Conspiracy Theory: James Kennedy Got His Job Back At See You Next Tuesday

As you all know, one of the main plot lines of this season of Vanderpump Rules is that James Kennedy got fired from SUR, meaning his See You Next Tuesday gig was taken away from him. Some say it’s because of his drinking problem and the fact that he lashed out at Katie. Others say it’s because Kristen Doute is the one who brought James into the show, and now that she’s third fiddle to her more entertaining ex, she’s obsessively trying to take him down. In my professional opinion, it’s a little column A and a little common B. But no matter the reason, the demise of See You Next Tuesday and the revolving door of Tuesday night programming at SUR have become a plot point this season.

Those who have a completely unhealthy obsession with Pump Rules, like I do, have noticed that James has been showing face at SUR on Tuesdays again. This obviously could be a huge deal. Did DJ James Kennedy get his job back? We investigate. *insert Law and Order: SVU theme here*

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One of the stipulations of James getting his job back was that he give up drinking. So far on this season, we’ve seen him put the booze down and noticed the almost instantaneous change. Funny how James actually targets the locus of his toxic behavior by giving up drinking, and yet Jax thinks self-actualization is buying tampons for Brittany and making her a sandwich. But back to James. Look at the above picture of him taken at SUR. He doesn’t look Litney Houston at all. He’s holding a cigarette, but anyone who’s ever tried to take an Insta story when drunk knows that it’s physically impossible to look sober in a picture when you are not.

Then we have the most recent Tuesday night event at SUR, which has been taken over by Tom Sandoval, for reasons unknown.

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Here we go again! TONIGHT @surrules I will behind the bar slinging drinks! Ask for the “Tsandy” my special Spicy Strawberry Margarita recipe! See ya there!

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Ugh, calling that drink a “Tsandy,” really Tom? Also, compared to the iconic See You Next Tuesdays and Girls Night, Spicy Tequila Tuesday sounds super anti-climactic. So the fact that James was there is super interesting to me. My first thought was, wouldn’t James be so bitter about his successful Tuesday nights getting replaced by a much lamer event that he wouldn’t want to show face there? But then I thought, what if this is a cover-up for the fact that James Kennedy is turning tables on Tuesdays on the DL? Sure, that Instagram says DJ Mickey is spinning, but the fact that James was present at all makes me wonder if they are ramping up to something.

While James has mostly been photographed with fans and not DJing, there is this Instagram from Guillermo, WHICH HAS SINCE BEEN CHANGED, which appeared to be a nod to James’s former Tuesday night gig.

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Celebrating national Pasta Day .. today is all About the Pasta ???? [email protected] #vanderpumprules #surrules #bravo

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The original caption read,” not Tuesday’s Night at SUR without around”. And then it was changed to “Celebrating national Pasta Day.. today is all About The Pasta.” Exsqueeze me? Why did Guillermo change the caption? Did somebody get mad that he leaked a potential spoiler? Or did somebody else throw out an ultimatum? I guess we’ll never know, but the picture at least is a clear sign that James has not fallen out of favor completely with the management at SUR. But the fact that Guillermo changed the caption so as not to endorse See You Next Tuesdays makes me think there’s something more going on.

There’s also this tweet from James that proves he has gotten his DJing job back at SUR, even if it isn’t on his coveted Tuesday nights.

At the end of the day, what’s the difference between a Sunday afternoon and a Tuesday night? I feel like it’s mostly semantics at that point if James is going to be allowed to DJ at SUR at all.

So I don’t have concrete signs that See You Next Tuesday is a thing again. However, Elle Woods didn’t have concrete evidence that Chutney killed her father. Instead, she used context clues to get Chutney to admit guilt. And that’s obviously a solid way to concur that See You Next Tuesday may very well be making a comeback. I rest my case, betches.

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James Kennedy’s Latest Twitter Meltdown Proves 2019 Is Doomed

New year, new me, am I right? Not if you’re DJ James Kennedy (AKA the white Kanye West). In a turn of events that may shock you for someone with this nickname, James Kennedy kicked the new year off with a series of questionable tweets. If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules, you’ll know that James has been getting heat from fellow cast members after body-shaming costar Katie Maloney. Oh, and rapping about Jax cheating on Brittany while she was working. And also kind of for cheating on his girlfriend two years ago? How many episodes are we in again? What year is it? Anyway, James had a bad week, which in the VPR universe means he was uninvited from a birthday party and lost his job. Here’s the rundown of the first James Kennedy Twitter meltdown of 2019.

Let’s start with a screenshotted January 2nd tweet uploaded by Brittany:

The disgust continues. @itsjameskennedy I pray YOU will find peace some day.

— Brittany Cartwright (@BNCartwright) January 2, 2019

In case you’re too lazy to click on her tweet and read the quoted text, here’s what he says. “And Jax?! He is just a sad man after his daddy died. Coming for me cause I’m the only man he don’t like- brother make peace with your dead father please so you can be set free that’s goes for Lala also. Btw he made fun of George when he left.” As a side note, I cannot figure out who George is and it’s driving me wild. Fan theories in the comments please.

In other good news, James was apparently still drunk mad when he read Brittany’s tweet, because he responded with the following:

Wow…. just wow.

— Jax (@mrjaxtaylor) January 3, 2019

Yes James. In case your drunkenness isn’t evident from the content of what you’re posting, please add random periods to drive the point home. Brilliant. Eventually, James—because he has publicists who require him to keep making money—deleted his tweets and tried two very different tactics to get out of this. First, the “I got hacked,” with a side of blatant lying about how he is perceived by the public. (James Kennedy? Positive? I think not.)

@mrjaxtaylor I don’t buy this

— Lisa (@txldallas) January 2, 2019

Then, the sincere apology with a side of “but it wasn’t my fault because I was provoked.” Quick note to any celebs in need of PR guidance out there—you should do ONE or THE OTHER of these. Both is the worst look imaginable.

Hey I’m sorry for what I said about Jax and Lala and I apologize deeply to them and anyone I offended. I hope you guys also stop provoking me, thank you and I wish everyone a happy new year.

— James Kennedy (@itsjameskennedy) January 3, 2019

Jax and Brittany continued offering up swift rejections of this apology, with Jax doing the lord’s work posting new screenshotted evidence from James’ drunken Twitter spree as well.

There is a difference between someone who notices his wrongs and changes everything about his life for the better and someone who just doesn’t care who he hurts no matter what and has no intention of admitting his wrongs or changing. We know what’s real. Y’all see 30 mins

— Brittany Cartwright (@BNCartwright) January 3, 2019

Wow.. again with insulting women. After he just apologized. You are a joke my friend. You must seriously hate who are as a person.

— Jax (@mrjaxtaylor) January 3, 2019

My favorite part of this whole drama is from an hour ago, in which Jax Taylor continues to rain hell down on James in whatever way he can. This time, it’s by tearing down a tweet Raquel posted from the Vanderpump dog show. According to Jax, Raquel “attempted to bid” on a puppy, “looked for money from James,” (who “has none so he bolted”), and then was ultimately rejected as a dog owner out of hand by Lisa—who “told the auctioneer “no way” and gave to the next bidder. Is any of this related to the rest of James’ tweets? Nope! But you’re out of your mind if you think I’m missing the opportunity to include some dog show drama.

You did not get out bid, we sat 10 feet from you when you attempted to bid on the puppy, you looked for money from James, he has none so he bolted and then Lisa saw it was you and told the auctioneer “no way” and gave to the next bidder. How can you lie when 300 people saw this.

— Jax (@mrjaxtaylor) January 3, 2019

And there you have it! Only three days into 2019, and if the James Kennedy Twitter meltdown is any indication, his resolutions are off to a great start. (I can only assume they were “drink less” and “win my friends back,” both of which are going exceedingly poorly right now.) If Jax’s resolutions, on the other hand, were “be more petty” and “continue to use Twitter as a catalog of personal vendettas,” then I’d say he’s doing great. I don’t usually like to support anything Jax does (gtfo with Mamaw’s Beer Cheese), but I’m really enjoying these twitter clap backs.

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I Was At See You Next Tuesday The Night Of James’ Freestyle Rap—Here’s What Happened

As a die-hard Vanderpump fan since the it’s-my-birthday-Stassi days, the very first thing I did after finding out my family was taking a trip to California was get on my phone and secure a reservation for dinner at SUR. Specifically, I reserved dinner for the night of May 16th, a Tuesday night aka #SeeYouNextTuesday night. Now, some people may think it’s sad that this dinner was what I was looking forward to the most out of all of our fam plans for our first trip to Cali. But sadly for those people, they clearly have never experienced the reality TV gold that is Vanderpump Rules. Like, sure I was looking forward to hiking Runyon Canyon and seeing the LA Dodgers play, but nothing could even begin to compare to my level of excitement and anticipation of a Tuesday night at SUR.

I mean, at one point my dad had suggested we move the dinner to a different night, one that would better fit into our vacation schedule so we would have time to visit Malibu. But, I immediately shut him down. Sure, it meant my entire family missed seeing Malibu which, in hindsight, given the recent devastating fires there, probs would have been great to see. (Sorry, fam.) But I don’t regret my decision. Why? Because last night, as I sat in pure bliss watching the season seven premiere of Vanderpump Rules, I realized that the whole f*cking episode revolved around See You Next Tuesday, but not just any, the See You Next Tuesday THAT I WAS AT. Buckle your seatbelts Vanderbetches, because I have a first-person account of exactly how DJ James Kennedy’s insensitive freestyle rap went down. Because ladies and gentlemen, it seems this season’s feud is finally not about the pasta.

Starting With Dinner…

After having an absolutely delicious dinner, the night’s drama-causing events began. (@Everyonewhosaysthefoodsucks my whole fam loved their meals, not just me. And, considering I dragged my whole fam here for the overpriced dinner, I was delighted that everyone actually did enjoy it. Oh, and P.S. the goat cheese balls really are as f*cking amazing as everyone says.) Now, I already know your next question…who was your server? Was it Katie? Scheana? Brittany? None of the above. Sadly, we did not have a reality star server. But that’s not to say that our server wasn’t definitely trying to get on the show, given he was an LA pretty boy who sucked at his simple job of refilling my water glass. He was sweet, though. Hey, maybe look out for Colin on season eight! (Was that his name? I don’t remember.) 

Back to what you came here for. As I took the last bite of my incredible seafood pasta (pasta, lol) I practically choked on a piece of shrimp when I saw THE DJ James Kennedy come strutting through the front door, complete with DJ equipment in hand. My parents were definitely questioning my sanity and overall personal values as I sat the rest of dinner shook with pure excitement in anticipation of seeing the White Kanye perform before my very own eyes.

See You Next Tuesday Begins…

Right around 9pm or so, the sweet unoriginal beats of James Kennedy graced my ears and everything was right in the world. My sister and I squeezed our way into a prime spot next to the DJ booth, where I could reach out and touch James Kennedy, not to mention get some fire Insta stories of the artist at work. Note: the “dance floor” and space where his booth is set up, is in a corner with very limited space. Ideal for getting up close and personal, but not ideal for avoiding having my drink knocked out of my hand by some thirsty thot who had maybe seen three episodes yet was claiming to be a “mega fan.” Uhm, excuse me b*tch, but “mega fans” don’t get a pic with James and then just bounce. True “mega fans,” such as myself, stay and support White Kanye in his artistic endeavors, even after getting that like-worthy pic.

Besides James, there weren’t any main cast members there that night (or so I thought.) My true dream would have been to meet Queen Stassi who I’ve been obsessed with for years. But truthfully, at this point I was just beyond content with having met the legend that is DJ James Kennedy. Everyone says I’ve never looked happier than in this pic, and honestly they’re not wrong.

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Only @itsjameskennedy would call me out for smelling like self tanner #seeyounexttuesday

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Ariana’s brother was behind the booth with James for a little, but this was of little interest to me. Also notable, Billie Lee was there and acting extra. She was walking around the See You Next Tuesday scene with her hood up to suggest that she didn’t want to be recognized…yet was hanging around the exact area where all the fans were. Relax, Billie Lee, it’s not that serious.

Anyway, my sis and I downed the amazing cucumber cocktails (that we still talk about to this day) as we danced the night away to the beats of DJ James Kennedy. I must say, before we get into the DIRT of this story, James Kennedy was amazing. As a DJ, he was good, although according to my college-aged brother he sucked, so maybe I was just blinded by my love for VPR. But DJ James Kennedy was amazing in the fact that he was truly having fun and didn’t at all act above any of it. He was more than happy to take pics (and shots, isn’t he not supposed to be drinking???) with everyone and anyone, and even played to my Insta vids. He was so fun, so down, and given that my entire vacation surrounded this night, I highly appreciated it.

~ The Drama~

With an hour or so left in the night, I went back up to the bar to get another one of those delicious $20 cucumber drinks and totally lost my sh*t when I saw Scheana saunter behind the bar. Slightly drunk, and overly excited, I frantically waved at her like a dumb f*cking loser. Like wtf??? I don’t even really like Scheana, why did I do that? She half smiled and waved back. It was v awk. As I turned away sheepishly to go report my encounter to my sister, I practically ran into Brittany and just about had another fangirl heart attack moment. Overwhelmed with emotion, I made the swift decision to just ask Brittany for a pic because, between Brittany and Scheana, it was a no-brainer. Sorry, Scheana, maybe you should have been a little more receptive to my overly enthusiastic wave.

Brittany was beyond nice, validating everything everyone on the cast says about her. Not to mention was super cute and had an amazing and fit bod, further validating that the camera really does add ten pounds. We got our pic together, and then I gushed to her about how beautiful she was because there was really no recovering my cool at this point. I’m a true fangirl, might as well embrace it. She graciously thanked me and even told me how beautiful I was too. Like, she probs says that back to everyone but I didn’t f*cking care. Could life get any better??? Could it??? COULD IT?!?!?

Oh, it could. Somewhere between a few more cucumber cocktails, Scheana’s at the DJ booth, legit on James Kennedy’s shoulders, as James is blasting “Good as Gold.” Gawd, what an awful f*cking song. But like, in the spirit of my Vanderpump night, Scheana singing and dancing to her own song thrilled me nonetheless. And, like, the song’s actually pretty catchy, I’ll give it that.

Then, it happened. The infamous freestyle rap heard round the world.

My sister and I were right against the DJ booth when DJ James Kennedy began his “creative expression” freestyle that ignited the feud that served as the subject for this season’s premiere episode. As he confidently uttered the words, “remember the time Jax f*cked Faith” the crowd went wild and Brittany, who had been practically standing right next to me prior, vanished into thin air. According to last night’s episode, she apparently left bawling. My sister, who had maybe seen one episode in her life, asked what had happened and I explained to her the entire plot of Jax f*cking Faith on top of an elderly woman (or something like that). As evidenced in the following video, James clearly thought he was being funny and standing up for Scheana, who had been getting a lot of sh*t for her behavior during season six, by directing the hate back towards Jax who has consistently proven himself to be a scumbag. You can tell on Scheana’s face that she was in shock over what James had just said but like, not enough shock to leave the DJ booth. I mean, she wasn’t the one who said it, and maybe she was stoked that James would once again be the villain that America would hate instead of her. Fair.

James set ended soon after the “incident” which was probably a good thing. I mean, at the end of the day, what he said was definitely hurtful and honestly just dumb since now, according to Jax, he won’t be invited to any of Brittany and Jax’s engagement events. However, I really don’t think he meant any harm by it, he just wanted to spit some freestyle for the fans!!! And I mean, in his quest to be the White Kanye, saying dumb sh*t is very on brand. I get it, James. 

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