Is Ibiza Worth The Hype?

As you might recall from your EDM worshipping college days (an unfortunate but valid throwback), Ibiza is the dance music capital of the world. A place that proudly bears a title like that makes it easy to assume that it’s an island full of neon-wearing, Tiësto-loving douchebags dancing to music 24 hours a day. But you’d be wrong; there’s way more to love there. Yes, Ibiza is known for its wild party scene and high social status which, of course, comes with an expensive price tag. It’s a Balearic Island off of Spain’s mainland, so it’s a hassle to get to and plane tickets don’t come cheap, especially since most places don’t offer direct flights there. Lodging is also astronomically costly and a bottle of water at some of Ibiza’s most elite day and night clubs costs $20 (no exaggeration and they’re small-ass bottles, FML). While the raging party scene might be the first thing that comes to mind from what you see on the ‘gram, the island’s real beauty lies in its sights and beaches.

First of all, Spain in and of itself is a place you need to visit in your lifetime. The food is unreal, the people are a vibe, and there are a crazy amount of cities to explore. Ibiza might seem like a skippable stop, but I highly recommend making it part of your trip, especially while you’re young (YOLO). The island truly is one-of-a-kind, and the vibes here are really unlike anywhere else. As much as I had planned for this stop on my trip to be just a place to let loose and enjoy the “scene”, I was surprised to learn how much musical history exists here, dating back to the mid 20th century. I also had no idea how family-friendly (granted, bougie AF families) the island was. It’s unfortunately a pricey travel destination no matter how you slice it, but IMO it’s well worth the splurge. It is super over-the-top, but it’s totally on-brand and everything you’d expect from “the mecca of dance music.”

So, all things considered, is the Ibiza hype real? Does the gorgeous scenery find some weird harmony with the raging parties and dance music scene? The answer is…

Yes. If You’re A Partier, Ibiza Is DEF Worth Visiting.

I might be past my prime party girl years, but TBH, I still enjoy a night out dancing to hype music from time to time. Even if that weren’t the case, the music in Ibiza is really f*cking incredible. Whether you’re eating at a chill spot on the water, or it’s 4am in a bass-blaring nightclub, the music you hear in Ibiza is next level. There’s a reason Ibiza is known as the capital of this genre, and why almost every top DJ currently has or once had a lengthy summer residency there. You can arrive absolutely hating it, but after hearing the wide variety of electronic music Ibiza offers, you’ll leave this Spanish island a (low-key) EDM fan.

Music is only half of it, though. The places you go to dance to these beats are truly where the party lies. There is nothing like an Ibiza party. I repeat: NOTHING like it. It’s often imitated but never duplicated. Below you’ll find a selection of the craziest day club options, and later on, I’ll list some chiller ones, if you’re trying to spend your days resting up pre- or post- a wild night out. Making reservations for daybeds at these spots is always a fun (and expensive) option, but not necessary by any means.

Day Clubs (For Raging)

Ushuaïa: A newer hotel that quickly became an Ibiza staple. Catch their signature ANTS party here every Saturday for a poolside day party that continues on well into the night.

Ibiza Rocks Pool Party: Known as the “home of the pool party” in Ibiza, this newly rebranded day club is always a wild time. Get a VIP table if you really want to party like a rockstar DJ.

O Beach: Dance away in their pool as acrobats dance above you. It’s extra, but pretty much everything about Ibiza is extra, so why not.


In all honesty, if you’re coming to Ibiza to party, it’s very likely that you won’t even make it to any of those dayclubs…. because you’ll be sleeping until 3pm. Don’t worry though, you’ll find much of this island will be on the same time as you. The real parties at the nightclubs don’t start up until 1 or 2am here (for real), so your sleep schedule will be totally out of whack. I def recommend making #TeamNoSleep moves and going to at least one day party while you’re there, though. As far as nightclubs go, there are a few that are classic Ibiza staples and others that are ritzy and new. Blending a nice mix of the two will give you the most authentic sense of the new and old club culture here (which is a huge element of the island, as ridiculous as it sounds).

Pro tip: take a look at the DJ schedules online to see if anyone you’re remotely into is playing. Getting tickets in advance is also def the move (and will motivate you not to bail when you get too tired to do your makeup after you shower).

DC10: This place is pretty no-frills by Ibiza standards, but it’s an OG Ibiza classic. If you’re trying to go here, def catch one of their signature CircoLoco parties.

Hï Ibiza: Hï is by far the most extra nightclub in Ibiza, and because of that, it is the most expensive one as well. But, I assure you, it is a must-visit. This superclub is designed with totally over-the-top decor, like an outdoor playground slide and a huge neon crystal draped tree. Oh, and the bathroom has its own DJ… and party. It’s the craziest f*cking bathroom you’ll ever pee in.

Amnesia: Another “classic” nightclub that’s been open since the 70s. Before there was a law that mandated all clubs close at 3am in this part of the island, you’d be able to catch the sunrise through the greenhouse-style ceiling as you dance away. RIP! Now you can just dance until 3am and go to sleep “early”  like a normal human being.

Pacha: A landmark of sorts for clubbing culture in Ibiza. It’s a bit dated, yet still classic. Pacha’s double cherry logo has become an island-wide symbol for nightlife.

As I said earlier, the people are super nice everywhere (oddly enough, especially the club staff and bouncers). But you should still use your street smarts and know your crowd since pickpocketing is very common in most of Spain. The parties are some of the best you’ll ever go to, but, like anywhere else, you should know to be careful of sketchy people and never leave your belongings unattended.

Party Restaurants

Like everything else on the scene in Ibiza, even the restaurants know how to turn up. The restaurants listed below serve bomb Spanish food and party vibes galore. Since Ibiza’s prime season (and the only season I recommend visiting in) is the summer, the island gets hella crowded. It’s always a “fun crowded”, but it definitely affects a hot spot’s availability. Point being: you NEED to make reservations at these places. If you’re not a planner and miss out on these spots, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Cafe Mambo: This is my favorite restaurant on the planet. It’s located right on the beach and a big name DJ spins live music in a small booth near the dinner tables. The sunsets on this part of the island are so legendary that it’s a tradition for everyone to chant and clap once the sun finally goes down. I deadass got a tear in my eye as I experienced it because it was THAT beautiful and truly a magical moment. Ugh. K moving on… you will 100% need a res here, especially if you want a good table.

Destino: It’s hard for me to talk up these other two options after I just told you I cried watching the sunset at Mambo, but Destino is also an awesome time. It’s a huge venue you can’t miss that offers seven different menus to choose from for their lit dinner parties.

HEART: Dinner parties here have Cirque du Soleil-like performances and innovative eats. It’s also located in the marina, which is a cool area to go check out (aka stare in awe at million-dollar yachts while simultaneously fantasizing about winning the lottery.)

If You’re Over The Party Scene, Ibiza Is Still Absolutely Worth Visiting.

There’s a ton of culture, history, and scenic beauty that make Ibiza extremely vacation-worthy, even if you’re not a huge partier. You def won’t be forced to party your ass off if that’s not your thing, because there is plenty else to enjoy here. And let’s be real, with beaches this gorgeous, how can you be opposed?

Day Trip to Formentera

Formentera is a famous island off the coast of Ibiza. It’s about a 30-minute ferry ride away (they run pretty much every half hour, but keep your eye on the schedule for your return trip.)  Spend your day hanging on the beach or riding scooters to explore the island’s distant bars and beaches. A lot of restaurants are located right on the beach and serve amazing authentic Spanish food. Throughout my entire two-week trip to Spain visiting four different cities, the best paella I had was at a restaurant called Beso Beach in Formentera. Def go there, but like everything else during a busy Ibiza summer, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance.

Explore Old Ibiza Town

A friend had told me I’d absolutely love the area of the island called “Old Ibiza Town”, so we decided to get our AirBnB there. While it was no shock that I wound up loving it, it did surprise me to learn how much music history it had. Throughout the 70s and 80s, big-time musicians like George Harrison vacationed here to visit Ibiza’s discothèque scene and celebrate music. You’ll notice the hippie history of the island is celebrated in a lot of places you’ll visit, but especially so in Old Town. The shopping here is absolutely incredible, with everything from chic boutiques to streetside booths. It’s a very family-friendly area of the island that also has a lot of small bars and local restaurants.

Go Sightseeing

The Castle of Ibiza is located right in the heart of Old Town and is a solid hike, if that’s your thing. And while you’re up there, stroll the 2,000-year-old streets of Dalt Villa. And again, the sunsets are famous here for a reason (just make sure you’re on the right side of the island for it or else you’ll miss it)! San Antonio Bay is my personal favorite spot to catch a sunset. Make sure you also hit up the Marina Botafoch in Ibiza Town for a cocktail on the water.

Day Clubs (For Chillin’)

Nassau Beach Club: A clean, inviting beachside dayclub. Multitask sleeping off your hangover and getting a tan underneath the Spanish sun. Reservations recommended.

Blue Marlin: Blue Marlin has amazing food and drinks and daybeds that overlook the beach. The vibe goes from chill to lit around 5pm, so stay late if all that relaxing in the sun gets your energy in the mood to party.

Nikki Beach: You can never go wrong at the world famous Nikki Beach. I mean, who could hate a day club with a pool on a beach?


Sa Capella: It’s a former church, so eating within Sa Capella’s dining room’s stone walls will have you feeling fancy af. I guarantee you’ll love pretty much everything they’re serving too (if only the holy vibes could make the calories you consume not count).

Calma Bistró: A scenic restaurant serving some of Spain’s favorites right on the marina.

Fish Shack: Ok, so this is not glamorous in any way because it is quite literally a waterfront shack… that only serves fish. But it is the absolute best fish you’ll EVER have. Everything served that day is freshly caught in the morning and written on a plain chalkboard menu. Not only is the food to die for, but DJs frequent this place like crazy, so expect to catch some star power here.


All in all, Ibiza is a gorgeous island with a party scene pulse that can’t be topped. Whether you decide to keep your itinerary chill or lit, the people of Ibiza will always make a vacation here special. There are welcoming, interesting people everywhere you go, so let loose with the people around you and celebrate the good life together (or act like you got it like that.) The Ibiza hype is real indeed, and as you can def tell by now, I’m a big fan of it. Sure, your bank account (and your dignity) might be hurting after you get home, but do like the Spanish do. YOLO.

Day 1

  1. Shop and stroll through the shops in Ibiza town if you want a more chill day, or get the party started early at Ushuaïa
  2. Dinner at Fish Shack (it’s cash only!)
  3. Walk off dinner with a 15 minute stroll along the bay to catch the sunset at Nobu Hotel
  4. Head out for the night and into the early hours of the morning at DC10

Day 2

  1. Ferry to Formentera for the day—the ferry is 30 mins & runs pretty much every half hour
  2. Hang on the beach all day, or rent scooters at some point to explore the island’s beaches
  3. Enjoy a late lunch at Beso Beach (be sure to make a reservation here)
  4. Catch the sunset at Playa de Ses Illetes (the world’s best beach—30 min walk from Beso)
  5. Take ferry back to Ibiza (keep your eye on the ferry schedule times!) and get ready to go out at HI

Day 3

  1. Try out a beach club during the day at Experimental Beach or have lunch in Old Ibiza Town, followed by hiking Castle de Ibiza
  2. Head to Cafe Mambo for music and dinner (reservations are a must to score a table)
  3. Go out at Amnesia

Day 4

  1. Lunch and day drink the day away at Blue Marlin (reservations highly recommended) or if you want a break from partying, have a scenic lunch on the water at Calma Bistró and explore the rest of Puerto de Ibiza
  2. Nap on the beach and get your tan on
  3. One last night out at Ushuaïa

Images: Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock

Díos Mio! Spain’s New Prime Minister Is A Certified Snack

Keeping with the current theme of “literally everyone in the world gets a hot leader but us,” Spain just elected a new Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and he was sculpted with love by the Gods of political hotties. Move over Justin Trudeau, there’s a new hot Prime Minister in town, and his home country is warm. Como se dice, “zaddy” en Español?

Pedro Sánchez is a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party who was sworn in on Saturday by King Felipe VI. This is pretty impressive considering he was ousted from his own party only a year ago. Sánchez is resilient and tenacious which are my two favorite qualities in people who also happen to be very hot. The New York Times described him as “photogenic” which is a very respectful way of saying “holy hell this Prime Minister is sexy AF.” Here he is, standing with conviction and hotness like the leader we all need:

And I’d like to congratulate new Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez for his automatic induction into the Hot World Leaders Club.

— Nora Biette-Timmons (@biettetimmons) June 1, 2018

In 2015, Sánchez attacked the character of the current Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy in a televised debate. Sánchez accused Rajoy of overseeing corruption in the Popular Party, the Republican party equivalent in Spain. Rajoy then said Sánchez was a disrespectful politician, most likely because he was probably jealous that he’s not hot, and the corruption accusation was put to rest. Then on Friday, a court ruling confirmed that Rajoy had been benefitting from a slush fund and our night in shining sexiness, Pedro Sánchez, organized a parliamentary revolt. I’m imagining him storming a castle on horseback with a team of equally hot radicals, but it was probably more civilized. Essentially, this is what would happen if a hottie accused Trump of collusion with Russia, then Trump was like “lol shut up you’re a brat,” which then caused that hottie to be ousted by liberals until collusion was confirmed. Trump would then be impeached and we would get a president with a strong, firm handshake.

Here’s Pedro again, with active listening skills:

El presidente del Gobierno @sanchezcastejon recibe en #LaMoncloa al presidente de #Ucrania???????? @poroshenko

— La Moncloa (@desdelamoncloa) June 4, 2018

Here he is doing what I can only assume is a hilarious impression of Trump’s hands:

La tarea de los demócratas ahora es no olvidar y contar la verdad. No hay que permitir que ETA imponga su relato. La tarea es reivindicar nuestra democracia. No hubo un conflicto, sino una banda terrorista que quiso imponer su totalitarismo.

— Pedro Sánchez (@sanchezcastejon) May 4, 2018

The socialist party only currently holds one quarter of the seats in parliament which means Sánchez will have to bring together the far-left Podemos and nationalist parties which helped get him elected. A former socialist mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, said, “It’s going to be complicated for Sánchez, but the fact that both sides are ready to dialogue is in itself a step forward.” Wait, both sides in Spain are ready to dialogue? Maybe all we need is a president with a fire look and we can also get a dialogue going. For now, I’ll be practicing my high school Spanish on Mr. Sánchez until he can no longer resist: “Hola guapo, donde esta la biblioteca? Eres mi novio ahora, gracias.”

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A Brief History Of The Situation In Catalonia For People Who Didn’t Know That Was A Place

Before you like, totally go ahead and plan that post-grad Euro-trip you need to complete your Instagram aesthetic, you should probably like, know what the fuck is going on over there. Besides the fact that you can just be “whelmed” there, there is like, crazy shit happening in one of the Betchiest countries to black out in in the world, Spain. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably heard words like “Catalonia” and “Independence” and “deposed leader” scattered throughout your daily Trump-related freakout, but you may not know why, or what any of that stuff even means. That’s where I come in. Here’s the deal: You can either learn about this shit from me, a snarky, well-researched internet commentator you don’t know, or your annoying sorority sister Becca who spent one semester in “Barthelona.” That’s what I thought. You gon’ learn today.

First off- Where is Catalonia?

Do I fuckin’ look like a Google Map? Whatever. Catalonia is on the northeast region of Spain, and has its own culture and language, kind of like New York and California do here. It’s home to 7.5 million people and its most famous city is Barcelona, which got its claim to fame from the time you puked on La Sagrada Fimilia The Cheetah Girls 2 OBVIOUSLY. 

So, Why Are They Trying To Dip Out Of Spain?

The way Catalonia sees it, Spain is like “the man” and is for sure holding them down. They have their own culture and they think that they give more to Spain than Spain gives to them. Like, what’s in this relationship for Catalonia? Catalans are evaluating their country like I screen my Tinder dates- “What’s in it for me? Will he take me out to dinner? Maybe a festive holiday activity?” Spain, on the other hand, thinks Catalonia needs to stop being so fucking ungrateful. Like, what? They sent an unwarranted dick pic and now you want dinner too? Needy bitch.

So, WTF happened?

On October 1st, Catalonia’s parliament voted for independence with about 90 percent of the 2.3 million voters saying let’s GTFO of here. But of course, less than half of the eligible voters actually voted. Taking a page out of America’s book, I see. Shit hit the fan after that and about 900 people were hospitalized after celebrations got wayyyy too lit. Where was Kendall Jenner in this time of protest? Quick, someone get us a Pepsi rapidamente!

Okay, So How Fucking Pissed Is Spain?

So fucking pissed. Catalonia, this is your tape. The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (aka “The Man”) said that this whole fuckery of “trying to be independent” is illegal and used powers under an ancient clause of the Spanish constitution, Article 155, to basically put Catalonia under Spanish government control. He’s also basically giving the giant FU to all Catalan leaders and refusing to talk to them. Now, Catalan president Charles Puigdemont is low-key chilling in Brussels to avoid a “political trial” the he says would most likely not end up great for him. I feel you, Charles. I too use European vacays as an excuse to hide from my problems at home. 

And, Article 155 is…..?

It’s basically an article in the Spanish Constitution that says that central authorities can take over control of any of the country’s 17 regions whenever they are getting a little cray. The clause hasn’t been used in the 40 years since democracy was restored in Spain (Casual reminder that Spain was under fascist rule from 1939-1975), so like, this is lowkey a big deal.

Actual Footage Of Spain Finding Article 155 To Fuck Over Catalonia:


Okay, So What’s Going On Rn?

Basically, Spain daddied up on Catalonia and exiled their president. The Spanish government shut his bid for independence down like the hand of God and then slapped on a few criminal charges for ole’ Carles including rebellion, sedition and embezzlement. Dude, government officials getting criminally charged, so hot right now. I didn’t realize the Mueller investigation was so…European. 

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Spanish Lawmakers Want To Make Blue Wine Illegal

A while back we told you about this blue wine from Spain, and how it’s pretty much just a mix of red and white grapes with organic food coloring that turns the wine—you guessed it—blue. Look. Wine is wine and I support whatever your fave is (unless it’s moscato, I can’t respect that) but stop trying to fuck with a good thing. Wine is already the best thing ever and no one worth worrying about has ever been like, “If only this came in blue, then I’d be happy.” Like fuck that, wine is great as is. Well luckily Spain agrees and thinks this blue wine is tacky af and is trying to pull rank with some law that says only red, white and rosé wines can be classified as wine and this blue shit is a big-ass phony.

You Can't Sit With Us

On a side note, can we just talk about the fact that Spain found it necessary to pass legislation on whether or not wines that aren’t the standard colors are actually wine? What a fucking country. Screw Canada. I’m moving to Spain. They’ve got their priorities straight.


Okay sorry. Back to the point. The company that developed this blue wine is super annoyed because if they want to stay in Spain, they’ll have to rebrand as something other than wine, which sucks for them, since blue alcohol isn’t exactly an original idea. So far Gik, the weirdos behind this shit, has had to pay a fine and layoff people because of it, but they’re not going down without a fight. They’ve started a petition so they can stay in Spain AND call themselves wine, and even started a hashtag on Twitter, #FreedomofColor. Lol, that seems a little misleading. I mean, I don’t see that and think about the injustice of wine, but we’re all fighting our own battles I guess.

Live Your Truth