradise for as long as they can by pairing up. Whoever doesn’t have a roommate at the end of each week goes home, and a new guest will arrive in Paradise to shake things up. One week there will be more men, the next week more women. Nobody is safe!

But are the contestants playing for love or the $250,000 cash prize? It’s hard to say, given that there is a lot at stake for anyone who makes it to the end. I can’t tell you what will happen, because even I don’t know, but I can tell you that each week, there will be dates, challenges, and of course, twists you’re not going to see coming. Like, even bigger than jumping a fence.

Speaking of twists, there’s already one huge one that’s been announced: Paradise Hotel viewers can play along at home by using social media to try to influence what happens on screen, including deciding who gets to check into the hotel. Cool, so like, even though I’m not hot enough to get cast on a reality show, I can still live vicariously through everybody and try to set up my faves with their perfect matches. Bet. Sure beats sitting at home week after week, watching my fantasy bracket deteriorate.

Starting Thursday, May 9 at 8pm with a two-hour premiere event, Paradise Hotel will be airing three times a week. Three! Well, that’s my entire week of TV programming, already picked out. And even better, the Thursday episodes are live and two hours. Honestly, I love when other people do the work of making my plans for me. Now I have a built-in excuse to cancel plans, sorry! So join me, Kristin Cavallari, and the cast of Paradise Hotel in tuning in TONIGHT, May 9, at 8pm on Fox for the two-hour premiere, and then on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm and Thursdays at 8pm.

How To Survive Cuffing Season When You’re Single AF

It’s every sane person’s least favorite time of year: winter. It’s cold out, it’s light outside for maybe 30 minutes max, and everything about the next few months is geared towards people in relationships. Not gonna lie, I would probably find myself in the camp of people getting in relationships just to make it through the holidays, but unfortunately I can’t even get a text back, so. Not happening. 2018 will be my year for sure.

But being single during cuffing season doesn’t have to suck. You don’t need to spend the entire winter season curled up in a fetal position on your couch, demolishing pints of ice cream while IG stalking your high school ex, asking yourself if you’re even worthy of love. Oh, I’m the only one who’s ever done that? Okay. Well. Here’s how to survive cuffing season when you’re single af.

Drink Like, A Lot Responsibly

There’s no way around it: You’re gonna need a lot of alcohol to make it through this time of year. Luckily for you, there are so many awesome cold-weather alcoholic options to keep you warm, both figuratively and literally. Like, show me someone who drinks mulled wine or hot toddies in the summer, and I’ll show you a psychopath. But during the winter it’s all available, and it’s all delicious. Time to replace your literal blanket with an alcohol blanket.


Get Out Of Your Apartment

Or house, or clay hut—whatever your dwelling may be. Whatever it is, get out of it. It’s tempting to cocoon on your couch, but doing that will only make you sad, lonely, and possibly fat. You have friends, yes? Text them. Go out. Get drunk (see above). Go to brunch. Fuck it, even sitting on your friend’s couch looking at memes is better than doing it by yourself at home. (I would know, I do this literally all the time with my friends.) Just don’t sit at home and wallow in your Seasonal Affect Disorder.

I Need Help

Get A Gravity Blanket

Sometimes all the alcohol in the world doesn’t make up for the fact that you don’t have a bae. Like, maybe you put on your cutest heels, did a banging smokey eye, got a fucking blow-out, and went out, only to get exactly zero attention from a single member of the male species, because your friends dragged you to the preppiest bar in the city and you hate dude-bros. (Speaking hypothetically.) And now you’re Ubering home and you’re kind of drunk and in your feelings and considering asking your Uber driver what’s wrong with you that you couldn’t find a man even when you brushed your hair for once, and you’re five minutes away from texting your ex to come over. DON’T do any of that. Buy a Gravity Blanket instead. Gravity Blankets are weighted blankets that basically feel like someone is hugging you when you use them. In addition to alleviating your crippling loneliness, they can also help with sleep issues and relieve stress. Gravity Blankets can also act as a stand-in bae, although that’s not what they were initially made for (I am told). I’m telling you, your dignity will thank me when you wake up wrapped in an awesome weighted blanket and not next to that fuckboy from Hinge who ghosted you six months ago.

Gravity Blanket

We have many long, cold months ahead, so get your Gravity Blanket, get your favorite drink, and get ready.

Get Adorable AF With The Sugarfina Sanrio Collection

You don’t have to play the ukelele or ride a unicycle to be adorable, because Sugarfina has partnered with Sanrio on a new collection of Hello Kitty themed candy just in time for the end of swimsuit season. The collection is honestly the cutest and so chic it’ll put your Halloween candy to shame.

Hello Kitty is clearly the Regina George of the Sanrio characters and knows she’s like, really pretty, which makes her the betchiest. Keroppi is def Damian the gay best friend, and Batdz-Maru is the Janice Ian who’s like really into art and wearing the color black. You can get these adorable gummies for different characters, including the ones mentioned, Gudetama the hungover egg (aka me), and My Melody the girl next door.

That’s not all though, because Sugarfina has also partnered with Sanrio on a sweepstakes to Tokyo. Hello!? We love free shit. We know your Tinder bio says you love adventure and traveling, and this is a chance to do both. The giveaway gets you and a plus one a trip to Tokyo including flights, hotel, shopping spree, lunch at the Hello Kitty cafe, and priority passes to Puroland the Hello Kitty theme park, and of course the entire Sanrio ❤ Sugarfina collection for you and a friend. Maybe bring someone who looks good in photos, because you’ll want to ‘Gram that shit.

The sweepstakes winner will get: 

-Two plane tickets to Tokyo, Japan

-A 4-night stay at a luxury 4-star hotel in Tokyo

-A “Sanrio Shopping Spree” at Sanrio World GINZA

-Two tickets to Sanrio Puroland including priority seating for the parade, front of line pass, and lunch

-Lunch Café de Miki with Hello Kitty.

-The entire Sanrio ❤ Sugarfina Collection for the winner and a friend

For full terms and conditions you should visit their website, but do it fast because the sweepstakes ends September 30th.

This Is The New Formaldehyde Free Way Celebs Straighten Their Hair With No Damage

Can you imagine a time where you couldn’t remember the last time you straightened your hair? Probably not but, I’m here to say, surprise betch! Dreams do come true. The life-changing hair treatment, Magic Sleek, sounds almost too good to be true, and in a way, it is. Before I give you the 4-1-1, let me tell you about my balayaged hair. Naturally, it’s an awk combo of thin, slightly wavy hair with too much frizz to function. There’s no way I can step outside au naturale, so I’d always do what any other betch does—fry straighten the crap out of it. Still, I’d have to constantly shop around for the best defrizzer to keep my hair somewhat manageable. None ever worked… Clearly:

Magic Sleek Before

So when someone recommended Magic Sleek to me, at first, I was like ??? My hair is my crown life and I barely trust anyone with it. I never received any treatment besides coloring so, I Googled around (hard research, duh) and found tons of amazing reviews, including a few about how much Sarah Jessica Parker loooves it—like, NBD. So needless to say, I heard Carrie Bradshaw SJP got Magic Sleek done, so I got Magic Sleek done. I went to the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Chelsea, and this place was the place. I’m talking high chandeliers, no chemical smell, #Views… I was basically Blair Waldorf for three hours.

Here’s a peek into what felt like royal treatment:

John Frieda Salon NY

I was introduced to hair stylist Ty Holbrook, who not only worked with Sarah’s hair, but on drool-worthy James Franco’s hair, too. *Slowly died but remained calm, cool, and collected* I also spoke with the creator of this unique formaldehyde-free treatment, Olga Isakov, who was incredibly passionate about making her clients feel nothing less than thrilled with their new hair. She shared that Magic Sleek’s formula contains ~major key~ ingredients such as peptides, argan oil, exotic plant extracts, and tannins—lifesavers that combat frizz, encourage hair growth, repair breakage, and ultimately, leave your hair healthy, shiny, and sleek. This works on any hair type, regardless of texture, color, or prior treatment, and the nontoxic process is totally customizable based on your preference. One more time for the people in back, this treatment contains NO FORMALDEHYDES so your hair will be sooo much healthier than if you used certain other hair straightening treatments (*glares angrily at keratin*).

The three steps consist of shampoo, relaxing spray, and flat-ironing. By the time it’s done, you’ll be able to step out of the shower having pin-straight hair without any applied heat for three to six months. The only rules? No chlorine, salt water, or bleach (um, obvi) on your hair for a week—aka rules that aren’t real an issue anyway. Since I wanted to retain some of my natural wave, Ty as well as another stylist, Ira, thoroughly rinsed the treatment out after only 30 minutes. After drying, they sectioned off my hair and straightened each part approximately 15 times. Bless their souls. When I was finished, the difference was unreal. It sounds so cliché but honestly, it was the super soft pin-straight hair all my dreams are made of. 


Magic Sleek Before & After

More proof? My boyfriend actually noticed so, ya, you could say I was impressed. Equally as amazing, since getting this done my hair naturally dries this straight. I know it’s 2017 and “I woke up like this” hasn’t been relevant for a couple of years now, but I’m physically struggling not to say it. In any case, yeah, I get why SJP is a fan. But what I don’t get is why nobody else knows about Magic Sleek—it’s like, the best kept straightening secret. That I guess isn’t a secret anymore, thanks to yours truly. I know, I’m such a good friend. I’ll keep you guys updated on any negative side effects, but so far I’m too busy counting up all the time I’m saving by not being a slave to my flat iron.

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5 Signs It’s Officially Summer

Memorial Day weekend is upon us which we all know is the “unofficial” start of summer. Why is it not the official start, though? The weather is nice (when it’s not pouring all day), day drinking season begins, and everyone starts wearing less clothing. Quit trying to fool us, inventors of the modern-day calendar. We all know it’s not really spring rn. Aside from the arrival of that holiday everyone confuses with veteran’s day, here are some more signs summer is upon us.

1. Fuckboys Get More Bold

If you’re noticing you’ve been getting cat-called more than you’re used to, it’s not because you’re crazy. It’s because with warmer weather and shorter hemlines come bolder fuckboys. Summer might as well be called “Hey cutie! Loving that sundress! …Oh okay fuck you then bitch, acting like you didn’t hear me? You’re ugly anyway” season. But I guess just calling it “summer” is a lot more succinct.

2. Unnecessary Wine Trends

I don’t know what it is about the summer, but every year it’s like everyone just suddenly discovers wine once late May hits. Newsflash, sheeple: Pink wine has been around all year. I would know this better than anyone since I visit my local wine store on a weekly basis. It’s been there the whole time. All the dick riders will suddenly be posting #RoseAllDay and Champagne pics or Snapchatting sangria, when those of us who are ride or die for our wine just roll our eyes.

Pink Wine

3. Pool Floaties Everywhere

I hoped we would have left the pool floatie trend behind in 2016, but much like Donald Trump’s political aspirations, that shit is here to stay no matter how much evidence points to its detriment to society. Pool floaties are already popping up on my Instagram feed despite the fact that there’s been like, maybe three whole days so far when it’s actually been nice enough to go to the pool. Last year it was swan and unicorn floaties; who knows what this year will bring? Mermaids? Unicorn Frappuccinos? Whatever it is, it’s going to be everywhere and it’s going to be horrible.

Pool Floaties

4. Your Desire To Do Work Is At An All-Time Low

You know it’s summer when your desire to do work is even lower than it is normally—you didn’t think that was possible, but somehow it is. And who can blame you? It’s nice outside, the air conditioning is blasting so high you might get frostbite, and there’s tons of fun shit happening outside. Like, for instance…

5. Governors Ball Is Next Weekend

Since I’m not convinced that non-wizards are actually able to get tickets to Coachella (and take off of work in the middle of March), Governors Ball is the official unofficial start to festival season—and by that logic, the summer. If you’re not going to Governors Ball, get your shit together, Carol! Governors Ball is one of the best festivals in New York City. It’s on Randall’s Island which is within walking distance to most NY millennials aka those of us who live in Harlem or Queens. And none for Brooklyn, bye. JK but there are tons of travel options (like a Williamsburg shuttle for you bougie hipsters) to make it easy for you to get there.

As far as lineup goes, it’s lit. (Yes I’m aware that “lit” is over. I don’t care.) For your rap-loving friends aka your white friends who are gonna try to rock cornrows (don’t let them), you’ve got A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q, Danny Brown, Rae Sremmurd, CHANCE THE MF RAPPER, FUCKING WU-TANG CLAN, and more. Sorry, I need to pop a Xanax before I continue because I’m just too fucking excited. For your EDM friends who are probably crying over the cancellation of EDC NY, you’ve got acts like Marshmello and Flume. There are other artists who don’t fall into either of those categories, such as Phoenix, Lorde, Tove Lo, and honestly that’s not even the half of it. Check out the rest of the lineup here because I don’t have enough space and if I get any more excited I may give myself a heart attack.

Governors Ball

There’s also going to be amazing food there (if you actually eat at festivals). Remember DŌ, that viral cookie dough place? They will be there so you can finally get a taste without waiting on a three-hour line. Uma Temakeria will bring their sushi burritos, so you don’t have to choose between eating something healthy or filling. And yes, there’s plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and generally annoying options for all you hipsters who somehow got misdirected to this site and are reading this right now. (Hi.) Check out all the Governors Ball food options here.

I’m sure I’ve convinced you to buy your Governors Ball ticket, but you need to act quickly. Get your credit cards out, because Friday and Saturday day passes are already sold out! Sunday passes are expected to sell out soon, so seriously, buy it now. Or just buy a 3-day pass so you don’t have to choose which day to go. Buy your ticket here, and we’ll see you there.

How To Plan The Best Bachelorette Party You & Your Friends Won’t Remember

It’s happening. Your bestie is engaged and, naturally, you’re in charge of throwing the bachelorette party. Aside from the usual penis themed décor, tattoos, shirts, etc., there needs to be some legit shit planning involved here.

Obviously you have shit to do and not a ton of time to dedicate to planning this affair. Luckily, we’re here to help and have rounded up five activities and ideas for your bestie’s bachelorette to make it a super fucking memorable one:

1. Matching T-Shirts Or Tanks

We know it’s like, so contrived, but matching T-shirts or tanks are a great way to look chic, effortless, and cute one day of the bachelorette trip. They are also a great strategical maneuver—you’ll be less likely to lose a member of the group when they’re literally branded as part of a roving gang of drunken 20-somethings. Obviously we have a shit ton of adorable shirts and tanks to choose from, so let Shop Betches be your guide. This is a fucking must. I mean, how cute would you all be wandering down the streets of somewhere like Charleston or The Hamptons in “She’s Not A Regular Bride” tanks?! Everyone will think you’re cool.

2. A Scheduled Activity Or Class

A key element to every bachelorette party is planning at least one constructive activity so you don’t feel like a hungover burden on society for an entire weekend. Our personal rec? Sign your squad up for a boozy cooking class like My Cooking Party in NYC which offers everything from a Battle of the Brides cooking class (honestly sign me up, I’ll cut a bitch) to a legit cooking walk-through—which is super helpful if your bestie is about to subject her husband-to-be to years of frozen pizza and burned hot dogs. Plus, My Cooking Party classes have shit tons of wine and they’re the only cooking school in the entire city with a liquor license, so your decision-making just got a whole lot easier. Get drunk and pretend to be an Iron Chef or something. Besides, we all know you’re going to do the majority of the cooking in your life while buzzed.

3. A Fancy Dinner

Unless your bachelorette party is in Des Moines, there’s bound to be one really nice restaurant that like, requires you to dress nicely, not be loud, and drink in a classy way (i.e. shots are frowned upon). For reference, I went to The Pink House in Savannah and was super classy since I’d already blacked out and rallied from an earlier outing to Wet Willy’s (let’s not talk about it). The fancy dinner gives you all a chance to sit, relax, eat fucking delicious food AND THEN go be trashy.


4. Something Embarrassing 

Whether it’s a karaoke bar, dueling piano bar, or scavenger hunt, you have to do one embarrassing activity. The bride is like, required by betch law to embarrass herself and get free shots for everyone, so make sure something along those lines is on your list.

5. An Open Day

If you want to lay at the beach, lay on the couch and recover, drink in a pirate bar, float in a stranger’s pool—what the fuck ever—leave at least 8 hours of non-planned time on the itinerary. By Day 2 (especially if you’ve been going hella cray), you’re going to be fucking tired and will be IN NO MOOD to live your life by an itinerary. Be spontaneous, listen to the bride, and just go with the flow for at least one day.

Follow our rules and have a legit amazing bachelorette party.