Clare And Dale Are House Hunting, And We Have Questions

As we’ve seen in the last month or so on The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are not like, the most calm or measured people in the world. After Chris Harrison’s hard-hitting exit interview on this week’s episode, these two soulmates won’t be gracing our television screens anymore (sad!), but did you really think they were just going to stop being extra? Seriously, did you? Of course not! This is Clare and Dale we’re talking about. Just two days ago, we watched Clare exclaim that she’s ready to have “BABIES!” with a man she’s only known for a few months, and these two aren’t just going to fade away now that Mike Fleiss is done with them.


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On Wednesday, the happy couple did an exclusive interview with People, where they discussed some of their future plans together. Clare’s quotes about her fiancé are predictably upbeat—she calls him “the yin to my yang,” and says that this is the happiest she’s ever been. Likewise, Dale said that Clare “lights a fire in me that I was missing for so long.” Considering they got engaged after like, two weeks of knowing each other, nothing that surprising. In the article, they also discuss their current living situation, which is where things get interesting. While they haven’t moved in together yet, People says that they’re “house-hunting” in Sacramento, because Clare needs to be able to take care of her mother. Clare adds that “Dale understands and respects” that it’s important for her to be in California, and that “he told me, wherever we are, that’s home.” Great, so that’s settled; Sacramento it is!

But later in the day on Wednesday, The New York Post reported that Dale was spotted late last week “house-hunting” in New York City. Excuse me? Dale, WHAT IS THE TRUTH? According to the report, Dale toured properties with his broker, who just happens to be Ryan Serhant, star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: New York. Hmm. How convenient that one reality star is showing properties to another reality star, and the details just happened to make their way to a tabloid! I hope Dale’s publicist is getting paid extra this week.

The report from the Post even included the details of one of the listings they toured, a Lower East Side apartment that’s priced at a casual $6.5 million. I’m sorry, but how do they have this kind of money? Dale never made it off the training squad in the NFL, and I’m pretty confident that Party City and diaper bag modeling gigs don’t pay seven figures. I’m not trying to be a hater, but I do not understand where this kind of budget is coming from. Serhant even gave a comment to the Post, saying that the apartment’s terrace makes it a good fit for Clare and Dale, because “they both really want outdoor space.” Uhhh, I want outdoor space too, but that doesn’t mean I’m suddenly a millionaire. This really will keep me up tonight.

But going back for a second, what happened to house-hunting in Sacramento? Maybe they’re trying to be bi-coastal, but am I supposed to believe that these two can afford a multimillion-dollar apartment in New York City, and then can also buy a property in California? Sorry, but I refuse. Nobody gets that rich from spending three days on TV. Do they? Actually, hold that thought—I have an application to fill out.

So I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see where Clare and Dale end up. So far it looks like the choices are Sacramento, NYC, or broken up six months from now, but only time will tell. In the meantime, please join me in fully stanning Tayshia.

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‘Million Dollar Listing’s Ryan Serhant Shares His Keys To Success

So, you wake up one day and realize you’re not in college anymore and off daddy’s bankroll—now what? You actually have to start your life and be a functioning member of society. That’s f*cking terrifying. Jumping into the work world can seem super intimidating… because it is. But you’re a badass betch—you just need to get your sh*t together. To help you, we had Ryan Serhant chat with us on our When’s Happy Hour podcast. Here are his top tricks for being successful even when you don’t know sh*t. And for more advice on how to be successful, pre-order our third bookWhen’s Happy Hour?out October 23rd.

Be Yourself

Okay so that sounds really cheesy and something you’d find on a freshman dorm wall, but like, this actually works in the context of selling products or yourself. Ryan notes that a lot of people like to wear the “salesman (or woman, it’s 2018) mask”, but that legit never works. Try and actually make a human connection by being your who you actually are (deep). Introduce yourself to the person, ask how they’re doing, and compliment them (cause who doesn’t like a compliment). Ryan always says, “No one likes to be sold, but everybody loves to go shopping with a friend.” When was the last time you bought something from that creepy guy who stalked you around the shelves of Nordstrom’s? Never. Be friendly and normal-ish, even if it kills you.

Have Confidence

Ryan is stunning, so he hardly ever feels insecure—but would you know when he was? Even if you wake up in the morning feeling like hot garbage, you can’t let anyone know that. “Some people are just good at not showing —and those are the most attractive people because they don’t give a sh*t,” Ryan explains. Another sexy factor? Being smart. Ryan tells us, “Knowledge is the sexiest thing about anybody.” Let me backtrack, though—make sure you’re knowledgeable about your industry. Like, it’s not going to help if you know a sh*t ton about how to roll a joint when you’re working for an investment banking firm.

Do Your Research

Being smart also doesn’t come from just sitting on your ass, drinking wine, and petting your dog (I wish). You have to actually put an effort in. Ryan says that’s what can really get you ahead in your career: “you just have to do the work, which most people don’t want to do.” People in the industry for 10 years longer than you rely on their experience, which you clearly don’t have, so you have to work twice as f*cking hard to show them up. Research everything you could possibly need to know about the product you’re selling or place you’re interviewing for. You never want to be stuck on a question or have to think about it. Your ability to be smart AF and whip out the facts faster than you whip out rosé on a Friday will make people trust you.

Learn To Network

Okay just seeing the word “network” makes me slightly vomit in my mouth. But you kind of have to suck it up and do it. Ryan assures us, though, it’s not as scary as you think. His favorite method for reaching out to people is through social media (duh). “If there’s a client or developer I want to meet, I don’t just go through email. I follow them on Twitter or DM them through Instagram, or see what they’re doing on Facebook,” Ryan says. Once you’ve found someone you’re interested in learning from, send them a nice message and keep it professional. Tell them you’re a fan of their work, pat the ego. Offer to buy them coffee to ask them a few questions. They might be rich, but who doesn’t love free sh*t? Point is­: kiss their ass and prove you’re worth their time, bringing us to our next point…

Always Offer Something Of Value

If you’re meeting with a potential client or boss or asking for a raise, make sure you have something to offer. Yeah, you can say you work hard, but that’s like, what you’re actually supposed to do. You’re not meant to pass out on a Tuesday at your desk, Jennifer. Tell them how great you are at what you do and share your experiences, but keep it to strictly work experiences. A huge pet peeve of Ryan’s is when someone tries to get their way with a sob story. Nobody f*cking cares. Negotiating by making it about yourself on diminishes the value of your work.

For more tips on how to f*cking kill it in the work world, listen to our When’s Happy Hour podcast below!

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