5 Flats You Need For Fall Because Nobody Has Time For Heels

In addition to the obvious reasons why fall is the best of all time (pumpkin everything, leggings err’day…etc.), the fashion is always on point. I can wear the most comfortable outfit to work and then come home to lounge without feeling the need to peel off my skin clothes. It’s almost as refreshing as flinging my bra across the room. And this obviously goes for shoes, too. In the summer, I feel the need to stock up on heels so I can be taller than 5’3” (for once) and frolic on the beach in too-expensive wedges that I end up ruining. At least in the fall, I don’t run the risk of breaking my ankle when I have too many shots because I can wear cute af booties or trendy ballet flats to keep me decently steady. Not only are they reliable, but flats come in real handy if you’re a city betch and always pack a pair to change out of. Ya, ain’t nobody got time for walking a city in heels or balancing on a hydrant to put them on… Here are flats you’ll love enough to wear all fall and won’t just throw in your bag and forget about.


^^^Um, yes, I agree that martinis come before shoes and guys… except when it comes to Louboutins. *Jumps off the stage to grab them*

1. BCBGeneration Noel Flat

IDK what to say about these other than the fact that they’re the cutest fucking things I’ve ever seen. They come in black so that’s an A+ in my book already, and they’re lace-up which means you can wear them with a dress or cropped leggings for an attempt at being stylish (even if the rest of your outfit says otherwise). And like, they’re pointed toe which makes you look kinda sophisticated, but most importantly, they make your feet look tiny.

BCBGeneration Noel Flat

2. Soludos Venetian Convertible Loafers

OK I know these might look like the same slippers your grandpa wears, but hear me out. Flats don’t only consist of ballet flats, but daddy issues shoes are also in their prime time at the moment for their max comfort and flexibility. They’re comfy af and go with anything you could possibly imagine. You can even fold the backs down if you’re feeling extra hipster-ish or some shit.

Soludos Venetian Convertible Loafers

3. Calvin Klein Women’s Lisette Flats

Does anyone actually wear Sperry’s anymore? Just douchey frat guys in a basement? Okay, I thought so. These are basically the trendier upgrade of the fuckboy shoe, coming in three feminine shades that complete a v classy, refined goody two-shoes ensemble. You know, for all those occasions you can’t bring your flask because it’s “frowned upon” and “9 in the morning”.

Calvin Klein Women's Lisette Flat

4. Beek Seagull Mule

It’s a slip-on, it’s a hotter version of the cringeworthy clog… it’s a mule. The mule is essentially a combination of the two and although the name is literally that of an ass, there are actually really cute styles this season. These are the perfect walking and standing shoes because they obviously have no heel. The rose gold gives a pop of flair to any average outfit and lets your basicness shine to the world.

Beek Seagull Mule

5. Jimmy Choo Vanessa Lace-Up Flat

Two words, one name: Jimmy Choo. There’s a reason why homegirl Carrie Bradshaw had dreams about his shoes. This shoe is the hotter version of the ballet flat, to put it blunt. With bold red suede and risqué cutouts, the classic pointed toe flat elevates every outfit with bright color and crisp style. These are too expensive precious to fuck up, so don’t even think about blacking out in them.

Jimmy Choo Vanessa Lace-Up Flat

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7 Flip Flops To Wear This Summer That Aren’t Lame

Flip flops are like that guy who (selfishly) only care about school, his mom, and his friends, and get friendzoned anyway. They’re always the one shoe who’s always there and who we can depend on when we get hurt by our Louboutin’s, but yet, we never choose them first when we’re running out the door. No matter how much of an asshole you are, they’ll always be around somewhere in your room. As a result, they’re usually my go-to when I need to change after a long night in heels or when I’m like, getting the mail. Army pants and flip flops will always have a special place in my heart for being so damn comfortable and versatile, but I think it’s time we put away the Havaianas because they’re boring, lame, and probably sit with the art freaks. If you considered going to Old Navy’s $1 flip flop sale for even a split second, please grab your passport, jump on the next flight to Timbuktu, and never fucking come back again. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Now that I’m done being a little dramatic, spice up your flip flop collection with these fun styles that are (obviously) embellished and worthy of going to bottomless brunches. You’ll probably love them so much, you won’t be afraid of wearing them in front of your judgy friends.

1. TKEES Studio Sandal

Do you see how smooth these are? These aren’t rigid and made out of fucking rubber. These sandals are made out of leather and have scalloped straps. And they’re like, millennial pink. They’re the perfect upgrade for your ordinary, lame Havaianas if you want something V simple.

2. Joie Nice Sandal

All you have to know is this pair has a shit ton of glitter. With its slip on feature, these are perfect to grab when you’re running late for Margarita Mondays. If you’re not into heels anyway (what kind of sick person are you), these are great to wear when going to a summer wedding. Dress them up with a lace babydoll dress and you’re good to comfortably go.

3. Melissa Harmonic Bow III Flip Flops

Make an “I know, I’m extra” statement when you walk into any place with these bow-detailed sandals. These are perfect to pack when you’re headed for a day at the beach and have plans to go out after. They come in several colors, but try to go for a nude so that they match with any outfit.

4. Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop

If you enjoy letting everyone know who you’re wearing all year round, these Tory Burch flip flops are for you. They’re classy, simple, and feature a big-ass logo cutout. The soles have a foam cushion so they’re ideal for long days on your feet such as shopping with Daddy’s Amex in Nantucket.

5. Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Hologram Thong Sandals

If this doesn’t overwhelm you with childhood nostalgia, then you’re too young to be here. You probably never let go of those jelly sandals from middle school, so these are the perfect excuse to bring back the 90s in a stylish way. They also feature an iridescent emblem that reminds me of like, Lisa Frank or more unicorn shit. But in a good way.

6. ÁLVARO Alberta Leather Thong Sandals

These sandals take a V modern twist on the basic white flip flop. The multi-strap and braided thong details add an elegant element to an everyday outfit. Wear with a bright, colorful dress and you’ll at least make an attempt of looking classy as you eat lobster and low-key black out in the Hamptons.

7. Valentino Rockstud Flip Flop

It says it all in the name. If you wore your Valentino’s down to the heel and still consider them your pride and joy, buy the flip flop style so you can enjoy them in the summer. You may come off as flirty and everything nice with these blush bow sandals, but the fierce studs clearly say, “don’t fuck with me, do you know who I am?”. These are not only something you just need to buy, but they give you a boost of confidence you probably don’t really need.

Valentino Rockstud Flip Flop

5 Sneakers You Should Be Wearing Instead Of Your Basic Adidas Superstars

With the exception of a few pairs of heinous mom jeans and the fact that people are contouring their butts with glitter, 2017 has been a pretty sick year for trends so far. I mean, fashion has basically evolved to a point where we no longer really have to wear anything that’s uncomfortable. Bras? Haven’t touched one in years. Jeans? Yeah, no. Sign me up for leggings. Heels? LOL, nope, we do sneakers now.

Wearing sneakers is a lot like being drunk. If you’re betchy enough, you can pull off either one of those things whenever you want. Not to get too inspirational on you, but if you’re confident enough to rock sneakers with a silk slip dress, you can rock sneakers with a slip dress. It’s just like pregaming a trip to Whole Foods. Most people would look like a bum, but if you look good, you can probs pull it off. Anyway, here are the sneakers you should be wearing this year.

1. Vans Old Skool

If you follow just like, one fashion blogger or any of the Kardashians, you’ve seen these shoes with every kind of outfit imaginable. From sundresses to sweatpants with fishnets (I’m not sure how this became a thing, but like, whatever I guess I’m into it), Vans Old Skools are to 2017 as UGGs were to 2007. You can literally just wear them with anything.

2. Reebok Classic Leather

Gigi Hadid keeps promoting these with Instagram #ads, so you know every 14-year-old mall rat with more followers and prettier hair than you already has them. It’s just like how she convinced everyone to wear Adidas Superstars last summer, even though that shell toe makes everyone’s feet look effing massive.

3. Adidas Gazelle Lace-Up Sneakers

Speaking of Adidas Superstars, it’s prob time to get rid of those. They’ve made too many appearances on your Instagram feed as it is. Like the girl in your sorority who got a super subtle nose job one summer, there’s something just a little bit prettier about the Gazelle shoes.

4. Vans Checkerboard Slip On

Vans are like, really having a moment, so they’re getting two spots on this list. This style pretty much serves the same purpose as the Old Skool, but because betches hate decision making and love shopping, you might as well get both.

5. Literally Any Platform Sneakers

From Fenty Creepers to Gucci’s $1,000 platform sneakers, this is the best way to channel your inner Spice Girl. The Kendall + Kylie Reese Platform Sneaker definitely screams “Hi-ci-ya hold tight,” but like, not in a weird way.

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