Which Kardashian Put The Least Effort Into Wishing Rob Happy Birthday?

Yesterday was obviously St. Patrick’s Day, but it was also another important holiday: Rob Kardashian’s birthday. The long-lost Kardashian son has been out of the spotlight in the last couple of years, but he’s still a part of the family. Sunday was his 32nd birthday, and pretty much the entire family took to Instagram to send him birthday wishes. While it looks like he didn’t get an extravagant party à la Stormiworld, he wasn’t completely forgotten. Let’s take a look at who really stepped up for Rob’s birthday, and who could’ve put a little more effort into their #content.

I’ll start with the most surprising birthday post, and really, I was truly shocked when I saw it. It comes from none other than Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s baby mama, ex-fiancée, revenge porn victim, and legal adversary. Wow, a lot has changed in the last three years. Chyna posted a simple story that was sandwiched between two Fashion Nova ads, which is honestly exactly where it belongs.

What does it all mean? Are Rob and Chyna on speaking terms again after all this time? Or is Blac Chyna just being nice as a technicality so she’ll look less petty in their child custody case? There’s literally nothing I would put past these two, so who really knows. Really, I’m just hopeful that this means baby Dream is having more of a normal childhood, because no kid deserves to have their parents battling each other in court.

Kim Kardashian has always been close with her brother Rob, and she posted one of the nicest birthday messages for him. It’s definitely an old photo, which is especially nice of Kim to show Rob in his prime, and the caption about him being a great dad is really sweet.

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Happy Birthday to my one and only brother Robbie! I was looking through old pictures and all of the amazing memories came up. My best memories though are you as a dad and seeing what an amazing person you have become. I love you beyond ???

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As it should be, Rob got the best birthday shoutout from his mom. Kris posted a bunch of adorable throwback pictures, and then one more recent one of her and Rob with Dream. Say what you want about Kris, but she really loves all her kids and grandkids. Even if Rob doesn’t really fit in with his family of mega-influencers, Kris loves him just the same.

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Happy Birthday Rob!!! You are such a huge part of my heart. You have the most beautiful soul and I love you more than you can ever imagine. You are such a wonderful amazing caring and loving Daddy and it’s a joy to watch you with your baby Dream. I’m so proud of you Robbo and I love you more than you will ever know. Have the best day, mommy ???? #robkardashian #happybirthdayrob

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Kourtney’s post might have been my favorite one. It’s an old video of Rob getting interviewed by his sister, in which he says that the one thing he wants people to know if he dies is that he’s a grower, not a shower. This is the kind of classic Kardashian sh*t I really live for. Rob used to be so cute and normal, and I miss him.

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To my brother, you have the most kind, compassionate and loving heart. You are weirder than anyone I know, with your multiple imaginary friends, most bizarre and amazing sense of humor. To laughing with you endlessly. I could not imagine life without you. Robert my love, Happy Birthday!

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And to wrap things up, the award for Doing The Least goes to one Khloé Kardashian, because she barely did anything. She couldn’t even be bothered to find a photo of Rob, and instead mentioned him in the caption of a slideshow of pictures of True dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day. Really Khloé, you couldn’t have just tacked a photo of Rob onto the end? I feel like she literally forgot it was his birthday and then went back and edited the caption later.

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? Happy St Patrick’s Day and Happy Birthday Uncle Bob from my happy happy girl ?

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Kendall and Kylie didn’t post on their feeds for Rob’s birthday, but they both posted Stories, and I’ll accept that. Not everyone needs to do a crazy birthday post, and those ladies have branded deals that are way more important than posting a throwback photo with their half-brother they probably haven’t seen in a year. Kylie’s Story even had a picture of a cake that said “Happy Birthday Rob”, so we can presume that they all actually saw Rob on his birthday and didn’t just put up a half-hearted post (like you do for all your college friends’ birthdays nowadays). Oh, and if anyone was wondering, Caitlyn Jenner didn’t post anything, because she’s not exactly on the best terms with the Kardashians. Maybe next year!

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Blac Chyna Talked Major Sh*t About Rob Kardashian

It’s been about a week since Rob Kardashian’s Instagram revenge porn spree, and Blac Chyna isn’t wasting any time making sure people are on her side. On Monday she obtained a temporary restraining order against Rob, and now she’s done an exclusive interview with ABC News to tell her side of the story. We got all the details so you don’t have to.

She says that she felt devastated and betrayed by all the stuff that Rob posted about her, especially because she used to trust him. “I felt comfortable…sending these pictures and even talking to him about certain things,” she said. It’s not exactly surprising that they were comfortable talking about “some things” considering that they were literally engaged and had a child together, but clearly this isn’t your average relationship.

Her explanation for the explicit video that Rob posted of her was pretty great stuff. She said that she and Rob had been broken up for months, but he still wouldn’t leave her alone. So she decided to send him the video of her in bed with another man, hoping that he would just give up. Girl….

Chyna also said she’s hurt that no members of the Kardashian family have reached out to apologize to her, especially because she was friends with Kim before she ever met Rob. To be fair, none of them are probably talking to Rob either. They’re too busy Snapchatting their workouts and posting about Sugar Bear Hair gummies on Instagram.

In the interview, she took the time to respond to those who say she only dated Rob for the fame, saying that she was already Blac Chyna before dating a Kardashian. Okay, so that’s technically true, but you didn’t have your own TV show and you definitely weren’t getting an exclusive interview with ABC News. Rob is obviously an idiot, but don’t pretend that the Kardashians haven’t helped your career.

Chyna’s lawyer was also there to say all the things we already know about how what Rob did was fucked up, but we’ve been over that. Chyna isn’t letting this go away, and we suspect this won’t be the last interview she gives.