The Best New Songs Of December 2018

Can you guys believe 2018 is almost over? I can’t. What will I blame my problems on once I can no longer ascribe everything terrible to the calendar year? I don’t know, and I’m sure I’ll be lost. But as terrible as 2018 was, we did have some fire music. And nowhere is that more evident than in this final 2018 iteration of this new music column. If you guys like this column, please let me know in the comments, because otherwise I’ve got better things to do with my Fridays in 2019 than pore over emails from music publicists. Just kidding, I love what I do! But seriously, I’m only going to continue this if other people enjoy this besides me and the three friends I bully into clicking on this. So without further ado, let’s get into some of the new music from the past couple of weeks! I”m relinquishing my time constraints this one time, because I haven’t done one of these roundups in a while and don’t want to miss anything.

“Girl’s Best Friend” by 2 Chainz feat. Ty Dolla $ign

I don’t mean to alarm you guys, but this may very well by Ty Dolla $ign’s last video until 2033 because he’s currently facing up to 15 years in prison for felony cocaine charges! Just the cherry on top of 2018. In this video, Ty teams up with 2 Chainz to open up a trap salon. And, look, I don’t need to tell you the song is a hit. It’s great. Add it to your pregame playlist. Send it to your family when they ask what you want for Christmas.

“San Francisco” by Galantis feat. Sofia Carson

These days, it feels like every hot EDM song is pegged to a city—or maybe that’s just The Chainsmokers’ strategy for songwriting? Who knows. In any case, Galantis is back after the release of their last single, “Emoji”, and they’re being joined by Sofia Carson on the vocals. You don’t have to be from San Francisco to enjoy this song.

“About U” by Valee feat. DRAM

I just feel like Valee is going to become a name people are going to know in 2019, so you should get ahead of the trend now, in the remaining days of 2018. This time he’s teaming up with DRAM for a trippy song (with the visuals to match) with a catchy hook. I don’t see this being a radio hit, but I do see it being a song you hit the bong to. Ha, I just kill myself with these jokes.

“Wasted Love Freestyle” by Jhene Aiko

In the spirit of breaking up with 2018, how ’bout a new song from the queen of breakup anthems herself, Jhene Aiko? She’s back with a freestyle (today I learned non-rappers can freestyle) that is, predictably, about a relationship ending. It’s dreamy, it’s emotional, it’s everything you’d expect from Jhene at this point in time.

“Depressed” by 12 HONCHO

I’m not sure what brought on this new trend of rappers talking about mental health, but I’m pretty into it. I guess that’s one good trend to come out of 2018. At this juncture, I would describe 12 HONCHO as a mix of Juice Wrld and Fetty Wap. If you like rappers who are basically singing and saying “yeaaaah” a lot, then you’ll like this song.

“Xmas Trees” by Bibi Bourelly

Yo, wtf happened to Bibi Bourelly? I literally haven’t thought about her until this very moment. But remember how big of a jam “Ballin” was? Well, now you definitely do. This is honestly a fun Christmas song about Santa Claus smoking weed, basically. I mean, wouldn’t we all rather get drugs for the holidays than, like, socks? It’s a relatable sentiment, and also, the song itself is catchy. So give it a listen; this is definitely better than “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

“Loaded” by Destructo feat. Yo Gotti

This song is both chill and fun at the same time. It’s house mixed with rap, which is pretty much anything I’ve ever needed in music. I don’t know about you guys. I think this is a fun pregame song, or a great song to blast when you’re driving around your hometown, flexing on everyone you knew from high school because they’re all married with children and part of an MLM scheme.

“Spray” by Sneakk feat. Tyga and YG

Ugh, guys, I hate to say this, but is Tyga back? He’s actually come out with a couple of good songs this year. Maybe being with Kylie Jenner wasn’t helping his career as much as we all thought? I’m not ready to speak on that at this time. Sneakk kind of sounds like a Young Thug, so if you’re into that whiney autotuned sound, you’ll probably like this.

New Songs From Kiiara, Sofia Carson & More You Have To Hear

What up what up what up. I’m back with another list of songs you should be listening to. You will notice that I’m a little less lofty with the descriptions this time around, and that’s because I’ve got people to see, places to go, and new music to listen to. Follow the Betches New Music playlist on Spotify so you can listen to all these dope tracks in one place.

“Rumors (with Sofia Carson)” by R3HAB

*Ahem* first of all, if you missed Sofia Carson’s appearance on our Insta story during the VMAs, you f*cked up. It’s not really material to this list, but in any case, Sofia is providing the vocals on R3HAB’s newest track, “Rumors”. And like, damn. This girl has pipes. And this song is amazing. It’s got a syncopated melody that I just want to move to.

“Shoot” by Desiigner

THE PANDA IS BACK! Is anyone calling him The Panda, or am I just a loser? Probably the latter. Whatever. Anyway, this song is not quite as iconic as “Panda”, but it is still a bop. We’re shown a slightly different side of Desiigner—namely, a little more subdued (read: same ad libs, less yelling).  I guarantee you’ll be rapping “Givenchy slippers on me” at all times. I predict sales of Givenchy slippers will spike. Put this on your pregame playlist and people will think you keep your ears to the streets.

“Gloe” by Kiiara

Our girl Kiiara is back with another pop hit that you’re going to bump when you’re trying to get over an ex (or a f*ckboy you never even dated, which kind of makes it worse). It’s kind of mellow to start off, so I would reserve this for afterparty or day drinking music.

“The 1” by Blackbear

YESSSSS another one of my R&B husbands! I love blackbear, even if I’m a bit afraid of him, because he seems like the type of guy to leak your nudes if you wrong him. Totally unsubstantiated statement, just the impression I get from songs like “Make Daddy Proud”. ANYWHOOO, that’s not to say I don’t love his music. Because I do love it. This one (pun not intended) is a little more upbeat-sounding and a little more pop-y than his usual stuff. Still good, though.

“Mixed by 40” by Pvrx

Yeah, I could not verbally pronounce this artist’s name if my life depended on it. The song came out a little bit ago, but the video is brand new. This song is like, a mild mood. I like it, but it’s not super hype. That said, it’s not like, sad, either. I’m having a hard time describing it, so listen to it. Also, Pvrx is endorsed by 40, Drake’s producer, so you know he’s going to blow soon enough.

“Chewing Gum” by Blood Orange, A$AP Rocky, and Project Pat

Holy sh*t, talk about a lineup. Blood Orange is severely underrated—all his music is a serious mood. And with a signature smooth-as-silk guest verse from A$AP Rocky and an appearance by the legendary Project Pat, this is a great new track.

“I Don’t” by ROZES

ROZES just dropped her new EP, entitled i don’t know where i’m going, but i’m on my way. “I Don’t”, one of the tracks off her EP, has a little bit of an island feel, making it a great song to close out the summer. Also, with lyrics like “I’d rather f*cking die than talk about us,” it is f*cking RELATABLE. Put this song on when you notice that guy who ghosted you keeps watching all your IG stories.

“Hold Out The Light (My Guy Mars Remix)” by Kai Exos

When I read Kai Exos described as a “Toronto based R&B artist, I was sold on that alone. The original “Hold Out The Light” is a robust R&B track, uplifting, with a beat reminiscent of a drumline, backup vocals that conjure up images of a gospel choir. The My Guy Mars Remix is a little more focused, I think, with a bassline and percussion that are more suited to a typical hip-hop/R&B track.

“Welcome To Rehab” by Amir Obe

Amir Obe is one of those artists that I’ve been watching for years, and I’m excited he’s released his new EP, Can’t Be a ___ Here: Chapter 1. I like “Welcome to Rehab” because it kind of reminds me of newer Kanye: heavy on the autotune, rock-inspired, but deeply personal lyrics. It’s not a party song, but I think you’ll like it (crossout) it’s sweet.

“The Return” by Logic

Some of you like Logic, I’m guessing, right? Well, he dropped a new song today called “The Return”. I actually like this one better than most of his new stuff, because it feels like Old Logic. Very apt, considering the title.