Sophie Turner Gave Birth To Her First Child With Joe Jonas

It feels like approximately 500 celebrities have become new moms so far in 2020, and today, that list got a little bit longer. This afternoon, TMZ reported that Sophie Turner gave birth to her first child with husband Joe Jonas in Los Angeles. In a statement to Billboardthe couple confirmed the baby news, but didn’t give any other details. According to the reports, the baby is a little girl named Willa, and I hope this is true, because I love that name. A+ work Sophie and Joe.

Sophie’s pregnancy was first reported in February by JustJared and E! News, with multiple sources saying that the couple intended to keep things “very hush hush.” But leaky sources aside, Sophie and Joe actually did just that. Neither of them ever made any public announcement about the pregnancy, and the only real confirmation came from recent paparazzi pics featuring a very obviously pregnant Sophie. Sophie basically pulled a Kylie Jenner during her pregnancy, but somehow way less annoying. Hopefully she’ll put out a YouTube pregnancy video that’s a parody of Kylie’s.

Sophie and Joe are undeniably one of the hottest couples, and their baby news is exciting for a few reasons. First of all, I’ve been calling Joe Jonas daddy for years, but now that it’s finally official, I won’t get weird looks when I say it. This means that Nick Jonas is now the only Jonas Brother who hasn’t experienced fatherhood, but I have to imagine it’s only a matter of time before he and Priyanka have adorable children. Oh, and I guess there’s also Frankie Jonas, but 1) he’s only 19 and 2) I’m not sure he actually counts.


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Also, hopefully we can now get back to Sophie Turner’s best content: chugging wine and spilling tea. I know there are rules about drinking and breastfeeding (I don’t actually know the rules, I just know they exist), but this is honestly the content we need to get us through the rest of this year. Sadly, Sophie can’t chug wine at a hockey game this year because there are no fans allowed, but she better do it in the safety of her own home, and post it on Instagram.

Now that baby Turner-Jonas is here, it’ll be interesting to see if Sophie and Joe keep things as quiet as they did during the pregnancy, but for our sake, I hope not. Obviously they can do whatever they want, but Joe and Sophie are one of my favorite couples, and I’m always in the mood for cute baby content. Congrats to the new parents!

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Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Are Reportedly Expecting Their First Child

There might be a new baby Jonas on the way, because sources are saying Sophie Turner is pregnant with her first child. The news was first reported by JustJared this morning, with one source telling them that “The couple is keeping things very hush hush but their friends and family are super excited for them.” When I first saw that quote, I was a little suspicious. If things were really so “hush hush,” what asshole would go running to JustJared? I mean, there are probably many assholes who would do that, but still, I wasn’t sure I believed the report.

But now E! News is saying they have confirmation from “multiple sources” as well, and it seems like this is probably the real deal. There’s a subtle hierarchy of which tabloids can be trusted over others, and E! tends to be pretty high on that list. Until TMZ leaks Sophie’s ultrasound pictures (or like, Joe and Sophie make an actual announcement), this is pretty much the best confirmation we’ll get.

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Happiness begins with you, bub 🌹

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While I’m super excited for all the hilarious baby content Sophie Turner will no doubt create, I’ve got to say, I wasn’t expecting her to be the next Jonas wife to have a baby. I would have put my money on Nick and Priyanka getting pregnant next, or maybe more likely, Kevin and Danielle having another kid (or five). I still feel confident that Danielle Jonas will end up with 5-7 children, but today, it’s Sophie’s turn. Sadly, it looks like we’ll have to wait nine months for another viral video of her chugging wine at a sporting event.


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On top of the pregnancy, Joe and Sophie both have their hands full these days, as they’re both working on shows for the soon-to-launch Quibi streaming service. If you’re keeping track, that’s the same service that Tyler Cameron’s new show Barkitecture will be on, so yeah, you might have to subscribe. On top of that, Joe and his brothers are doing a mini-residency in Las Vegas this spring, so it’s definitely a busy time for the Turner-Jonases.

While Sophie and Joe have yet to say anything about the news, I’m sure they’re hard at work on an announcement that’s appropriately extra and hilarious. I would love a full Game of Thrones parody announcement, but I could also see Sophie just randomly dropping the news in an Instagram story that ends with “and that’s the tea.” Ugh, her mind. Whatever she decides to do, I already love it.

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