How To Dress Like A Fashion Blogger For A Fraction Of The Price

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by the sticker price of your favorite blogger’s outfit, making you want to throw yourself into oncoming traffic (*everyone raises hand*). Don’t worry, I’m here for you. I’m not going to ask you if you’re seeing this post and I’m certainly not going to tell you to turn your post notifications on. What I am going to do is tell you how to get these fashion blogger looks for less (way less), so you can save your money for something more important like happy hour… or an overpriced workout class that you end up skipping.

My personal style is the sale rack. When I get dressed in the morning I need an outfit that’s trendy, looks expensive, but was really all purchased from Zara, Forever 21, or H&M. Here are three looks that are great for blacking out at brunch, and where you can get these fashion blogger looks for less. Don’t thank me, have your accountant thank me in the form of Edible Arrangements.

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Instead of dropping thousands at Balenciaga for a sweatshirt (yes, a sweatshirt) I found this similar one at Zara with a red stripe down the sleeve. I went ahead and paired it with red Zara thigh-highs, too. I feel like when I wear thigh-highs I’m guaranteed a text back. These particular items are sold out at the moment, but fear not: I found similar ones from H&M and ASOS. I never, ever, ever spend lots of money on sunglasses, so go for these trendy Kardashian-inspired specs from Amazon.

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From left: Sweatshirt, H&M; Boots, Asos; Sunnies, Amazon

On theme for the @unicefusa Snowflake Ball last night ❄️ in a @bajaeast suit, @desnemati for @verstolo diamonds • thanks for having me @sterlingmcdavid

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Want to fake it till you make it in a power suit? Don’t break the bank with this metallic suit, because I found a complete replica at Zara, and paired it with metallic boots from Public Desire. This is a bold look, but it will have everyone (including your ex) sneaking a second look.

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From left: Jacket, Zara; Pants, Zara; Boots, Public Desire

So pumped to announce my feature with @revolve ???????? Go check out my Holiday edit and how I styled all of my favorite REVOLVE pieces. Details in bio ???? #revolve #thelimitdoesnotexisttxnyc

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This look is one of my favorites. Shine like the top of the Chrysler building, as Rihanna would say. I found similar metallic pants from H&M and paired them with a basic black tank from Forever 21 (I will not mention how many hours I spent digging through the racks to find it). I added this killer patent leather black jacket, also from Forever 21—same comment about digging through the racks. Throw on sock boots to complete your look—these are Public Desire, but Zara and Steve Madden all make similar styles. Cheap boots are key, because you won’t feel bad ruining them when you’re running from bar to bar.

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From left: Jacket, Forever 21; Pants, Missguided; Boots, Public Desire

Images: Alex Iby / Unsplash; Maya Butler (3); H&M (1); Asos (1); Amazon (1); Zara (2); Public Desire (2); Forever 21 (1); Missguided (1)

5 Items On Sale Right Now That’ll Make You Look Like A Real Adult

Is there anything better than getting stuff on sale? (Like, besides getting stuff for free, obviously.) No, there is not. Even if it’s just a little bit on sale, it’s so great to feel less guilty when you can be like “I mean, I didn’t need it, but it was on sale.” Anyway, the seasons greatly influence how stores price items, so there actually is a good time to buy all of the useless shit you don’t really need. Here are some of the best things that go on sale in the summer, as if you needed another excuse to buy stuff. Also, most of this stuff is pretty adultish, so you’re actually being really responsible by buying these things. Okay, mom?!?!


Furniture always goes on sale in July, because most furniture companies release new stuff in August. So now is prob a good time to scroll through your dream apartment board on Pinterest and stalk that love seat you’ve always wanted but never felt like sacrificing your going out funds for. Target, aka the Holy Land, is having a huge furniture sale right now. Go, go, go!

Hudson Swoop Arm Chair


Obviously, swimwear is on sale because we’re already a few weeks into July and everyone’s realizing they didn’t get that summer body they’ve been planning since they didn’t get in shape last year. Walk into any shop that sells swimwear and chances are, it’s going to be on sale. (Unless it’s a brand that strictly sells swimwear. They’re a little shadier with their sales.)

Actors N’ Directors Reversible Bikini Top


Even if you’re not going back to college this year (moment of silence for the messiest, best four–or more–years of your life), you can benefit from the fact that linens always go on sale at this point in the summer to target back to school shoppers. West Elm is currently having a pretty bomb sale, so now you can finally get that boujee bedding you’ve always wanted.

Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Covers and Shams

Office Supplies

Again, you can go back to school shopping even if you’re not going back to school. You just can’t really go to any shitty frat parties or go out on a weeknight without feeling hungover for the following two days. Anyway, office supplies are always on sale this time of year, so maybe it’s time to think about getting your shit together. (Notice that I said think about and not actually do. Buying a planner is the first step. Actually using it can come like, way later.)

I Did My Best Large 17-Month Planner

Home Decor

Honestly, just be like Martha Stewart this month. Except, don’t go to jail. Or do. I’m not in control of your life. Urban Outfitters is having a sale on all of their apartment stuff, so you can finally get that tapestry or print to create the perfect Instagram spot.

Marina Floral Scarf Tapestry 

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