5 Beach Cover-Ups That Look Stylish, Not Stupid

Do you remember how, back in the day, it used to be cool to wear an Abercrombie tank paired with some cheeky Hollister denim underwear shorts on top of your bikini to the beach?? Clearly nothing said “style” like that infamous moose logo—like, watch out Rachel Zoe! Well, as you probably realized while trying to shove those post-college thighs back into those miniscule shorts, things have changed. That cover-up outfit is no longer acceptable and, last I heard, Abercrombie was in the shitter. Regardless, you’re (hopefully) a civilized member of society now, and that means that even your beach cover-ups should reflect that.

That being said, I’m not going to sit here and suggest running to your local Marshalls and buying a dress from their blatantly labeled “swim section.” (If that’s all I was here to do, this article would be hella short. Lol.) Instead of throwing away your money on some garbage tie-dye cover-up dress, invest in a quality piece of everyday clothing that can also function as a cover-up. Not only is it more budget-friendly, but you’ll also look wayyyy more fashionable than everybody else. I know, I’m the best, right?

These are the summer wardrobe essentials that are worth purchasing, or are already in your closet, that dually function as beach cover-ups.

1. Button-Down Shirts

These are my go-to, ride-or-die, loyal af cover-up option. You can legit wear it to work on Friday and then to the beach on Saturday. I mean, how much more versatile can you get? Not only do button-downs look chic as hell, but they also give you a sexy cool-girl vibe, and we all know your crazy ass needs all the help she can get with that one. Wearing a button-down shirt as a cover-up is very “Hamptons meets walk-of-shame glam.” A little Fifty Shades of Grey vibe, if you will.

Free People Nordic Day solid top

2. Flowy Pants

“Flowy pants” means that the pants are, in fact, flowy. I needed to emphasize this so all you basic hoes don’t go confusing “flowy pants” with those tight patterned flare pants as seen on every girl at a frat party. Contrary to those, your flowy pants should be made of a lightweight material, and they should also coordinate seamlessly with your swimsuit. When done correctly, a flowy beach pant looks boho-chic and effortlessly cool. Be sure to look for a pair that aren’t see-through or too revealing, so that way you can also wear them as regular pants any other day of the week.

Billabong Happy Dance Stripe wide leg pants

3. Kimono

Is it no longer PC to even refer to them as “kimonos”? Lmk. Seems like it shouldn’t be…but, whatevs, for now that’s what I’m sticking with. Your ideal beach kimono should, like your flowy pants, be lightweight and casual. You should look for one in a neutral color or print so it pairs with multiple different swimsuits in your closet. Your kimono and swimsuit should seamlessly complement each other—like the Kim to your Kanye, the Kylie to your Travis, the Khloé to your Tris…errrrrr. Fuck you, Tristan Thompson. Fuck you.

Billabong Sea the Sun Kimono

4. Casual Romper

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can pretty much wear any of your casual daytime rompers as a cover-up to the beach, as long as it is lightweight enough. The romper that you choose to wear over your swimsuit should have a relatively summery vibe to it aka it should not be one you would even consider wearing to “da club.”

Bella Dahl Ruffle Sleeve romper

5. Shortalls

Shorts that are overalls, known as “shortalls,” look supes cool as a cover-up while also truly doing the job of covering up. Well, at least enough for happy hour, which is all you really need them for anyway. Pick a pair of denim or white shortalls to guarantee that they’ll match all of your swimsuits. Important note: I feel like this should go without saying, but they need to be SHORTS overalls. If you are dumb enough to wear regular pant overalls to the beach, then just be aware that you will legit look like a lost farmer.

Free People Summer Babe high-low overall

If you’re money conscious, buying something that can be worn for multiple different occasions probably brings you a newfound comfort when shopping. You’re welcome. If you’re not, then I apologize in advance for giving you justification for buying another romper because, ya know, it’s multi-functional and all. Shopaholics beware.

Images: @yasinhosgor / Unsplash; Free People (2); South Moon Under (2); Revolve

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7 Non-Basic Rompers That Will Seriously Up Your Instagram Likes

Rompers are nothing new, unless you were homeschooled so, chances are you obviously know what this one piece fashion staple is. When we’re too lazy to find a clean pair of shorts or when we’ve Instagrammed the same dress way too many times, rompers are our go-to in the summer. They’re the most casual thing in our closet that makes our lives so much easier, hence why we’re okay with peeing naked because if we’re honest, that’s not the worst thing we’ve done.

With the thousands of styles to choose from, you can easily throw one on for your next GNO, take it from the beach to bar, and even get away with wearing one to work—if you pull it down enough. However, since you’re constantly day drinking trying to forget your work week, you’re def going to rooftop bars with a view that makes it forgivable to pay for an overpriced drink. Taking a faux candid in front of a skyline probably gets you a decent amount of likes, but add the perfect romper and watch those likes turn into triple digits. Get your credit card ready, because these fab rompers will flood your next Insta with a ton of “omggg, I love your romper, where did you get it?!” comments.

1. Spell & The Gypsy Collective Lotus Kimono Romper

So like, this is basically our homegirl Lilly Pulitzer on crack. Inspired by gypsy free-spirited hippie shit, this romper is full of bright colors that are bound to turn heads for sure. Pair this with your fave sunnies and a white or neutral wedge for the perfect summer OOTD. Have your partner in crime find good lighting (because what else are friends good for) and slay in your Insta photoshoot. #DoItForTheLikes

2. The Jetset Diaries Zulu Romper

I’ve seen this pattern honestly everywhere this summer and although it reminded me of my grandma’s chinaware at first, I’ve come to enjoy the homey feel. As usual, white and blue are plastered over every summer fashion trend and this romper is no different. With bell sleeves and off the shoulder fit, you’ll pull off an effortless look like no other. Just swipe some gloss on and you’re good to chug.

3. Pull&Bear Print Romper With Skirt Overlay

This brand’s name sounds like a literal diaper brand but, they actually have cute af clothes so whatever sells. It focuses on bringing back the 90s—as if that wasn’t a trend since forever already—with laid-back, carefree styles made for doing the bare minimum. This modern versatile romper will become your first choice to the next wedding you’re invited to or a spontaneous night full of bar hopping. Don’t try to wear it with Vans like the model—let’s not get carried away. Instead, opt for strappy sandals and Y necklace to complete this trendy look.

4. Lulus Ain’t It Grand Mauve Romper

Made in the world’s second best color ever (don’t try to disagree), this classy romper features an elastic waistband that you can adjust each time you feel bloated. The flirty, feminine style will probably get some guy to buy you tons of cranberry vodkas so in addition to getting a shit ton of likes, you’ll probs get free alcohol. What more do you need?

5. Band Of Gypsies Keyhole Romper

Today’s fashion basically says we were born in the 90s, wishing we could be back in the 70s, and this romper is no exception. Another romper, another brand inspired by “gypsy life”. To dress up this easygoing romper for an upscale rooftop, strut in a pair of v sexual black thigh-high boots and a chic crossbody. Since it comes with an attached choker, you obviously don’t need to wear another fucking choker.

6. Wildfox Roxbury Romper

Who needs to wear another basic white dress when you could slay in this sleek secret romper? With an open back and plunging neckline, you’ll stay refreshingly cool for a day that’s full of binge-drinking in 90 degree weather. Pair with block heel sandals, a tequila sunrise, and be sure to always take a pic on your good side in this romp.

7. J.O.A. Tie Sleeve Off The Shoulder Romper

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes are all anyone who’s relevant is wearing right now. Impress your snobby friends by staying in tune with the latest trends in this tied off the shoulder romper. The vertical stripes will elongate your nonexistent abs so you look skinny in whatever picture you decide is worthy of making both your ex and loyal followers jealous of how good you look.